Wednesday, May 11, 2011

15km out an back monaco

oh I was stiff when I started out. 15km was on the cards for today and I was keen to get this done. After a fast and hard track session I was not sure how I would fare on this walk. I wanted to try and keep my pace in check so that it was at recovery speed and to make sure my heart rate was around the 140 bpm. I started out along the track and wouldnt you guess started to rain. Not just a little rain but heavy rain. I only had my long sleeve top on and its not water proof at all. I thought that I might turn back at 5km and shorten todays walk to 10km.

I could feel my hips pulling as I was walking. I figured it was due to the down hill gradient and thought I would reassess it when I got onto the flat again. By the 5km mark it had stopped raining and my hips were feeling better. My legs felt much better today with only a few twinges here and there. As I reached the 7.5km mark I turned to head back home the rain came down again. It poured down with big puddles forming on the walkway again. I had slowed down a little bit as I felt that I was walking way to fast for a recovery walk. I was soaking wet and feeling cold....I just wanted to get home to a nice warm shower.

As I came to the underpass and the start of the up hill grind up over the motorway and then up Beatson Street. I actually felt like I had more energy and I power walked my way back up and over and then pushed hard for the last km along the walkway to home.

total time was 1:32:16 - turns out this was my fastest 15km today.........a little naughty really as I am meant to be taking it easy as I have a pretty tough track session again tomorrow.

15km out an back monaco

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