Thursday, March 28, 2013

2km at 85%

Well this is my last training session before I head off to Canberra.  I am racing in the AMA Nationals, doing the 5000m and 10km road walk.    AMA Website

I dont feel overly confident for this race series.  I am probably the most underdone I have ever been for a Nationals Race but such is life and at least I am able to walk pain free now.  I will use this as my build up for the Cairns Games and then on to Geelong for the Australian Masters Games in October.

I had another session with my chiropractor last night and he really got snapping on me.  My back definitely feels much smoother but my hip joint is still achy and a tad stiff.  He assures me I will feel great by Friday.  So I shall wait and see how we go.  I was meant to do 4 x 400m today but as no one was going to the track I saw little point in the long drive and $$ for the use of the track ... so I just went and did an easy 2km.  Felt a little stiff for the first km but turned and eased into it.

I am so looking forward to catching up with lots of friends from over Aussie and NZ.  Plus I get some time with my coach.

2km was done in 12:35 min

2km data

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

6km along the walkway

I decided against going to the track today as we are heading out to a comedy show tonight and I didnt want to get home too late. 

I went back to the chiropractor yesterday and while I felt ok at first, later in the night my hip socket was aching and had been hurting on and off today.  I started out on my walk and noted straight up that my right hip ached.  I again had no drive and so took my first km easy while I warmed up.  I felt like I was going at about 90% today.  It did feel hard and I was trying to concentrate on my style.  I didnt sleep well last night and have spent most of today deep in thought.  Normally when I am out walking I can clear my head and sort out any issues that are on my mind but sadly today was not one of them.  I am really looking forward to the comedy show of Danny Bouy as I need an darn good laugh.

Todays walk was 6km in 37:07  (not sure what the huge spike in my heart rate was at the end of my walk?)

6 km walkway data

Now a wee note:  To my super slooth double agent friend or family member.  Thank you for stirring up more anger and stress.  I am sure my mother would love to thank you for her nasty messages she received today.  But I am very sure you don't have the balls to let yourself be known.  Again....this is MY blog and it is for me to express MY feelings and I will continue to do so.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

3000m Masters Race

I knew this was not going to be a good race.  I had spent most of Saturday curled up with my stomach doing what it does best.  Then that night my back was just hurting constantly.  I had gone out on friday night to the bottle store for the guys and when I put the box of beers into the car I felt my lower back go zing!!!  Normally I can lay on my back and be ok but last night it throbbed all night.

I got up and headed to the track.  It was very hot and muggy today.  The air felt thick and wet which made it hard to breath.  I warmed up and made my way to the start line.

The first km was comfortable and I sat about 2 m behind Paul and was happy enough to be there but just as I went through 1km my back went on me.  It felt like I had been kicked in the centre lower back.  I was able to walk but I was slowing fast.  I watched as Paul got further and further away from me and there was little I could do about it.  I had no power at all.  It was incredibly sticky out there and I was struggling to breath well.  (turns out it was 28 degrees and 83% humidity - clear skys but there is a storm coming)

I tried to rub my back as I walked but that didnt work very well.  The pain was easing but I just couldnt get anything working smoothly again.

I crossed the line in 17:07 - I was so disappointed as I know I can easily go sub 17min.  I need to contact the chiro again but I also think it is time to see the dr and get an xray of my back.  So needless to say, I was not able to jump today at the long jump event to raise money for Jai's wee girl.  I still donated some money but with my back the way it was .... not a good idea to jump.

3000 m data

Saturday, March 23, 2013


It has been brought to my attention that some of my comments in my blog may have upset a reader. 

To explain my blog for just one moment :-

This is my blog for me to express my feelings.  Expressions of feelings to things that are happening in my life.  While people around me may not agree with them, they are however how things made me feel at that time. 

My feelings are not there to portray anyone out to be terrible or otherwise.  But if reading how their actions have made me feel makes them feel they look terrible.........then maybe they need to look at what they too have done to make me feel that way.

The last year has been a huge roller coaster for me.  I have moved countries, suffered injury, been a crown witness in a stressful court trial, suffered from health issues, struggled to stay motivated in my sport and suffered depression.  Not to mention an other issue within my own family that has its own bag of stress.

So there are days that I am strong and can handle every day life and then there are days when just the smallest thing sets me off and I don't cope and I probably do say or do stupid things.

I am human.  I dont always do the right thing all the time, I dont always say the right thing all the time.  But I am not a mean or nasty person.  I dont go out of my way to make someone else suffer or hurt.

I am a mother ....... and I miss my family.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

8 km Fartlek

I had an 8km fartlek today.  Oh happy joy.  After being woken for over an hour last night with the fire alarm going off on the lower level of our apartment block...I was feeling very tired and jaded.  But was still going to put in a good effort for this.

I got to the track and realised I had forgotten my gps watch.  BUT the good news was ... for valintines day my hubby had brought me a pretty snazzy pink timex watch to wear when I work out as the nice metal watches all get eaten by sweat etc.  I have not used the timex before but I know it has a chrono feature so I figured what the worst I will just end up with a start and finish time.  At best I will get my lap splits.

Paul decided he would do the 8km fartlek with me (a decision I think he regretted once we got going)  lol  I was pushing pretty hard in this and got tired by 4km.  But coach said to just keep going and see what you end up with.  I knew my recovery's were slow but I was not too worried about it.  All in all I felt pretty good about this work out.  I even wore my new masters uniform so I could get used to it.  The shorts ride up and annoy me but the top turned out to sit ok and not bother me too much.

Total time 47:02

3.12 + 2.37
3.10 + 2.46
3.12 + 2.45
3.09 + 2.50
3.12 + 2.46
3.07 + 2.51
3.10 + 2.44

5.24 = 1km
11.14 = 2km
17.11 = 3 km
23.09 = 4km
29.10 = 5km
35.09 = 6km
41.07 = 7km
47.02 = 8 km

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10km along the walkway

I am still not feeling 100% and my glutes were very sore today...(day 2 of the DOMS) 

I got home from work and headed out up the walkway.  It was really busy tonight and really windy.  While I was feeling ok during my walk, my times were not so great.  I think my glutes are still fatigued and I just had  no power.

In the end I figured there just wasnt much sence pushing hard when there was nothing there to push with, so I just kept at it and got it done.  The down side is its now starting to get dark early again.  So in another week or so I wont be able to do 10km during the week.   So not quite sure how that will go with my training as it is not safe to walk around here in the dark.

The walk was nothing flash and finished in an ok time of 1:03.15

10 km data here

Monday, March 18, 2013

5km Corparate Challenge Race

After Saturdays really ugly walk, I was hoping to do well in this race.  Or at least equal my 5km track time.

Kay and family picked me up at 6am and we headed off to the race.  There was a good turn out today, with some doing the 5km and others doing the 8km challenge.  We all lined up and the gun goes off.  Paul took off like a cut cat but I decided to not take up chase and to just sit back and do my own pace.  About 2km there was a small rise and I noted I was starting to gain on him and by the time we hit the drinks station I had passed him.  Now to keep in front of him.  My incentive was to go under 30mins and win the $50 and to prove to myself that it had not been flukes for the last two recent 5kms.

At 3.5km we turned from the road and went across a grassy area and straight up a steep bank.  On top of this bank was a cycle drome track and of course there was a cycle race on so we were not meant to walk on the track but after a few steps on the gravel I asked the official if I could walk on the very edge.  Which I did.  I looked ahead and could see the sports complex and the finish.  I picked up the pace and knew that when I entered the complex I just had to do one lap of their mondo track and I was done.  I push hard but the mondo was not a nice fast mondo (I found out later its mondo on top of concrete)  I chased a runner down as we both pushed for the finish line and I was super happy to find that I had done 28:41 again!! only this time I feel that I was faster than my track walk as this was on road, up and down and on grass too.  I feel confident leading up to Canberra now.

I stayed on for the Prize giving and was super shocked to win the Q1 building Sky walk.  As I am terrified of heights I will let Shane do it for me.  :)

Later that day, I had Christine and Murray pop round and we worked on their tablets and Ipads.  The guys had headed out to the local Irish Bar and I went out to join them.  3 hours later, on an empty tummy and very dehydrated - I consumed 5 glasses of wine and it hit me KAPOWWW!!!!!   We had a fantastic day with lots of raucous laughter and joking.  I have little memory of leaving and making our way back home.  I do know that we had a great deal of fun.  Yay for St Patricks Day!!!

5km race data

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A very ugly 10km that should have been 14km

A week of little sleep and I was really not feeling a 14km.  But even so, I got up and tried to find the enthusiasm to complete it. 

I decided to go back and forth along the walkway and then head out for 4km up the road so that I got my 14km in.  But as I completed my first 2km and turned back I felt my stomach lurch and I was gripped with cramps.  There was a toilet about 200m up from me and I managed to make it.  I started my walk again and turned back for the next 2km segment.  It was hot and humid and I was struggling.  I was stopping constantly to drink water but soon my stomach cramps hit me again and it was another mad dash to the toilet. 

My TFL was burning constantly and all I could think about was .. is this an ok pain or the starting of a bad pain.   But with my stomach in knots, struggling with diarrhea and dry retching ... I knew I was not going to make the walk.   I made the call to turn back, buy now my pace was slowing to a crawl.  I was struggling with lightheadedness and made sure I stopped to drink as much as I could.  I finally made it to the end of the walkway and just hit stop.  There was little point trying to flog myself any further.  I have entered a 5km race tomorrow....I fear it will be a disaster. 

time for the 10.52 was 1:07:56

This pretty much just caps my week off really. 

This week I have felt like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders.  My daughter had her baby on Wednesday, my 3rd grandchild.  While this should have been a fantastic day, it ended being one of my most saddest.  My daughters have estranged themselves from my family and so when the baby was born, no one in our family was contacted.   Leaving me hurt and frustrated by it all.  My mother was abused for putting a photo on her f/b and the abuse was abhorrent and relentless until she felt there was no other option but to remove the photo.  I have carried this with me all week, I feel so badly for my mother who didnt need this anger and abuse, sorry that my daughter spent so much energy over this when she should have spent that energy on her new born daughter, sorry that I was not able to be there for her, sorry that my whole family has been effected by this and that she doesnt seem to care.

I have two weeks until my next competition and I really have to find away to put this out of my mind as it is effecting me way more than it should.

10.5km data

Thursday, March 14, 2013

6km that was not a fartlek

Sorry Coach

I was meant to be doing a 6km fartlek.......I got to 3 km and I will spare you the gruesome details but there was NO way I was going to be able to continue.  I stopped and thought about what to do next.  I am not a quitter but I couldn't continue with the fartlek.  So I figured the best thing I could do was to just finish the distance.   So that is what I did. 

Again .... sorry coach

3km fartlek in 17:41

6km total time 36:46

Track data

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10km on the track for a change

Because we are going to lose our track soon while they resurface it, I have decided to make use of it as much as possible. 

So when Jim said, do 10km I decided that I would do it on the track while the others did their own walk training.

As per normal, it rained on the way there and again during the wet feet were again a large portion of my walk.

Today my back was so sore...but not bone pain.  Muscular pain - due to moving last night.  But I managed to walk a steady pace for the whole 10km.  Nothing exciting to report.  Walking that far on a track is numbing and boring but having lots of people around does help. 

Total time for 10km is 1:01:30

10km data

Sunday, March 10, 2013

5000m Masters Track Race

After my 12km yesterday, I was feeling pretty stiff and sore.  My SI joint is back to grumbling again and my TFL is letting me know its not happy either.  I had no game plan for this rather other than it would be really nice to come in under 30mins.

As I drove to the track, (yawning my head off as it was 6:20am) it started to drizzle and the closer I got the heavier it got.  GREAT wet feet again.  Oh well its not like I will melt or get cold as it is very muggy and warm even with all this rain.  It was great to met up with everyone again.  There were only 6 of us today but i have not seen everyone for some time and they had all said they missed seeing my smile. 

It did actually stop raining for the race, but it still left the track slippery and wet. 

The race started and I headed out at a pace I felt happy with.  I decided then that if I could stick to this pace for the whole 5000m then I would be happy.  It was about 5.43 per km pace and it felt pretty good.  Around 1km my SI joint and TFL started burning and annoying me.  I ignored it and carried on at the pace I was doing, by 3.5km I did slow up a little as it was getting annoying and I was also getting tired.

I tend to go into a track trance and just find my rhythm and keep to it.  When you get to that point you phase everything else dont notice the people you pass or people on the side lines.  You just see the rubber on the track and you hear the lap scorer....3 laps to go, 2 laps to go and you hang on the sound of the BELL.  Thats the best lap.  Hurts the most but its only for 400m.  This is that lap you dig for that extra second or 3 if you have any left.

I was ecstatic to finish and see that I had achieved 28:41 thats my best 5km track time since I have been here.  Makes me feel very confident for Canberra.

5000m data

I looked up the QLD Masters Records for my age group.  This will be my goal this year :-

3000m - 15:58:3
5000m - 27:47:60
10000m - 56:23:7

best performance road
5km - 28:44
10km - 57:00 (held my ME!!! and I didnt know that until last night) How very cool!!!
20km - 2:01:13

Saturday, March 09, 2013

12km in gusty conditions

 I started my day on a happy note.  I woke up twice in the night to check what the time was in Salt Lake City....first time it would have been 3am, second time it would have been 7am .... but by the time I actually woke up it ended up being 9am for me and 4pm for her.  So I rang my mate Tammy to sing her Happy Birthday....poor women had to endure an off key kiwi warbling down the phone to her....but it did make her day.  It was so good to have a quick chat and to hear how she is going.  I so know how she is feeling and I can only send her hugs and hope that the next dr visit can bring her good news.  But now it was time for me to get ready for my 12 km walk.

Its really windy today.  We have another cyclone building and so expecting more rain and wind!  oh joy

I have been feeling a little sore and stiff after my last track session and I am thinking the flat out 100m sprints didnt do my any favours.   I started out but just couldn't find my rhythm, I felt out of sync and stiff.  My coach wanted me to push on this walk but I had nothing in me to push with. So it was really a matter of getting the distance done and do the best I can.  For the first 4 km I was relatively sheltered from the sea and the wind but after 5km I was open to the sea and was getting belted around by it.  I turned just after the 6km mark and headed back.  I was feeling ok in my body, nothing seemed to be hurting but I just couldnt get a good stride out. 

As I came back along the single road a large peloton of bikes came towards me and so I side stepped up on to the foot path but as I stepped back to the road I did so in the wrong step and so crossed my right foot over to lower road while my left foot was still up on the foot path.  This resulted in a shooting pain in my TFL (side of hip)  it was only a zap and I kept going but really concentrated on the spot and it wasnt hurting anymore so kept going.  After another km I was getting the odd little "shock" or zing in the TFL and I could feel my back getting tighter.  I only had a km to go so I finished up my walk and headed for home.

I did some stretches at home and foam roller but an hour later and I note that my SI joint is feeling crabby and I have some nerve pain in my foot again.  Grrr so I might have to make another appoint with the chiropractor this week.  I hope that I am ok in the morning as I have a 5000m walk on for the masters and I have to go there regardless as I need to purchase a masters uniform. 

I know I need these longer walks to get my fitness up but I am struggling with them.  Perhaps I have too much on my mind at present and its hard to push them all aside while I train.......I find that on long walks all the things worrying me creep in to my mind.  I know I only have 3 weeks of training till the AMA in Canberra but I am really worried that I will push myself too hard and fall on my face again.  I am tired of constantly rebuilding due to injury....and now that I am nearly there pain free wise....I am very reluctant to increase to much too soon.

My time today was not the greatest. 1:15:38 I must admit I was hoping for better but ... at least I did it.

12km data

Friday, March 08, 2013

3km fartlek on the track

Another short workout with a twist.

3km fartlek - 600m fast, then 400m recovery, 400m fast, 400, 400, 400, 400

Its a really different way to do it and I think I prefer it.

I had no idea how fast I would be today.  Having been to the chiro last night and then hunched over my desk all day doing huge calculations.  I was feeling a bit stiff and sore.

As I arrived it started raining....oh joy...wet feet.  I warmed up with the other walkers.  They were all doing 12 x 300m so we were often passing each other or chasing each other.  I headed over to the 3km start mark and started out.  I didn't feel as smooth as I had during the week, the track was really slippery and I was struggling with push off.  The odd part of doing 600m is that you really don't know what pace you are doing...(well I didn't as I work to 1km or 500m)

I do know that my recovery 400m's felt slow and looking back they were...but they needed to be that way for today....I was not feeling comfortable.  Nothing hurt, I just didnt feel it today. 

My total time was a real surprise and I am really happy with it.  17:12

After the workout all the others were doing a fun walk relay....100ms and they asked if I would make up one of the teams as they needed 4 per team.  It was just for some fun and it was....a damn good laugh.  I have never felt so ungamely lol..... but I now know I can walk 100m in 26 secs.... HA!  I think I can run it in that too.....hehehehe

3 km fartlek data

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

5km Fartlek with a twist

After a rough couple of days at work, I was not sure mentally how I was for this workout.  It was to be a 5km fartlek but with a twist .... not my usual way of doing it.  It is to be 1km, 500m recovery, 1km, 500m rec, 1 km, 500m rec and 500m.  I was not sure how my endurance would last on this one.

I warmed up with the others and then set out.  It was quickly noticed how stressed I was as I was told to relax...drop my shoulders, relax my arms.  My first km was nothing startling and I tried to get my head out of work mode.  The harder I tried the more I kept going over the events of the day and the email I was yet to send.

With using different marking points on the track I quickly was getting lost in how far I had gone.  Sure enough my 3rd 500m recovery ended up being 600m so I had to cut short my fast km.  So my time could have been 10 secs faster?? maybe.

It looked like it was going to open up and pour down at any moment so on my last 500m I pushed hard and tried to stretch out and get some speed going.

I am really pleased to have finished my 5km in 29:27

I have just noticed that my heart rate has not been recorded.  I was wearing my monitor so maybe the battery has gone flat.

5 km data

Sunday, March 03, 2013

10km in gusty wind along the walkway

Its been raining sideways for most of the day.  I knew my coach was expecting me to walk today and so I hoped the rain would clear up long enough to sneak out.  Sure enough about 3pm the rain stopped but the wind didnt. 

I started out and face a side to head wind coming off the sea.  I hoped that as I hit the 2km mark the one way street would shelter me but instead it funneled the wind so that it hit me from all directions.  My right TFL started hurting as I was bracing myself against the wind and with going so slow my style was going all gammy.  I pondered about turning around but figured that I really needed to finish and it wasnt hurting that bad.

I turned at the 5km mark and even though the wind was still hitting me side on it was now more behind me.  I was trying to keep up a steady pace but my legs were pretty tired and I was finding I was really flat footed today. 

I am just pleased to have gotten the 10km out.  Now I have two odd speed sessions this week and then a 12km.  Its also my last week with having the track.  We all swap onto the grass track but at the moment I doubt we could use it due to all the rain ... it will be a ring of mud!

total time for today was 1:03 with an avg heart rate of 149

10km data