Saturday, March 09, 2013

12km in gusty conditions

 I started my day on a happy note.  I woke up twice in the night to check what the time was in Salt Lake City....first time it would have been 3am, second time it would have been 7am .... but by the time I actually woke up it ended up being 9am for me and 4pm for her.  So I rang my mate Tammy to sing her Happy Birthday....poor women had to endure an off key kiwi warbling down the phone to her....but it did make her day.  It was so good to have a quick chat and to hear how she is going.  I so know how she is feeling and I can only send her hugs and hope that the next dr visit can bring her good news.  But now it was time for me to get ready for my 12 km walk.

Its really windy today.  We have another cyclone building and so expecting more rain and wind!  oh joy

I have been feeling a little sore and stiff after my last track session and I am thinking the flat out 100m sprints didnt do my any favours.   I started out but just couldn't find my rhythm, I felt out of sync and stiff.  My coach wanted me to push on this walk but I had nothing in me to push with. So it was really a matter of getting the distance done and do the best I can.  For the first 4 km I was relatively sheltered from the sea and the wind but after 5km I was open to the sea and was getting belted around by it.  I turned just after the 6km mark and headed back.  I was feeling ok in my body, nothing seemed to be hurting but I just couldnt get a good stride out. 

As I came back along the single road a large peloton of bikes came towards me and so I side stepped up on to the foot path but as I stepped back to the road I did so in the wrong step and so crossed my right foot over to lower road while my left foot was still up on the foot path.  This resulted in a shooting pain in my TFL (side of hip)  it was only a zap and I kept going but really concentrated on the spot and it wasnt hurting anymore so kept going.  After another km I was getting the odd little "shock" or zing in the TFL and I could feel my back getting tighter.  I only had a km to go so I finished up my walk and headed for home.

I did some stretches at home and foam roller but an hour later and I note that my SI joint is feeling crabby and I have some nerve pain in my foot again.  Grrr so I might have to make another appoint with the chiropractor this week.  I hope that I am ok in the morning as I have a 5000m walk on for the masters and I have to go there regardless as I need to purchase a masters uniform. 

I know I need these longer walks to get my fitness up but I am struggling with them.  Perhaps I have too much on my mind at present and its hard to push them all aside while I train.......I find that on long walks all the things worrying me creep in to my mind.  I know I only have 3 weeks of training till the AMA in Canberra but I am really worried that I will push myself too hard and fall on my face again.  I am tired of constantly rebuilding due to injury....and now that I am nearly there pain free wise....I am very reluctant to increase to much too soon.

My time today was not the greatest. 1:15:38 I must admit I was hoping for better but ... at least I did it.

12km data

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