Friday, March 08, 2013

3km fartlek on the track

Another short workout with a twist.

3km fartlek - 600m fast, then 400m recovery, 400m fast, 400, 400, 400, 400

Its a really different way to do it and I think I prefer it.

I had no idea how fast I would be today.  Having been to the chiro last night and then hunched over my desk all day doing huge calculations.  I was feeling a bit stiff and sore.

As I arrived it started raining....oh joy...wet feet.  I warmed up with the other walkers.  They were all doing 12 x 300m so we were often passing each other or chasing each other.  I headed over to the 3km start mark and started out.  I didn't feel as smooth as I had during the week, the track was really slippery and I was struggling with push off.  The odd part of doing 600m is that you really don't know what pace you are doing...(well I didn't as I work to 1km or 500m)

I do know that my recovery 400m's felt slow and looking back they were...but they needed to be that way for today....I was not feeling comfortable.  Nothing hurt, I just didnt feel it today. 

My total time was a real surprise and I am really happy with it.  17:12

After the workout all the others were doing a fun walk relay....100ms and they asked if I would make up one of the teams as they needed 4 per team.  It was just for some fun and it was....a damn good laugh.  I have never felt so ungamely lol..... but I now know I can walk 100m in 26 secs.... HA!  I think I can run it in that too.....hehehehe

3 km fartlek data

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