Sunday, May 01, 2011

Nelson Shoe Clinic Quarter Marathon

I woke up to a perfect day for a race. High cloud, NO Frost and very mild/warm conditions. It was 11degs when I headed out for the race and 19degs when we finished.

I was nervous.....I was pacing around chatting to friends. I wanted the course record but it was a big ask. 1:01:36 was my target. 2 years ago I had walked this in 1:04. My coach was confident that I would get that easy and had joked that I would even go under the hour.........Yeah Right!!!!! was my reply. So I had this in the back on my mind as I waited for the race to get underway.

9:15am and we are off, first up I get held up by runners as they sort them selfs out. I look over on the bank and Shane is up there filming me but I zipped past before I could say anything to him. My first km bleeped off about 20m a head of the marker cones but it was pretty quick and I thought then I had better settle into a pace and soon as I still had to push up through the railway reserve. I hit the 5km mark in 27:58 and new then I was ahead of my time and was pleased that I had a small buffer. I knew that I had to hit the 10km cone in 58mins if I was to have a shot at the record and at this pace it was looking good.

I popped out on to the little walkway that is beside the motorway heading towards Monaco - it is narrow and not very nice underfoot and I was worried I would lose some time here. I had a couple of runners just a head of me and I had been slowly gaining on them, to their disgust I passed them at the 9km marker and continued to stay in front right to the end. As I rounded the big curve that leads you back up to the finish, I started pushing hard. I could see the 10km cone and I glanced at my watch as I went past - 56:57 I picked up the pace and when I was 100m out from the finish I saw the clock tick over to 59:00 and then I really pushed it and heard myself saying "come on come on".......I wanted to make it under the hour

Well I can say that there is a new course record and I have a new pb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Total time was 59:52

I am so ready for Melbourne and Sacramento!!!!

Nelson Shoe Clinic Quarter Marathon


Tammy said...

I told Jim yesterday I thought you'd go under 1 hr - I was right!!!! WOW! You are INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! (you're going to wipe me out in Sac but I don't care - just happy for you!)

Sarah said...

Awesome! Congratulations Nyle! I'm not surprised with your showing either. Your results to date in your training show just how strong and fast a walker you are. You're going to wipe me out in Sac. too, but that's okay, cause you're not in my age category! ;)