Friday, December 31, 2010

10km Kick down - atawhai

Today was a busy day.

We had prepared the garage roof yesterday. Shane had gotten up and sanded back the rust and spray zinc stuff on it. Today we were to paint. We had decided to get up early and start painting while there was no wind and it was not too hot. But by 9am it was already 22deg with not a cloud in the sky. Needless to say we both got burnt to a crisp. The garage roof looks awesome again and the blue ends have been redone and so now it looks like new again.

We finished up by lunch time and came inside to sit out the heat of the day. I decided to go out and do the 10km at 4pm thinking it would have cooled off a little. It was 26deg when I went goodness it was hot.

This one went fairly well. I think I started out a little slow but I had set my watch to record each lap at 2.5km and it shows good drops in pace for each one. So hopefully coach is happy with that.

lap 1 - 16:40
lap 2 - 15:55
lap 3 - 15:37
lap 4 - 14:52

total time 1:03:06

10km Kick down - atawhai

Thursday, December 30, 2010

12 km out and back railway reserve

Funny how you can have an awesome walk one day and a terrible one the next day.

Perhaps it was due to lack of sleep, only having 12hours rest and for pushing to hard on the 5km.....anyhow...they are all excuses. It is was it is. I felt awful. My body felt like lead and my calf was really tight again. Nothing really epic to tell about this walk....only that it was done - all be it very slowly.

On the 9km I actually just walked normally up the hill as it hurt my calf to even try to race walk it.

So 12km done in 1:18:30

12 km out and back railway reserve

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5km series - Kaitea Drive

Tonight's course was the fast flat Kaitea Drive. I hadn't intended on going to fast tonight as my legs were pretty tired after the 2km reps and I still have some long walks to go this week. But when we started out I felt great and felt that I had picked a nice easy pace. Every thing was going so perfect till about the 2.8km mark, as I stepped down over the curb I felt my calf twinge and I thought oh oh....It had been tight all day after the 2km reps but I thought it would be ok once it warmed up. I slowed down for the next km and it felt better but each time I tried to power on it would tweak again. So I opted to ease up again, I was guttered as I was looking at a really good 5km time too.

As I passed over the 4km mark, Pete my old training partner caught me and said "come on Nana, lets go" and so I thought I could just sit behind him and tick out the last km but as I pushed up behind him, he picked up the pace. He did ask me often how my calf was and I was surprised to realize that I had not felt it while I had him as a distraction. So Pete saved my last km.

I crossed the line in 29:04 - Even though my GPS says it was is a measured 5km course and many of the other GPS measured in at 5:02 or 5:04 only two of us got under 5km, so we think it was going under the trees at the underpass.

So here is my data for the 5km race.

5km series - Kaitea Drive

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 x 2km track work out

Well Christmas has come and gone and life now gets back to normal again.

As per normal I ate and drunk way too much and paid for it the next day. Being lactose intollerant you would think by now I would know what I can and cant eat. But I cant resist pavlova and cream. Yes ... the cream hit me with vengeance!!! I was unable to complete my 15km yesterday and only just made it to the 5km mark. I knew I had a very tough workout today and was concerned that I would not be able to cope.

With the massive storm that has hit NZ with Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough being hit the hardest - with heavy rain and huge winds. I knew it was going to be a hard walk. I went to the track at 4pm and it was raining when I got there, but by the time I had warmed up the rain lifted, sun came out and the wind stopped. GREAT!!!! I set out and got the first 2km done. Phew that was tough....I walked slowly around to the 200m mark and got ready to go again. This 2km was really hard...I felt awful. My legs felt weak, I wanted to throw up....I just didnt have anything in the tank to push with. I knew my time had dropped and it had started to rain again by the 1km mark. I walked back around to the next 200m mark and was telling myself....last one...its easy, its only 5 times round. Who am I kidding!!! when you feel sick, its raining and then the wind picks up - those 5 laps may as well be 50!!!!! So I hit my lap button and battled into the head wind and turned to have it behind me along the back straight. I didnt notice much benefit with it behind me and I was feeling very tired. I tried hard not to focus on the time and just push into the wind and keep my style together. Mentally I think you give up the moment you start to doubt yourself and its very hard to push through and pick your pace up again. (Something I need to work on) But the good news is that each 2km rep was under 6min/km pace.

so here are my 2km splits (I looked at my watch at the 1km so I would remember the 1km time)

1st lap - 1km 5:33 2km 5:38 for a total of 11:11
2nd lap - 1km 5:45 2km 5:49 for a total of 11:34
3rd lap - 1km 5:55 2km 5:53 for a total of 11:48

I was a little disappointed with my times hubby pointed out to me....these are not that far off my personal best for 3km & 5km and that I had been doing speed work for 2 months leading up to those, so to be doing these times with little speed work and after being ill is actually a good thing.

here is my actual data from the walk
3 x 2km track work out

Friday, December 24, 2010

4 x 1km reps at the track

Today's training was to be 4 x 1km reps and I chose to do these at the track as its easier to get the distance right. I had a terrible nights sleep as my stomach decided to play up all day and all night giving me terrible stomach cramps and pains. So bad that they woke me through the night so I was lucky to have gotten 3 hours sleep.

I headed to the track at 9am and put out an email to all the other walkers to come and join me so they could do drills or track walk. Stephen came down but he was the only keen one.

After a few laps to warm up, I readjusted the settings on my watch so that it would show me "current lap", "last lap" and lap count..........but for some reason when I pressed lap it double pressed it??? not sure what was going on there.  *update, have just figured out what happened to my watch..I had not taken auto lap off so when the gps thought I had done 1km it took a time and then also when I pressed lap.  So have changed the lap splits to the correct time.

So I started out and I felt tired but ok, the pace felt quick but I was not gasping. I rounded the 200m in 1:01 and thought then hmmm this is a little quick but I will roll with it and see what comes. I kept going at this pace and pushed hard for the last 100m but when I pressed lap it told me 12 I had no idea of what my time was. I kept this up for the next 3 all with the same end result. I had guessed each km was about 5.30 ish

I came home and helped mow the lawns and then weeded the garden so it will look nice for Xmas day when Shane's family arrive for the day. My family are getting together at my daughters place for a bbq lunch so I will hopefully catch up with them all later in the day. It may be the last time for a while that all three kids are together for xmas seeing as Shakara is heading to Cairns to live in January.

So I finally came inside and up loaded my data and was totally surprised to see the actual times for my reps.

km 1 - 5:26
km 2 - 5:27
km 3 - 5:34
km 4 - 5:31

So that shows me that my fitness is coming along nicely. Now to put all the kms in a row and still do that pace.

4 x 1km reps at the track

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

5km series - out and back

Its a hot dry and windy evening. You can smell the pollen from the Pine trees in the wind, and its playing havic with peoples asthma and eyes tonight.

Tonight is the Richmond 5km series and I shot out to have a good stretch out but I found out that it was the out and back course which has a couple of good wee hills that start at the 2km mark and you turn half way through them to repeat them again....

We started off and I sat on Wendy's heels for the first km or so but didnt have the fitness yet to stick to her all the way. Once we got to the Switch Back hills I had was pretty dry and my throat was pretty I walked up the hills.....normal walk/power walk and then blasted down the other side. I thought I would catch her up on the 2km straight to home but only managed to gain 20 or 30 m

I was pleased with my time as it was a sub 30min but all of us with GPS got a slightly shorter distance than 5km.....My time was 29:54

5km series - out and back Wensley

Monday, December 20, 2010

10 x 200m track speed work

Yay its not raining.......and the wind has stopped!!! ok, its still overcast and looks like it will rain any moment...but the track is dry for now.

I was meeting up with other walkers today at the track to go over drills and walking techniques. Stephen and I try to met up each Monday to help them and he is still Coaching many of the other walkers. As our first walker had canceled he helped me out with my 200m splits. As I was not 100% sure that I was legal when I was try to go fast he helped me out by judging me. It was great and he was really surprised at how much my style had changed.

I was nervous about doing 10 x 200m as last time I had gone out way too fast and wore myself out half way through the workout. So this time I decided to focus on style and technique and the speed will come. Funny thing is I was pretty consistent with my pace through out this time. I did miss hitting lap on about lap 6 - hitting the stop instead of lap so I lost 1 200m's data so I added another one at the end. Silly thing is I also lost count on how many I had done and I see now that I have data for 11 x 200m so I actually did 12 today...cant say I am not putting in the work now.... lol

so my 200m splits were :- 57, 56, 57, 58, 58, 58, 57, 58, 58, 56, 57 and my heart rate max was 163 which is not too bad. Showing that my fitness is starting to come together.

10 x 200m track speed work

Sunday, December 19, 2010

112km out and back - atawhai walkway

I woke today to the sound of torrential rain. "Well thats track done for" was my first thought. I had arranged to met up at the track and go over drills and help out anyone who wants help with walking. Not much fun for them in the pouring rain. I knew I still had 12km to walk but opted to wait out the day and see if the weather improved a little.

So I spent the day sewing Barbie Doll Clothes - giving them to my Granddaughter for Xmas.

At 2.30pm Stephen called and asked if I was still heading out. The answer.....of course I we decided to met up at his place and head out along the walkway for 6km and turn back. It would be his longest walk since his accident but we were both fairly confident he would be fine. He had handled the 10km the other day and also had walked another the day before and felt fine. It was still pouring but it wasnt cold. I took my jacket this time though but wished I hadnt after the first couple of kms as it rubbed me under one arm. I did manage to adjust it and ignore it for the rest of the way.

The walk way was just one big puddle, with both of us splashing each other to the front and lots of giggling and we picked our way through puddle to puddle. Then we struck clay mudslides across the walk way and they were super slippery to walk over. Even though we were soaked it was not to bad, there was no wind and it wasnt cold. When we turned at the 6km mark, we noticed that there was a small patch of blue sky and that the rain was slowly easing up. By the 9km mark it had stopped raining and was starting to get a tad hot with a jacket on. We had one small stop on the way back as Stephen's hamstring tweaked a bit, but after a good stretch we were away again.

I really enjoyed today, time was not an issue and we rambled along chatting and laughing. So for 12km we did 1:20 - avg pace 6:40

12km out and back - atawhai walkway

Friday, December 17, 2010

4 x 1km track

Its pouring.............I mean, REALLY POURING. Not the I'm going to get a little wet kind but the I will be soaked by the time I get out of my car kind.......

I got down to the track and its totally deserted of people but I do have a large audience of Paradise Ducks, Oyster Catchers and Spur Wing Plovers! They were munching on worms in the centre of the track and didnt really seem to fussed that I was down there splashing around in the huge puddles......the track was just one puddle really. Its a brand new track and they are still sorting out drainage issues. So its a good inch or two deep of water in lane 1. The good news is ........NO WIND!!!!

So I decided to just get on with it. I was already wet so nothing worse was going to happen. It was tough going on the wet track as it feels kinda slippery but also drags on your feet. Jim had said not to compromise style for speed so I eased back a little (not that I was going that fast in the wet anyway) I was to do 800m then stop for 20secs and then sprint for the last 200. I was not sure on how to reflect this on my watch but after my first 800m I hit the pause instead of lap .. so thats how I kept doing it. So each of my 1km splits I have actually stopped for 20secs and then sprinted for the last 200m.

My Km splits are

1st km - 5:34
2nd km - 5:28
3rd km - 5:33
4th km - 5:32

4 x 1km track

Thursday, December 16, 2010

10km out and back - atawahi walkway

Today I went out for a quiet wander with 2 mates - Stephen (My mentor) and Pete (My retired training partner)

As today was not going to be a fast pace it was really nice to tick along and chat with friends for company. I miss having someone to train with and keep pushing me.

We had a lot of fun and it felt like the old days when we all used to train together.....missing was Bubbles....then it would have been a full team. We joked about how 3 of us are now unemployed and able to train any time we like now.... but with me about to get a new program from my coach Jim...the chances of training together are once again remote as my work outs will not be that appealing to the guys who are not training for any goals other than fitness and enjoyment.

So our 10km was done in 1:06:12

10km out and back - atawahi walkway

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5km Series - St James

Tonights course is the St James Walkway. I have not done this one before and again I had decided to walk with Stephen. He has been out walking abit and is starting to get fitter....gosh it wont be long before I cant keep up with him anymore - will be like old times haha.

It was a hot and muggy evening and we all really felt it out there. St James turns out to be one of the best course's. It is pretty much flat and nice and easy to walk. Stephen an I were chatting away as we headed out being very conservative and just making sure he was feeling ok. But as each km passed I noticed we were getting faster and faster and before long we had gone from 6.20/km to under 6/km - Yep I ended up doing a kick back work out.

So my 5km was done in 31.09 which really surprised us. Tomorrow I am going to meet up with Pete and Stephen and head off for a 10km will be so nice to have some company.

5km Series - St James

Monday, December 13, 2010

8 x 400m at the track

Tonights session was 8 x 400m with a 2-3min rest between the 400m's. I was also to ease up on the pace a little and get my technique sorted.

I felt more in control of my legs tonight and felt like things were starting to come together. My laps did get a second slower each time as fatigue set in but I am pleased with the over all result. Even my heart rate seemed to be more settled and not so erratic.

As I am getting used to my watch tonight I decided to just press the lap it looks a little messy. Plus my 7th lap a real mix up lol

So my splits for tonight (to make it easy for those interested)
lap 1 - 2:05
lap 2 - 2:06
lap 3 - 2:07
lap 4 - 2:09
lap 5 - 2:10
lap 6 - 2:12
lap 7 - 2:12 (I think)
lap 8 - 2:08

8 x 400m at the track

Sunday, December 12, 2010

12 km out and back - Atawahi by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

What a busy day I have had......
First - I went out to the Athletic Track and helped out with the first ever inter club 2km Race walk. I judged and also was there to encourage 3 girls that came to me and asked me for help. They are runners and hurdlers but for next year at the Colgate Games they want to enter the Race Walk as well. Two of them are naturals and make it look so easy and 1 will get there with time and coaching. (She reminds me of myself when I started out) They did really well considering that today was the first time they had actually race walked for 2km. The good news is that two of them made it past the judges with no warnings or cards and one got warnings and 2 cards...but she didn't get a dq so she also made it to the finish.
Second - I raced back to my daughters flat and helped her tidy up and drop off all her stuff to the dump. She is moving to Cairns to live in the new year. Plus while there we had Josh (Teagan's parnter) pop round to take away her double mattress. I helped him throw it up on to the car roof and then we tied it down through the front doors.....funny thing about doing that........... he couldn't open the door to get into the car and had to do a Dukes of Hazard approach to get in. Much to Katie-Mays delight and laughter at watching her daddy climb through the window to get into the car.
Third - I had to train and do 12km - by now it was 3pm and I was feeling rather pooped and my back was rather sore???? must have tweaked it while throwing the mattress around. I took some voltarane and headed out at 4pm. Hubby decided to come along with me on his bike and also suggested he take a water bottle, as he knows I tend to train with no water.

It was a hot muggy day and I was feeling very tired. I struggled to get any rhythm going and in the end just concentrated on style and forgot about the time. I also forgot that I had forgotten to change my GPS settings and so after two km I had to press my laps are a little all over the show. But all in all I was really pleased to finish this one and the time was ok. 1:17:08 which was not too much slower that the other night.

Here is my data is you are wanting to take a peek :0)

12 km out and back - Atawahi

Friday, December 10, 2010

Track Training 8 x 200m Speed work

Tonight was my first speed session.  I was excited about this as I usually love speed work.   Plus I figured 8 x 200 was easy peasy and I would so ace it.  .............. hmmm famous last words!!!   I was quickly to be humbled by the track and my body!!

I went out and did 1km warm up....took it easy and just concentrated on form.  So 6:17 for the 1km was fine.

I changed the settings for my watch (not really sure how to use my watch for these nights so I have not linked to the data but have written it down instead.  I can remember doing pace work and being nice and fast, I remember it felt easy to do 1:10 per I had figured I would totally own this tonight.  I started out on my first 200m, I felt great.  My form felt great, my legs felt strong and knees were locking.......then 100m passed and my legs started to feel "funny" tingly like I had no real control over them.  I kept pushing hard and hit the stop as I passed over the 200m - 55sec.............hmmmm is that it???? Is that really the fastest I can go??????? I was breathing hard but nothing too major and was ready to go again by the time I walked back to the start.

I repeated it again, this time was better but still 55sec...... so the 3rd time I really put my all into it.  I picked up and started to glide and it felt so smooth...but I lost my confidence and felt like I was running and quickly lost it but did do 54sec.....

But with each lap my legs were starting to go really weird.  I was starting to doubt that I was actually locking and it felt like my feet were flicking before landing.  ( I am told now that it was my nervous system going haywire trying to control too many muscles at once when its not used to it)

I did a 400m lap to cool down but I was really feeling discouraged.  Lucky my coach was there for me when I got home and picked me up.  Explaining that fast twitch muscles have to be taught how to be used and it was my first session.  Baby steps and it will come.

So we shall see...... but here are my splits:-
1km warm up - 6:17
Lap 1 - .55
Lap 2 - .55
Lap 3 - .54
Lap 4 - .55
Lap 5 - .57
Lap 6 - .56
Lap 7 - .54
Lap 8 - .59

400m cool down 2:26

or link to the first lap and then click next to see the others

Lap 1 track training 200m - Details

12 km out and back - railway reserve by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

I came home from work before heading out for this walk. I was hoping to do a good time and stay with my new form all the way. Plus try to tweak some extras that were picked up in the video.

I have to try to leave my back foot on the ground longer, lenghten my stride and pick up my pace .....which will in turn help me learn to push off and then get faster. My first km was very slow as it was uphill along the reserve so it was 6.36 but after that picked up the pace and tried to stretch out. Still got to 5km in I was pleased with that. I reached the 6km turn mark and hit the wall. Suddenly I felt totally wiped out, my muscles just didnt want to give anymore and I slowed up and basically cruised home...even walking normally up the big hill at the end. But all in all 1:16:56 for 12 is OK.......

12 km out and back

Monday, December 06, 2010

Video of Marlborough Half Marathon

My hubby took the following video of me while I competed in the Marlborough Half Marathon.  Its longish.....but it serves to purposes.

1 - so my coach can see my style
2 - so all my overseas friends can see a little of Marlborough (yes I know...we drive on the wrong side of the road! lol)

Also if you pop on to my Mothers blog you can see a small video of me crossing the finish line.  Mum got so excited to see me she hit video instead of photo hehehe

Enjoy and I welcome all feed please do stop and leave a message.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Marlborough Half Marathon 2010

I  didnt sleep much last night.  I spent most of the night worried I would not hear my alarm.  I had set the alarm to wake me at 4am so I could have some breakfast and then again at 6.30am to get ready for the race.  I didn't need to worry as everything went to plan and I got to have my weetbix and some more sleep!!!! 

We headed down for the race and caught up with lots of friends.  I watched the Marathon start and cheered on my friend who was running it for the first time and then it was time to line up and start myself.  I squeezed into the group of runners standing by the 'average' sign.  (I had asked at sign in if I could please start with the runners and when I told them my projected time they explained the signs to me....avg meant 2hours - 2.30......) suited me just fine.  So I quickly jumped into a spot and within seconds we were counting down and the gun goes off.

The first 3km was on the paved walkway along the Taylor River, then it went to groomed gravel walkway for about 2km.  It was from here until 8km that things got a little "adventurous" for the first 2km it was a stony road with large stone sticking up (I tripped on many!!) then we had a river crossing which involved walking over 6 large squares of concrete that moved as you stepped on them....add a photographer saying "SMILE" to that....yeah right!!!!! was all I could say..............then you popped up on to a grass walkway that had a little sheeps trail cut into it - I tried to walk in the sheeps trail but it ened up a bit over grown.  At the end there were two short but very sharp mounds (cant really call them hills) but that ground you to a halt pretty quick and you could only power walk up that.  I cant tell you how relieved I was to pop out onto the tarmac and know that it was all just road from then on.

It was along here that I started to pass a few of the runners - much to their own disgust..hehehe - the course popped us out on to New Renwick Road - this road went on FOREVER!!!!.  It was along here that my Mum and Erle had parked.  My Mum has not seen me walk and was so excited to see that she had made it out on the course.  I called out and had a very short chat and carried on my way.  Finally we crossed the bridge and headed back on to the gravel walkway to rejoin the paved walk way.  I knew now it was only 3km to to the finish.  Dig it in I said to my self......I must have said this out loud as the jogger beside me said "I am trying too!" lol.....

Seeing the officals at the end of the walk way never looked so good!!! I zipped up the stop bank and then rounded the corner and could see the finish line.   I could hear my name being called out and I saw my friend cheering me I pushed hard for a good finish.  My Mum saw me and got so excited she pressed record on her camera instead of photo and took a very short video of my she did as poor Shane had trouble getting a park and missed my finish by 3 mins!!!    So here for my mums blog and video  site address

I am please to say that I won this event - I was First walker.  They gave out medals for each age group for the walkers so sadly it was not recognized as First walker...just first in my age group.  But I got a medal!!! Yay me.  My time over all was 2:11:40

The great news was as we made our way back from prize giving.....all my friends were waving at us and motioning for us to come I walked over to be told that my name had just been call for a spot prize.  I went up to the trailer and said "I am Nyle" ......oh he said...fashionably late I see... you have just won Oysters and a tee shirt.   Then he handed me this huge polybin.  I grabbed it and went back over to everyone...we opened it and inside was 6 or 7 bags of Oysters still in shells...approx 12 oysters per bag.  Now Oysters are a delicacy here ..... but not in my house....I dont mind the odd deep fried one...but raw from the like swallowing a large snot ball....UGH!!! so I grabbed one bag out for my Father in Law...(sorry mum but we couldn't get them to you!) and gave the rest to my friends who were more than happy to share them)
 I have lots of video to put up and will make that a separate post with links to You Tube.

Marlborough Half Marathon GPS DATA

Thursday, December 02, 2010

5km Series - Olypus Way

Well I did a really stupid thing on Weds Morning.............I slipped on my kitchen floor and it would appear that I have pulled a muscle in my inner thigh. Silly silly me!!!!

So tonight I was not sure if I should walk or not..........obviously I went with walk. But I did try really hard to take it easy with over 7mins for my first km........(which also included the 100 + steps that there are in this course..) but then once I got warm, it didnt seam to hurt any more and yes....I got all kinds of excited and myself and Pete chased after the two lead walkers. Slowly we made our way through all the walkers and stopped by each of them for a quick chat...or some cheek :0) It was so nice to see Bubbles out walking again and Sharon too.....I must say that this summer may just be the start of the Nelson walkers again.

It took until the 4.5km mark until we caught the top two walkers....and after much banter and cheek being thrown again....we zipped away to take the lead and cross the line together. It was still a conservative time but lots of fun had. 32:25 for 5km

5km Series - Olypus Way

So now I sit with ice on my leg cause once I cooled leg started to hurt. So with getting a bee sting on Sunday between my toes and now is not a good start for the race this weekend. We are heading over to Blenheim on Friday night and will stay with my in laws (Shane's mum and dad) Then it will be up early on Saturday morning for a 7.40am start! I just hope its not too hot as so far this week its been a good 20deg by 8am......ugh.....lots and lots of water!!!!!

So wish me luck and I will up date on Saturday Night. This a first for Blenheim and they have 1000 people, awesome I say!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

15 km out and back

Todays training was 15km and to add in two bursts of race pace for 2km........ it was a great plan that sadly didnt come to fruition. I woke up this morning feeling totally shattered. I decided to have some breakfast before I walked so that I would have some fuel to burn. So I waited for two hours after eating it. I also noticed that it was getting very warm very fast. It was already 20degs and it was only 9am. I had a hunt around the house to see if I could find the waist camel pack but I couldnt find it so headed it out without it. (Big mistake!!!)

I headed out from home and decided to walk down to the atawhai walkway, I was struggling to push my self any faster than 6.20pace and thought that once I get on to the walkway I would come right. I didnt, and was having trouble finding any energy to push with. I was not breathing hard, I just felt heavy and out of steam. I got to the turn around (when my watch said 7.5 km ) and headed back. By now I was really feeling the need for water, so badly that I almost stopped a cyclist and asked him if he had any water. It was during this walk that I realised - here in Nelson we have this amazing network of walkways and cycle ways for people to walk/jog/run/cycle but that there are NO Water fountains anywhere!!!! I knew there was a fountain by the library so I headed to that. It was pretty much the 12km mark that I stopped and sprayed my self with water and had some good long drinks. The last three km were back up to home and I knew they would be hard. It was getting hotter and hotter and I was feeling weaker and weaker. I set off with just the aim of getting home. All in all, my body held out, I wore my race shoes and my toes didnt hurt in them. It was a very slow 15km - 1:38:18 for an avg pace of 6.33 and heart rate of 143.

15 km Data

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pub Run - Charlies Bar

Decided to do the Pub run today. I was hoping to walk with a couple of the other walkers but I think most of them had gone out and walked the Mahana Half today or the 10km.

My feet were still a little tender so I had already decided to take it pretty quiet. It was a course I had not walked before and I was not sure of where it went. When I got to the start and found out that we were to go over Days track....I thought ... geep there go my toes. Days track is pretty much a vertical path that is pretty much all steps. It is hard going and then just as steep on the down side. So need less to say I took it very slowly and saved my toes.

It was a scoring hot day today. My hubby and I had spent the morning at the Flea Market and managed to pick up a couple of Xmas presents and some ideas to go back for. I was quite sun burnt just from the 2 hour wander but silly me still didnt think to put sun screen on ... so I am really very pink right now.

Even though I was very slow on this walk...I still enjoyed myself. There was on a small hand full of us out there and we had a great time calling out to each other and encouraging along the way.

So in the end it was 6.30 km for 44:21 so now I have to figure out a nice flat course for tomorrows 15km.......possibly that I will walk out from home and do the atawhai walkway....I think that it will just make up to 15km from memory.

Pub Run - Charlies Bar

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tired and sore - a slow 11km

Tonight I was to down to do 12km. I decided to go round the big block and add a small loop at the end to make up the last extra 1km, but that was not to be tonight.

I started out and I felt tired and I had sore feet. As I walked out up along the track I had already decided to just go for the distance and not worry too much about pace tonight. By 6km my toes were hurting ALOT. My 2nd toe is longer than my big toe and so it hits the inside of my shoe and I often get very sore tips of my toes plus black toenails.

I kept going thinking that I could just push through the pain but they started to hurt more and more. Plus for the first time in a very long time my tummy decided to play up and at the 9km mark I had to make a hasty dash across the park to the public toilet. The last km home was very painful and I nearly gave up to just walk normally. So it ended up only being 11km for a very slow 1:12:02 but that's not too bad after two very fast and great days.

12km training walk by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5km Series - Churchill Ave

The 5km tonight was not the course that was advertised on the site. So we all fronted up expecting a nice flat course only to be told it was Churchill Street. This one is an undulating course with the 3 & 4 km's going up and down some good hills. But we all love the last km as its straight down Queen Street and you can pick up a good pace here.

I was feeling good again tonight and set out to just have a nice good walk. I didnt expect to fast a time as I am not good on hills and so once we reached the hills I just dropped to a power walk and chatting to the young jogger beside me. So I was quite surprised to cross the finish in 30:21 it shows that my fitness has come back and I now feel quite confident of a good race in two weeks.

I also went and brought some Black Currant Power to try. check out the website about this new product. The manager of Sujon is very keen to hear back from me to see how I find the product. It is meant to be fantastic in recovery, in adding injury and for stamina.

Here is my data from the race.
5km Series - Churchill Ave by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

8km - Monaco out and back - A SMASHING walk

Well today was the first day that I have felt 100% well. I was down to do 8km tonight and I was really looking forward to getting out and have a nice walk.

I had a long and mentally draining day at work and a good walk was going to clear my head. It was a nice warm day with a breeze that helped to keep you cool. Temp was approx 20deg today.

It is easy for me to zip out from my work and walk along the Half marathon course, it is a fairly flat course and nice and handy. Today I just walked out for 4km and turned back. I started out cold and decided to use the first km as my warm up. I felt great, was not breathing hard or pushing hard. My style felt different, easier and lighter. I tucked my butt in under me and off I went. I was quite surprised to see my first km click over at 6.04

I zipped along happily listening to my music and going over my day when I had an ambulance and a fire engine go roaring past and I looked up and saw that there had been a large car crash at the round a bout ahead of me. My 4km turn point was just down from the accident so I turned back and noticed that there was quite a build up of cars now on the motorway beside me. About half way back I noticed a truck driving a tad too fast for the build up of traffic, the driver was too busy looking up ahead at the crash to notice that all the cars in front of him had stopped.....when he finally did notice there was a flurry of brakes, smoke from his wheels locking up and an almighty BANG as he crashed into the car in front and the car behind him crashed into him. I kept walking as no one was hurt..just lots of glass and language being thrown around.

I was coming up to the 5km mark and looked at my watch to see it was 30:05 WOW I thought....This is a GREAT walk. I kept going along the walk way and when I could see my work I pushed hard to have a good finish and time. Tonight it was 8km for 48:05 so thats an avg pace of 6:00 and avg heart rate of 153

A great walk much needed before my half marathon in two weeks.

Heres my data (I have noticed that Garmin are now using BING for their maps and they are not as nice looking)
8km - Monaco out and back by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, November 21, 2010

4.5 gentle walk

After dropping my gorgeous grand daughter home I decided I would go for a very gentle walk. I was feeling much better, no runny nose or blocked nose, no aching muscles...all I had left was a slight sinus headache.

It had just stopped raining as there was a slight breeze. It was still a nice warm day though so just went out in tee shirt and shorts. I decided to just go along the track out side our house. It is 2km in length so I figured that if I was not feeling up to it I could stop and just wander home. Turns out that the fresh air was just what I needed. It felt nice to get out and stretch the legs. I kept it nice and gentle and didnt push myself at all.

What was meant to be 3km turned into 4.5km as I opted to walk back around the road as it is flatter and I was feeling fine. So in total 29:02 for 4.5km = avg pace 6:27 and avg heart rate 138

Here's my data for the walk

4.5 gentle style walk by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

When I was finished it turned out I stopped right out side my friends house, so I wandered in for a chat and we sat outside in the sun and chatted for a bit. It was a lovely finish to my walk.

We chatted about the miners trapped in Greymouth, both of us hoping that they are alright but I guess a small touch of reality is also saying...there has been no contact with them, there is a chance they may not be ok. So like the Chilean miners...the whole world sits and watches Greymouth and waits and prays. I too send my thoughts of hope and of courage for the rescuers who are faced with going down into the mine to look for them.

The young at heart

I adore having my grand daughter come to stay. Its just often a mission to find the right night as I am usually competing, training or away, so a week ago I rang and booked it in that I would have Katie-May on Saturday Night. I didn't intend on getting sick or still being sick when she got here, but she is the best medicine money can buy.

How can any one feel sick when you have this gorgeous wee face giggling at you while coloring in on the floor?

We have spent the morning building huge towers with her blocks, colouring in Dora the Explorer, playing hide and seek and Rollie Pollies in the lounge.....(she won that one)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

what a waste of a week!

I HATE being fact I loath it.

I woke up last Monday with a runny nose and refused to concede that it could be a head cold. I went out training on Tuesday and pushed myself through to complete 8km, but did suffer for it that night. On Weds night I went out to the Weds Walk Series and pushed myself along through that but by 2.5 km had to pull up and admit I didn't feel well. Since then I have spent Thurs and Friday at my new job feeling miserable!!! It is just a silly head cold.... I have a runny nose, body aches and my forehead/sinus's feels like I have been sniffing petrol.

Its Saturday and I thought I would be able to do a gentle 3km today, but there was no way. My nose is not running anymore but I feel faint .. ALL the time, I struggled to walk to the letter box and back inside. So it is day 3 with no exercise for me.

I feel wracked with guilt, I feel like I have let my self down, my coach down....I feel awful. Plus with the scales kindly saying to me today "one at a time please" didn't help. So I have been in a bad mood ALL day!!! a real black cloud over the head with wee lightening bolts type bad mood. I actually think that tonight was the first night my husband was pleased to be working a night shift.

Since I took the job at Norris Management my diet went out the window and my weight went sky high. Since then I have struggled to get it back under control. I was shocked when I weighed in this morning. In the last 5 months I have gained just over 5kg....that's nearly a stone!!! No wonder I feel so sluggish and yucky when training. I am pleased that with my new job, I actually get lunch breaks and that I can make something healthy or I can buy a healthy sandwich from the bakery on the way to work. So I am sure it will all work off soon enough, it was just a shock that I really didnt want to face up to this week.

Sorry for taking my bad mood out on you who read this but there was no one else around to vent to....even the cats have kept their distance tonight.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

8km - Monaco out and back

Today was 8km but to practice new style for each 1km. I was not feel to flash today and many times today thought to flag the walk completely. My nose is still running and my head feels like its in a vice.

I sent my hubby a text and asked if he wanted to come along too and ride his bike beside me. He brought some water with him and I was so pleased to see that he did. It was really hot again (25deg right now) I really wanted to go out and walk though as I had just got my new GPS with the heart strap and I wanted to see how it worked.

Well it was not a flash walk but it was done. It was very hot and dry and I was so pleased Shane brought the water. 50:47 for an avg of 6:20 per km so thats ok too. Avg Heart Rate was 149...I thought that was a bit high but will have a google on what is good and bad.

Still have a very runny nose and feel very tired. Might be an early night for me.

here is my data.
8km - Monaco out and back by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, November 14, 2010

5km fartlek - Atawhai Drive

Last night I did a very gentle and very slow 3km. During this I was to concentrate on my new style for the whole distance. I felt very awkward and slow but did persist in sticking to it for the 3km. My glutes did feel used when I had finished. So I headed for home as we were doing a BBQ for tea. Got home took my shoes off and headed inside - just as the cat and dog were headed out side. We had a good collision in the door way with me connecting with both animals and also the door jam. With much swearing and jumping about with me holding my foot....I sat down to check the damage. I had a good tooth mark in the top of my foot but where I had slid down the door jam on the bottom of my foot there was a big black bruise forming already and it hurt!! So I grabbed the ice pack and arnica and tended to my foot while Shane cooked the BBQ - steak for me and salad.

So this morning for my training it was a 5km fartlek. My foot feels sore and stiff but once I got shoes on it was much better. (I actually didn't feel it when I was racewalking) It was also not as hot today. It is over cast and gusty winds - but still shows as being 22degs, just no sun. I felt great this morning and was really looking forward to putting in a good time. I wanted a sub 29 or as close to it. The wind had stopped when I drove down to the walkway and I hoped that it would stay that way for the next 30mins.......that's not too much to ask I felt.

I did a short warm up and then went for it. 1st km was tough (it always is) I was breathing hard and just begging the k marker to bleep on my watch. My first Km was 5:29 and I was not gasping for air like I was a month ago .. I was rapt. Now I was into the 500m section, I like this part better. So I eased up to get my breath back, went for it again (with a road crossing in this fast section - but the cars stopped for me today) Everything was going great. I turned at the 2.5km mark and punched it again, I was about 100m away from the 3km marker when the wind started up and it gusted!! It was a head on wind and it knocked me around and it was here that I let myself down cause I mentally gave up. The wind continued to gust giving me moments of calm and moments of a good gust. I tried to keep up the pace and push through it and by the 4km marker I was fair telling my self off. So for the last km I tried to dig it in again. I did manage to get 29:51 but I was hoping for a much better time than that.

But as I sit here coughing away (due to the exertion) I know that this is just the start of it all and that I will have great days and I will have bad days, the key to it is to own the bad days and not lay out a million excuses. So my lesson for today....wind blows all the time, I just need to stay focused.

My data for anyone keen to peek-
5km fartlek - Atawhai Drive by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 km Training around Monaco

Tonight I was to do 10km. I was to practice my new style for 400m and then walk my old style 1600m....

Well I started out from work thinking that the Monaco course (used in the Nelson Half Marathon) would be 10km...turns out its only 9km. Today was one of our hottest days so far. It was 23 deg with humidity of 84% and tomorrow its meant to get to 25 deg. Our heat is scorching. Today I forgot to put sunscreen on and being out there for an hour I am quite sun burnt. Silly me. For the first 2km my calf was really sore, in fact I thought of stopping and walking back to work at one stage. But I pressed on and it came right by the 4 km mark. It was getting hotter and hotter while I was out walking and I was struggling a little on the last few km as I had not carried any water and there is no where to stop and grab a drink on this loop. (note to self....carry water from now on!) My toes were starting to hurt by 9km and I really just wanted to stop, specially when the 9km was right by my car....but I pressed on for another 500m before turning back to make it a full 10km. It was an ok walk. Still adjusting to the new style, with now having a slight sore back and calf. I am sure these are just settling things and muscles adjusting to the changes.

Talking of changes, my daughter Shakara has just been offered a job in Cairns Australia. She has accepted and heads away in Jan next year. Gosh thats only 8 weeks away.....SOB!! It is a huge step for her but I will miss her lots. Lucky for skype!!!!

Garmin Data here:-
10 km Monaco Loop by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5km Series - Champion Road

I had a small disaster last night. My Garmin GPS decided to die on me. I got changed at work and was all set and ready to go and I went to fire up my watch and .... watch. (Told my hubby when I got home and he promptly brought me a new watch as he knows how much I need it............then wouldnt you know it...two hours later I get a facebook message on how to fix it....and it did!! so now I will have a flash new watch with heart rate and shane will get this one.)

I still went out and walked for 45 mins....I was to practice new style and old style. It was an ok workout, nothing flash to report other than I somehow aggravated my calf injury. Later that night my calf was throbbing so I massaged some voltaren into it and it did feel better.

So for tonights 5km race I had decided to take it easy. Champian Road is a good course. A slight rise around the 2km mark and a couple of wee dips then down hill for the last two km. But I knew that with my calf still tight and sore that I shouldnt push too hard. So I went out and sort of cruised around it, and was very surprised to see I did 30:12. I had not felt I was going that fast nor did I plan that. My calf held out but it is feeling very warm and tight, so I will ice it and rub it again.

training data below.

5 km Series - Champion Road by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

5km Series - Otia Drive

Tonight I decided to go out and do the 5km series. My legs were feeling pretty good, it was my body that was not. After eating way too much junk food over the last 4 days I was feeling a tad "stodgy"

So I thought just go and have a nice walk and enjoy fact so much so that I was half way out when I realized I had left my Garmin watch at home. So gentle it was going to be.

Otia Drive is a chunky course with the first 2 km being relatively flat but the last 3 is up and down and up some more. So I opted to walk beside Pete, my old training partner and we chatted as we went but there was a brief discussion on who would cross the line first but with him stopping dead at the finish line, meant I bet him lol.

So time for the 5km was 32.05 which is not too bad as my fastest time on this course was 2 years ago at 30.54

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Waimea Half Marathon 2010

About a month ago I asked a friend of mine if she would like to enter as a walking team for the up coming Waimea Half Marathon. I had not decided if I would do the full just yet but doing it as a team is great fun. We discussed names and finally settled on "Pink Panthers" so we went out and brought pink wigs, pink tee shirts and pink tights. As I love to do make up I opted to do us both up.

At the last minute I decided I would walk the whole event, which meant that I started first (tagging my team member at the 10km mark and taking off my team number)

The day was a magic day. Super hot with start temp of 16deg and climbing up to 22deg but with no breeze it was very hot. 8am came and the walkers were called to the start line. There had been lots of banter about our costumes and a few who didn't recognize either of us hehe. They counted down and the race started. Wendy bolted from the start as she always does and so I stayed close by but was not to bothered as I had my own race plan and was going to stick to it. Basically - settle in to my race pace and stay consistent throughout the race.

This course is a 5km loop that takes you down a 1km straight, turns and goes up a wee rise then weaves you in and out of big pine trees and then along the beach edge to join back up with the original long straight. By the time we rounded our first lap and came back through the timing shoots, Wendy would have been a good 1 min a head of me and seemed to be pulling slowly away from me. I checked my GPS watch and saw my pace was still around the 6min/km and I was happy with that. I ticked along keeping an eye on the time and the people around me. Runners had started by now and so the banter and encouragement was great. By the second lap I noticed that Wendy seemed to have slowed a litte as I had gained some ground on her. I was really pleased that Wendy had changed her mind and decided to enter this event, as I prefer to have someone to chase rather than be chased. Plus Wendy is a very fast and experienced race walker that I have yet to beat.

I came through the shoot and tagged my team mate and then quickly ripped off my team number and headed out again for the next two laps. I started taking note of how close I seemed to be getting to Wendy and by the 12km I had come up right behind her, she could hear me as I was scuffing my feet quite badly. She surged off and I decided to stay at my pace and follow as it was too soon from me to chase. She pulled away from me by about 20 meters but the gap never seemed to grow. We came through the shoot for the last time and headed out to complete our last 5km lap. I didn't expect to catch and pass Wendy at all...let alone at the 15km mark but its the way it happened. So with my kick down training I figured just go hard now and try to put a gap between us. I have no idea when she dropped off from behind me, I dont think I looked back once. I was so sure she was only 10 meters or so behind me. I rounded the beach and up the last rise to head back up the 1km straight to the finish. The last straight always feels like it takes for ever and the finish line has never looked soooo good.

I crossed the line in 2:09:58 Yay oh Yay, I took 1.5min off my person best for 21.1 km and I think I may have the course record too. I walked around and got my drink and then came back to the start to wait for my team mate to finish - she rocked in winning us the team walk event. So proud and it was great to call out to each other on the walk "think pink" ... soon others were doing the same to us too. So we both walked back over to our bags and sat down with the others while we waited for prize giving.

We were given a team sport prize while we were sitting in the sun, which was a nice surprise. Then the prize giving started. I won the Individual Half Marathon, we won the team walk and we won the best dress team too!! Then they drew out the major spot prizes and I was the last name they drew out ... I also won a pair of Ascics Shoes which I needed desperately as my normal walking/running shoes were old. So all in all a FANTASTIC DAY!!

Race Start - Gillian, ? , Nyle & Wendy

Maree and Me - Pink Panthers

Me out on the course - coming through the timing shoot

Me - We had the best day.

here are my lap splits and race details.
Waimea Half Marathon by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, October 25, 2010

20km Long Distance Walking Champs & 10km NZ Road Champs

This is the event I have been waiting for. It would be my first time entering plus I get to met back up with my good friend David Smyth from Australia as he has come over for it and is rooming with me at the motel. Along the way we also picked up an extra roomy, with Rosie from Dunedin joining us too. We all arrived into Hastings on Saturday afternoon and spent our first night chatting about all things walking and also the next days event. Lights out by 10pm and it didnt take rosie or david long to be happily sound as sleep........ME on the other had lay there wide away like a wee possum until 2am then I fell asleep for about an hour as I woke at 3am and lay there again till 4ish waking again at the alarm at 6am!!! Peachy I thought....I really needed a good nights sleep and was reluctant to take a sleeping pill the night before.....(hindsight is a great thing I now know what I should have done) So we all got up, dressed quietly...each with our own minds on the days events. Taxi arrived and away we went. Rosie was set on winning the 15km Open Womens, David set on getting his first NZ Road Title and also completing the 20km event and Me on winning my first NZ 10km Road Title and also winning the Masters 20km.

We arrived at the location. It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky nor a breath of wind. It was going to be a hot one!!! Just as we arrived we got to watch the start of the 50km Championship walk - all men today. (cripes I would not want to be doing 50km in this heat) We grabbed our race packs and laced up the transponders. With Athletic NZ putting the Road Champs on as well it meant many more walkers entered so I think we had the largest met of walkers seen in a few years. With a 1km loop course it meant you could always see what was going on and you always had someone just in front or just behind you...It was great!!!

So its 8am and we line up. I had been told to settle into my race pace as quickly as I could so when the gun went off thats pretty much what I tried to do. I let all the quick ones head off early as most of them were also only walking 10km so I didnt want to go at their pace. But it wasnt long before I slowly started picking them off one by one....before long I was leader of the 20km walkers, I had Sue Hoskins hot on my heels with her only being 20mt behind me at the 8km mark. At about 8.5km my knee gave out.....I have no idea of what happened but it felt like something had peiced me behind my knee. It hurt to bend or straighten it, I was guttered. I slowed up my pace a little which helped but that also meant Sue got past me. I struggled through the 9km loop and contimplated pulling out at the 10km but as I came through to cross for the 10km my knee was no longer hurting and I was able to carry on. (again I have no idea what happened and it has done this too me during my training walks of late too) So I saw that Sue was about 40mt ahead of me so I picked up the pace and caught her up but then she also picked up the pace so I sat on her heel for a couple of laps as I didnt feel I had it in me to hold that pace for the next I pulled back and let her go her a 15m lead on me. At around 14km I slowly gained on her again as she had slowed down but rather than go then I chose to sit right on her heel and see what she would do. But over the next 3 km she was slowing down so much that I figured it was time to make a break. I had already worked out that I was off my pace so I was now trying to pick a good time to make the break so that I could hold my pace. I picked 17.5k mark.....I stepped to the right of her and just pushed hard. When I crossed the 18km she was a good 40mt behind me and the gap grew to about 100m or so very quickly. So I tried to push hard and pick up my pace. All I wanted to do was finish in a time faster than any of my training times. So when I crossed the line in 2.05 I was thrilled. It was not my fastest time but it was not my slowest time either. Besides it was sooo hot out there. The heat off the tarmac and between the huge storage sheds was so intense. I have no idea of what the temp was but it felt like a good 30degs.

So I won two golds for those races. But sadly due to an admin error they didnt have the medals for the 40 - 44 age group for the Road Champs, so myself and Katie T didnt recieve a medal (they will be posted to us soon)

I will up load my data from my GPS when I am home but the splits were all wrong, by 3 km mark they were off by 50mt and it just got worse, but I do have my " offical " splits.
1 - 5.55
2 - 6.05
3 - 6.06
4 - 6.05
5 - 6.02
6 - 6.08
7 - 6.09
8 - 6.13
9 - 6.25 (this is the lap my knee went)
10- 6.16
11- 6.16
12- 6.11
13- 6.21
14- 6.27
15- 6.31 (sitting on sues heels)
16- 6.25
17- 6.31
18- 6.23
19- 6.18
20- 6.16

So all in all a great day and a great race!!!!

Today (Monday) I am not feeling too bad but my left knee is very sore, so I do think I have tweaked it a little and will go and get it checked out tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

5km Series - Fartlek

Tonight was the Wensley Road course. It is an out and back up over the switch backs. (Two sharp hills) So trying to do a fartlek was a little tough as the first km where I was to go fast was partly up hill and I also struck the same when I reached the switch backs. The start and stop of my fast and slow was either side of each rise so it is very hard to see that I speed up or slowed down.

I was really thrilled to have gone under 30mins for this course and with that type of training. Total time was 29:52 I felt awesome. No niggles or tweeks anywhere. So I am feeling very confident about my upcoming race on Sunday. I am not going to post a time as I dont want to post to high or too low. I am just going to give it my all and be very happy with that.

The weekend after is the Waimea Half Marathon and I have entered to walk the Half and also be part of a team. So I start out and wear two numbers and then Maree starts out at the 10km mark. Our team name is "Pink Panthers" and we will be decked out in Pink tops, shorts and pink bob wigs......I will make sure we take some photos.

Here is my garmin data for anyone interested.

5km Series - Wensley Road - Fartlek by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Monday, October 18, 2010

10km Kickdown

Well today was to be a great day all round! First - I got the job I had been hoping for at Contour Roofing and Second I had an awesome training session.

I decided to go out and walk on the Atawhai Walkway as that was one of the flatter areas. I was going to be doing a 10km kickdown (4 x 2.5km) So I decided that if follow these paces it will work out just fine. 6.30, 6.20, 6.10 and then 6.00

Now my watch is set up to auto lap each 1km so its a little hard to see the actual pace marks but my first km was too quick and my second km too slow as I tried to slow down and settle into it. 4 & 5 km were a little better and I had picked up the pace a little by then but when I turned at the 5km I felt great and headed for home with gutso. To see my pace for kms 8,9 & 10 ... I was rapt!!! I was tired and my legs were sore from my 15km but all in all I felt awesome and thrilled to be out. My hubby had come along on his mountain bike to keep me company, as we got to the walk way it started to rain (he was not as thrilled to be there then lol) but once we got going it passed over and ended up a nice hot day. He brought the video camera and filmed me. I will up load that to YouTube and link it to here too. My style is still very stiff and heavy looking but I am getting faster again and when I slow the video to frame by frame I am legal for knees!! that was my biggest fear. I dont think I will ever have a style that has me lifting or looking light on my feet so I concede to work with what I got.

and here is the youtube site for my video

My Garmin details are here.

10km Kickdown training by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, October 17, 2010

15km Training Walk

 I went out for a short 8km training walk on Thursday and it felt awful.  I had no energy and my legs were so heavy, later that night I felt my aura in my left eye and knew I was in for a migraine.  So that was the end of my training for the last 3 days.  I woke this morning and still felt foggy headed.  The pain was nearly all gone but I knew I would be ok to walk with it.  The weather decided to really test my dedication though, it was very windy and raining but at least it wasn't cold....its about 13deg which was actually quite mild.

I decided to head out on the same course that I had used on Thursday but to carry on for 7km  then turn and make up the extra on the return stretch.  I was feeling pretty good which surprised me, the wind was behind me and so it felt nice and easy.  I thought I would get 7km out before I turned but it instead ended up being 6.5km........and it was then that I felt the wind.  It didnt feel like much of a tail wind but when you turn and walk into it....well it felt pretty strong to me ..hahaha.. plus the rain was stinging my face so I just put my head down and gritted my teeth and punched into it.  So my pace dropped for the return kms.  When I got back up on to the walk way by my home I knew it was only going to make the walk 13km so I decided to carry on past and walk out and around the school and come back to home on the road.  So I used the last 2km as a mini kickdown and pushed hard to finish them with a good solid pace. 

It was an ok time, not as fast as my 16km pace the week before but then it wasnt windy or raining either.  So I guess that evens it out.  So 1:35:36 for my 15km with an avg pace of 6:22/km

 Heres my Garmin data if anyone is curious.
15km training walk by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5km series Olympus Way - fartlek

Tonights 5km was meant to be Churchill was going to be challenging enough to try and do a fartlek on that course but when I got to the event and found out it was the Olympus Way course, well lets just say it was going to be a whole lot more challenging. Olympus Way is the stair case course. The first 1km is a slow climb to reach the stairs and then its 96 steps straight up. The course then winds around the back streets of Richmond climbing gently as we go. At the 1.5km it starts the downhill section.....(right where I was to slow and take it easy for 500m) then it continues flat for another 1km before climbing sharply up and winding back up the streets. My last 500m slow walk timed in perfect with the steepest part and I was able to slow power walk up this one. Then the last 1km was and up and down to the finish.

I tried really hard to push for this one but the first km was steeper than I anticipated and so it doesn't show how hard I was walking.

So for anyone who is curious to check my lap splits , they are set for 500m laps.

I was to do 1500 fast, 500 slow, 1500 fast, 500 slow and 1000 fast. (so laps 1,2 & 3 are the first fast section, lap 4 my slow etc......) Lap 2 & 3 were the stairs which I tried taking 3 at a time.....that got the heart rate up quick lol...But my last lap was a nice fast one so I was pleased to finish this course tonight in 30:50

5km series Olympus Way - fartlek by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, October 10, 2010

El Taverna 10 miler (16km)

I got up at 5am this morning and made myself some breakfast (a weetbix and milk) and then went back to bed until 7am.  At 7am I got up got dressed and then race walked down to the start as my warm up.  The start was about 3km away from where we live.   It was quite nippy this morning and when I got to the start I still had 15mins mucking around and quickly cooled again.

After chatting to the other walkers for a little bit and jittering about to keep warm we were finally taken down to the start.  7.45 am for the walkers and 8.30am for the runners.  With little formality we were given the count down and we were off.

Heading up onto the railway reserve, as I knew it has such a climb I held back a little as I figured there was no point using up all my energy on the first 3km and that I could easily pick up the time on the down hill section.  As we headed from the road onto the track my watch beeped......"bugger I thought, it was still set on 500m auto record" so I fiddled around with my watch and set it to 1km....thinking it would auto correct.  No it didn't, it started the lap scoring from that point but my watch would bleep at me in between saying true to its original settings.  Oh well I was not going to bother to much about it as it would still give me my distance and time, the splits were here nor there for this race and it was handy when I got a little message telling me what my last 1km split was.

I was feeling great and when we reached the down hill I decided to let fly and use it to my advantage.  The course uses part of the Half Marathon course and some extras thrown in too.  I went through 5km at 30:44 The section that takes us out to Monarco is probably the worst part.  The road has a bad camber and is very pitted, but it is the same for all of us.  As we loop out of Monarco we hit the 10km mark, I went through at 1:01:25 .... its my fastest 10km time in a wee while.  My body was feeling good, no aches and pains, breathing was under control...all in all I was feeling strong.  I looked a head and saw that Wendy was about 500m in front of me and figured that she has slowed as I was pretty sure she was at least 800m earlier.  So I picked up the pace (so it felt) and put chase.

Pushing hard as we hit the main road in Richmond, 1km to the finish and tried hard to pick up the pace.  I wanted to beat my time from two years ago.  I had finished in 1:48 and I felt confident that I would finish around the 1:40 mark.  Lucky for me the traffic lights changed in my favour just as I came to them and I didnt have to waste time waiting for a safe time to cross, I pushed hard for the last 100m to finish in 1:39:28......a much need confidence boost as that is an avg of 6:09 per km.

This is a little video taken by my hubby as I passed by our house.  Its taken from our camera so its not the best quality.

Here are my lap splits - a little confusing as I mixed up the first 500m.
Eltravena 10miler by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Saturday, October 09, 2010

4km along railway reserve

After coming down sick yesterday I felt sure that my 16km (10miler) race was out. But thankfully it went as fast as it came on. Triple dose of vit C, fluids and sleep sure helped. So tonight I went for a very short walk along the railway reserve behind our house. I took it very easy as I wanted to see how I felt plus this was going to be the start of the race tomorrow and I was very curious to actually measure it out on my GPS and see the elevation as I already knew it was steeper than I first thought.

On the data below the best way to figure it out is to take it from the 1k through to the we start from home which is approx 1km from the end. But I worked out that from the very start of the track it is 28 meters and then by the first km along the track it has risen to 54 meters and by the time you make it to the end of the track (another km as the track is 2km in length) it is 84 meters. Thats wonder I am pushing hard feeling like I am crawling in speed. Thats a total gain of 56 meters in 2km.......yeah quite a climb.....and I have that to look forward to again tomorrow.......

again.....blonde moment.....I have still not changed the settings on my watch and it was reading each 500m....the first two km I had hubby jogging beside me and then I carried on by myself.
4km along railway reserve by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Thursday, October 07, 2010

A walk up the Grampian Hills behind our house.

Well tonight was a x-train so Hubby and I grabbed the dogs and chose to walk up the Grampians behind us.  We used to do this every night last summer and both of us got very fit very quickly.  Its not a huge climb but when unfit its a good 35 minute walk but when fit we would blast it out in 20 minutes.  Tonight it was a 35min walk as we and our dogs are not so fit anymore and surprisingly it was me who felt the effects of walking up 3/4 up the hill my calf's were really hurting and when we walked down I had to stop twice to stretch them out as they kept cramping......"old age is what my hubby muttered a couple of times"..... hes such a funny man!! lol

The path up is just a dirt path amongst ferns and high trees with a bubbling brook running by the path, something our dogs loved lots.  When we got to the top I wandering to the look out and took some photos but sadly as the weather was just starting to turn it was sort of foggy so its not Nelson at its best. 

I have put little comments on each of the photos.....I have zoomed in for these as it seemed to make the photo clearer.  The port shot shows the 1km loop I used for my 20km walk and my 10km kick back.  Nelson's port is one of the busiest in New Zealand.  Then we look straight down and can see our house and the walk way that I start and finish most of my walks on.  (This will be the start of the 16km on Sunday.....straight up the 45m gradiant...ugh) Also had to put one photo in of our dogs....dont have any kids at home any more so we spoil these guys rotten in stead.

A close up of the Port and Marina....also shows where I have been doing my 1km loops.
 Looking down on our house and Railway Reserve
 Looking out over the Port.. and part of residential Nelson
 Hubby and our dogs at the top.....letting the dogs get their breathe back - trixie was sniffing for rabbits....
 this is a section of the track (I stole it from the mountain bike site....shhhhh)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

5km Series - Hart Road

Tonight was a nice and easy 5km with the club. Every season from October through to end of March the Waimea Club holds its 5km series, there are 9 courses that we usually end up doing 3 times. They are varied in difficulty - meaning hilly......not so bad for the runners but not always that suited to any walker. But still its very social and alot of fun. There is always a time keeper so its up to the individual to make it what they want....they can either race themselves or others.

I can see by my splits that I had not changed the settings on my watch from my fartlek so it recorded in 500m

I was told to take it easy tonight and so I did. When we were told to start I just headed off at my own pace not really worrying about who was in front or behind. We headed up Queen Street and turned into Hill Street (aptly named for its 3 large curves) then we turn down into Hart Road and then back towards the finish. I look at my splits and chuckle to myself....I sort of did my own sort of kickback as I got faster per km .... reverse splits is a good thing. I really enjoyed this walk but my legs were very tired and I dont think I could have pushed much faster if I had wanted too.

Tomorrow night I have decided is a rest night so I will grab hubby and the dogs and walk up the grampian hills behind up to the TV tower. I will make sure I take a camera and post some pics of the views over Nelson.

Here are my splits for the race
5km Series - Hart Road by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

10km fartlek - Fail -

After a very very gentle 30min race walk on my tread mil for Mondays workout I was all set for the 10km fartlek......

I was really amped to do this work out. I felt it was going to be a great challenge and I was so up to it......yeah right!!!

I did my usual....and bolted for the first km doing it in 5:35, my lungs were burning and I was struggling to recover. I completed the next km and was having trouble with my breathing for the fast 500m, when I turned to come back and do the 3rd km, I knew I was in trouble. I just couldnt get my breathing to settle and when I had to pick it up for the 500m I was really struggling. But me being me decided to punch on through it and force myself....big mistake there!! as my watch beep for the 3km I managed to hit the stop button just as everything started to spin and I had to stop.....I was gasping by no air was getting felt like an asthma attack...I had to concentrate on slowing my breathing down and getting it under control. It took about a minute to gather myself and then I started out again, but I did pull back the pace and never really regained it. I had hoped to do a sub 30 for 5km and hit the 60min for 10km.........but obviously my fitness is just not there yet...its getting my legs were still feeling the 20km walk too. My poor toe nail is black and blue now, I am sure I will lose it soon.

I hit 5km in 30:35 and then total time for 10km ended up being 1:02:27 I am a little disappointed about this but I guess these work outs are very new to me and they take a bit of getting used was only my second time and it was over 10km.............ok enough excuses!!! roll on the next work out. There is the start of our clubs 5km series tomorrow so I might go and stroll around that.

here are my splits for anyone that is keen to peek
10km fartlek by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, October 03, 2010

20km - 1km laps

Today I was to try out my new shoes and do 20kms. It is tricky to find a good course as no matter which way I head from our house, it is always up hill back home. So I thought I would find a nice 1km flat section of road and do 1km loops.........the race I have coming up is over 1km loops so may as well get used to it now.

It was a wonderful day. Not a cloud in the sky, not a breath of wind and 22 degs C (72F) defiantly a shorts and tee shirt day!! I picked Atkinson Street down the port as it is not a busy street and it has been built on reclaimed land so and flat as I can find. Plus nice views of all the boats and birds as I walk back and forth.

I started out a little too quick. I found that my head just went into "race mode" and really had to fight with my self to pull doing 5km in 30.40 was not the plan but its what ended up happening. The idea was also to push for 2km 3x during the walk. I made my first attempt at the 7km mark but as soon as I pushed my knee would I eased up. I stopped briefly at the 8km as I needed a drink and I put some anti flame on my knee (which made a helped lots) I also found one of my Power Gels and sucked on that quickly as I had not had breakfast and was feeling the effect of no gas in the tank. So I started out and tried to keep to a fairly steady pace, I did try to push again and managed to made a small dent in my pace time but the tank was empty. I passed many people out walking their dogs and by the 15km mark had my very own cheer leading squad calling out from the boats in the Marina. There are a large number of live a boards in our marina and so I caught their eye. My cheer leaders had brought deck chairs out on the deck of their boats and were sizzling steak on a bbq and having a quiet drink. Smelt so good too.

My shoes were awesome. No complaints there at all. I did however get a lot of chaffing under one arm and had put Vaseline on before going too. I just didnt expect it to be so hot.

As I turned for my last 2km I felt such a releif that I had actually completed it again and the body had held together. I pushed hard for the last km and had hoped for a much faster time than a week ago. I was a little disappointed that it was not as fast as I had hoped but still it was a little quicker than last. I finished in 2:06:41 about 1 min faster. So I will take that.
This was my view heading back to the start of my one km.  Great walkway - smooth and flat.

Heading up off the walkway onto the road for about 200m then I would turn and head back again.

The live a board boats in our Marina - My cheer leaders are on the first boat on the left side of picture. You can see them posing as they thought I was taking their picture.
Here are my laps for anyone who would like to view.
20km - 1km laps by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Yesterday I went out and did an 11km kickback. One thing I didn't mention in my quick post was the sad demise of my favorite training shoes. During my walk I noticed that my big toe on the left foot was feeling hot??? odd I thought. I carried on but for the last three km it was actually really hot and just starting to hurt, by now I had thought I must have a stone in my shoe. When I got home and took my shoes off I was shocked to see the I had "walked" out of my shoe. There was a hole right through and I had worn a hole in my sock plus I had a lovely looking blister. Cant say I don't push off now!! lol But this brought me a new problem. Do I use my racing shoes to train in or dig around in the wardrobe for an old pair that still had some life left in them.

Here are my retired Saucony Type A2 shoes that have done 893km (that I have at least recorded in them, probably a whole lot more)

My wonderful husband came to the rescue and marched me off to the Shoe Clinic (Nelson major training shoe store) to get some new shoes. There was not much to pick from as racing flats are not that popular so I got some Nike Zoom Speed Lite x2. I will use these for a few days to break them in and then they will be come my race shoes and my race shoes at present will swap to be my training shoes. But we have found the same shoe for sale on Ebay and will probably buy another pair in a month or so.

NEW SHOES!!!!!!  

So needless to say I didn't train today as my foot was very sore and also when I woke this morning I was very sore on the inside of my Thigh/knee?...just very tight when straightening the leg (the down hill section I may have stretched out too much) so I opted to ice my foot and my knee and they feel so much better now. So will head out in the new shoes for a 20km walk tomorrow....unless I am told other wise by my stand in coach/friend who is helping me out.

Friday, October 01, 2010

11km kickdown

Tonight I was to do a 12km kickdown .... altering my pace at each 3km segment...going from slow to med to fast.

I choose to go around our big block and for some reason I thought it was 12km but turns out it was only 11km. Oh and on that note......I should have thought more about this course as the beginning has a slight down hill gradient (which I made sure I was slow on) but the last 3 km is slightly up hill. Not overly noticeable to the eye but you can sure feel it when you walk it. So sadly, even thought I was pushing hard, my splits for the last 3km dont look like it. Trust me on this though, I was sure breathing hard and for the last km I went all out and my poor lungs sure felt it.

Here are my splits for those that are curious.
11km kick down by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Warning..........This post is written by a sleep deprived rambling blonde!!! read on at your own risk....

For years I have had sleep issues......for some time every one thought I suffered from sleep apnia, but after taking the plunge and going to a sleep clinic I now am told by a specialist that...and I quote "Nyle is a highly intelligent women with an over active brain".......ok there's a surprise!!! he can offer me no reasons other than I suffer insomnia there is little can be done. I have good spells where I will sleep all night for about a week, then I will have weeks were I wake three or four times a night.......but then I have the really bad weeks where I will either lay awake for hours or worse, wake at 1am and stay awake until my alarm goes off. Yes I can take sleeping pills but I would rather not......I have tried many relaxing techniques.....Rescue Remedy is one that I am yet to try.

The last 3 days have been one of the really bad weeks. With the stress of the loss of my job, not being able to get interviews to even try to gain a new job, to training daily, study nightly for two huge legal exams in two weeks, Long Distance walking champs in 3 weeks .... plus putting up with a stressed out manager who has only just realised that in three weeks he will have NO staff and there is lots still to be done for many months to come. But I am afraid I am way over caring.

But enough said......My training has taken a big nose dive.......I tried to do 10km on Weds but I never made it home until 7pm from work and only lasted 3km on the treadmill....I started feeling faint and it dawned on me I had not eaten since lunch time. So I gave up.....

Tonight, tired as I was I fully intended to walk the 10 to 15km but Nelson had a huge storm last night and most of the roads are flooded and closed so I only ended up getting 5km in before succumbing to the rain and cold.

So below is my rather sad 5km for the night. Heres hoping I get a good sleep and can attempt my 12km kickdown....its a tough one...but I will sure try it.

5km loop waimea then vanguard by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My first 8km fartlak

Today I was to do my first 8km fartlak; This was to be done in 500m segments.
I am not sure that I completely understood the concept and I feel I may have done something wrong. I think I was too slow in my recovery 500m's and perhaps too fast in my fast segments.

BUT....mental note to self.........DON'T GO AND DO A 10KM RUN ON YOUR X TRAINING DAY!!! I woke this morning with very sore muscles and thought to my self...oh oh....this is going to be a painful 8km.

The weather was against me tonight - not that I am offering excuses...but it does explain why the fast segments going out were not as "fast" as the home stretch ones, as I had a tail wind on the way home. I found that this workout went really fast. By watching for the 500m to chirp on my watch my work out went by extremely fast. I did however bugger up my watch again at the 3km mark as I stopped briefly to put something in my daughters letter box.....another note to self...when stopping .. PRESS the STOP button, not the lap button, I think I had a moment of delirium again and completely forgot what button to press, but I got it sorted and carried on.

Sore legs and all I actually felt really strong tonight and surprised myself with my fasts 500m....will be great when I can carry on that pace for further than 500m. Dont get me wrong, I certainly felt it when pushing but my lungs weren't bursting as bad as a week ago so I do feel fitter and that adds to my confidence alot.

Total time for my 8km was 49:20 avg was 6:10/km

Tomorrow is an easy walk and then Friday is another kickdown of 12km

My Garmin Data with lap splits
8km fartlak at atawhai by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, September 26, 2010

15km Kick down

Well after a lengthy chat with a very knowledgeable australian coach....I woke today feeling ampted to try a new kind of workout.

I was to try my first kick-down. It was our daylights saving night last night so when I went to bed I put all the clocks forward one hour. Meaning I get one less hours sleep, so I woke today feeling tired and very sore from my 10km yesterday. I must admit that I didnt want to go out and do 15km at all and was wondering how I would go with this new walk.

But, I put on my music and headed out the door. I was to take it easy for the first 5km....warm up the body and get in the swing of things. Then after that every 2km pick up the pace for two km then ease back for two km. Well actually it was meant to be 15mins but I found it easier to follow doing it by kms....sorry sir..... now this all went to plan until I stopped at 8.66km to grab a drink from the fountain. I paused my watch.................then started off again and about 600m down the road I realised I had not started it again.

I can now see from the km splits that it did effect how my watch read the data. I added on the extra distance by going past home unitl my watch beeped at 15km....but my watch also would pop up a split time when it would have been the km alll my effort for the last half of this walk if all mixed up. But I know I did stick to the plan and I must admit that I am really pleased I did it.

I am sore and tired but I can see how this workout will defiantly help me. Tomorrow is a x train day so I may just go for a nice 10km jog.

So if you do look at my splits you can see the pace drop for the 6 & 7 kms.......but after that its hard to see as they have become in twined with the half a slow and one fast. But 15km for 1:38 is ok.....

15km Kick down by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last of the 10km Series

Well it has been a hell of a week.

First up - My coach is admitted to hospital and then diagnosed with phenomena and a cracked rib. (He has cracked a rib in his back from coughing) Poor guy is so misrible and sick.

Second up - Myself and 1 other staff member were given 4 weeks notice on the day that the other two staff were already leaving.

My dream job very quickly turned into a nightmare. Not only has it put a large dent in my aspirations to be a Legal Clerk (I will still complete this course...just take a little longer now) but it has caused so much damage to my sport. My times have dropped dramatically. With not being able to train with the group due to irregular hours my boss demanded from me, from his smoking around me either at work or in a work vehicle and from stress placed on me by his unrealistic demands. I am a very reactive person and if I am in the company of a negative person it rubs off on me and I too become very negative. It has been a struggle to pull myself out of this rut and say...."on wards and up wards, its a new day with new challenges and opportunities!!!"

So today was the last of the 10km series and I have said all along that I would not race in these, that they were for training only. So I went out to do just that. To enjoy this walk and not focus on my time or pace. (easier said than done)

As per normal....I took off like a cut cat when the gun went off but soon ran out of steam at the 2km mark, it even took till the 4km mark for Pete to catch me up. I have been struggling with my breathing and today was no different, so Pete pulled up beside me and said .... hey I'm walking with you and I am shattered, shall we meander.. so we did just that. Turned at the 5km cone in 31.20 but then chatted the whole way back and finished in a relaxing 63.42 giving me a 6min 20 avg per km.

Tomorrow I am to do 15km at 92.5% pace so I am going to enjoy that.

Heres my garmin splits
10km Sprig & Fern 10km series by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details