Friday, May 20, 2011

Thank You to my Sponsors

I want to take a moment to thank my sponsors.  With out them I would not be attending two events.  My first being the Australian Masters 20km Road Champs on May 29th and the second being The World Masters Track & Field on July 3 - July 18th

Health 2000 Ltd
Bio Paints Ltd
Thelin Construction Ltd
Exide Batteries Ltd
Sports Therepy Nelson
McLay Auto Electrical Ltd
ET Engineering Ltd
Nelspecs Nelson Ltd

Today I spent the day sewing and making up all the logos for the above and then sewing them onto my new shirt.  One of my sponsors brought me an Icebreaker Shirt to train in and I love it!!!!

So my part of the deal is to wear this shirt every time I train....and I will also wear it when I go out and about most of the time for casual wear.  Any medals that I win...Health 2000 Ltd will display them in their store and I will also be putting a big THANK YOU into the local paper for all of my sponsors.

So I offer a heart felt   THANK YOU!!!!


Glennis said...

Fantastic that you have found some great sponsors, the shirt looks good.
Hope your sore back is soon feeling a bit freer and less painful.

Tammy said...

your shirt looks great!

You don't know this, but my dad worked for Exide batteries from 1980-1985. He was VP of manufacturing for them! Funny that they are sponsoring you now :).