Sunday, June 14, 2015

First race for the season

Today was a 5000m Masters race at the track.   I had no idea what to expect from myself but was keen to enter and use it as a guide.

Paul, Debbie and Patrick were the other starters today.... that would give me a good mix on the track to chase.  Race got under way and I started out a bit quick and quickly steadied myself deciding that I was better to push harder in the last 2 kms that wreak myself in the first km.

I got to 3km in 17:20 and was feeling pretty good.   Lungs were working hard and I was feeling alittle breathless....but I still felt that I was able to stay at the pace I had settled into.

3km and I had picked up and passed two walkers and was chasing down Paul.   He is injured at the moment so it was a hollow victory to pass him at 4km.

Really really thrilled to have finished the 5000m in 28:57

thats a minute faster than I was to see how I go next week as its the GC Champs 10km Road walk.......

5000 data

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