Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Training - one step at a time

Sorry its been a little bit since I up dated this.   I guess with not having a coach to read over this I have fallen out of the habit of updating each time I train.

I am really pleased that last week I trained 3 days in a row.... while that doesn't seem like much...to me that was huge as in the past my body has not been able to stand it and breaks.   While my back is still sore it is not stopping me too much and I am working on stretching and strengthening it.

Today I have been flat all day.   No energy or motivation to do anything.....but I still went to the track and was all set to try my hand at a 3km fartlek and then 4 x 500m  BUT.....and its a good BUT..... I discovered once I had changed that I didnt have my watch ... no gps watch nor even a normal watch.   Well that blows the fartlek..not much point if I cant tell how fast or long it took me.   So I turned to plan B and walked with Paul.   He was happy to do 5km and so I sat in behind him and we set out.

After two km I moved up a little and he picked up the pace again and with each km after that we got a little faster to finish with a 6 min km.   I had helped him achieve his first kick down.  :D

I am pretty sure he said our total time was 33:40  but I will need to check with him.  I am happy enough with that.  I have an appointment tomorrow so I may not get a chance to train... with how tired I am feeling I dont think it wise to get up early and do it.

I have realised that I am 4 weeks overdue for my Vit D and B injections and I feel this is part of the cause for my tiredness.... not sleeping well and poor eating also adding to it.  So my goal is to clean up my eating and focus on good solid training sessions - maximizing as much as I can out of each regardless of how long or short.

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