Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Training - one step at a time

Sorry its been a little bit since I up dated this.   I guess with not having a coach to read over this I have fallen out of the habit of updating each time I train.

I am really pleased that last week I trained 3 days in a row.... while that doesn't seem like much...to me that was huge as in the past my body has not been able to stand it and breaks.   While my back is still sore it is not stopping me too much and I am working on stretching and strengthening it.

Today I have been flat all day.   No energy or motivation to do anything.....but I still went to the track and was all set to try my hand at a 3km fartlek and then 4 x 500m  BUT.....and its a good BUT..... I discovered once I had changed that I didnt have my watch ... no gps watch nor even a normal watch.   Well that blows the fartlek..not much point if I cant tell how fast or long it took me.   So I turned to plan B and walked with Paul.   He was happy to do 5km and so I sat in behind him and we set out.

After two km I moved up a little and he picked up the pace again and with each km after that we got a little faster to finish with a 6 min km.   I had helped him achieve his first kick down.  :D

I am pretty sure he said our total time was 33:40  but I will need to check with him.  I am happy enough with that.  I have an appointment tomorrow so I may not get a chance to train... with how tired I am feeling I dont think it wise to get up early and do it.

I have realised that I am 4 weeks overdue for my Vit D and B injections and I feel this is part of the cause for my tiredness.... not sleeping well and poor eating also adding to it.  So my goal is to clean up my eating and focus on good solid training sessions - maximizing as much as I can out of each regardless of how long or short.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Easy 5km tonight

Phew,  the ol body sure let me know I had pushed it a bit hard in my 5000m race.   My back feels like its gone through a wringer!!!!

Muscles up both sides of my back and all through my shoulders......wow I really threw my all in to it.

Tonight its raining...infact its been raining since Friday...with just patches of not.  There was no track tonight and so Kay and I decided to head to the walkway.  While it means an easy walk for me....my back really didnt want me to go any quicker.

We just cruised along and chatted the whole way.  Kay needing the distraction from a busy day and me to forget how much my back was screaming at me to stop.  So we didnt care much for time and just enjoyed it for what it was.   35:32 was our time.

On thursday I have said that her and paul should head off when they arrive and I will chase them down once I get there.  That way I get a bit of a good hit out too.   Then I will make up my mind what distance I will walk this weekend.  Its the GC Walk champs for 10km....and that pulls at my competitive side..... but my sensible side is trying to stamp her foot and say ... YOU are not race fit yet...10km is too far unless you just training walk it.  I know myself to know I CANT do that.   Plus I also found out that the 20km road walk has a new course and is also only two weeks away....eeekkkk......    I have to learn to say NO.

5km wander

Sunday, June 14, 2015

First race for the season

Today was a 5000m Masters race at the track.   I had no idea what to expect from myself but was keen to enter and use it as a guide.

Paul, Debbie and Patrick were the other starters today.... that would give me a good mix on the track to chase.  Race got under way and I started out a bit quick and quickly steadied myself deciding that I was better to push harder in the last 2 kms that wreak myself in the first km.

I got to 3km in 17:20 and was feeling pretty good.   Lungs were working hard and I was feeling alittle breathless....but I still felt that I was able to stay at the pace I had settled into.

3km and I had picked up and passed two walkers and was chasing down Paul.   He is injured at the moment so it was a hollow victory to pass him at 4km.

Really really thrilled to have finished the 5000m in 28:57

thats a minute faster than I was expecting.....now to see how I go next week as its the GC Champs 10km Road walk.......

5000 data

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

First steps - Here we go!

I did a 6km walk on Saturday, just an amble - nothing flash.  More just to get the joints moving again.
38:14 for an avg pace of 6:22 per km.  

Tuesday - first decent session and bugger me .... I am the only senior of our group to show at the track.   So I thought I would see what the 3km road course is that the juniors do and then follow up with a quick 2 km on the track.

The 3km was a bit of a fizzer for me as the kids had all had events on that morning so were not in training mode......lots of stopping and talking.   I didnt know the route they were doing so had to stick with them until we headed back.  So the 3km was about 20mins....so good little ups and downs to get the legs working.

So I hit the track and set out to make it a good solid effort for 2km.   I felt really warmed up and ready.  I didnt feel as out of breathe as I thought I would, but I didnt have much speed in me either.   I was pleased to have done both kms at under 6min pace....just not sure how much more I had in me.  

1 km - 5:54
1 km - 5:50
Total - 11.44 for 2km

Happy with that.