Tuesday, March 05, 2013

5km Fartlek with a twist

After a rough couple of days at work, I was not sure mentally how I was for this workout.  It was to be a 5km fartlek but with a twist .... not my usual way of doing it.  It is to be 1km, 500m recovery, 1km, 500m rec, 1 km, 500m rec and 500m.  I was not sure how my endurance would last on this one.

I warmed up with the others and then set out.  It was quickly noticed how stressed I was as I was told to relax...drop my shoulders, relax my arms.  My first km was nothing startling and I tried to get my head out of work mode.  The harder I tried the more I kept going over the events of the day and the email I was yet to send.

With using different marking points on the track I quickly was getting lost in how far I had gone.  Sure enough my 3rd 500m recovery ended up being 600m so I had to cut short my fast km.  So my time could have been 10 secs faster?? maybe.

It looked like it was going to open up and pour down at any moment so on my last 500m I pushed hard and tried to stretch out and get some speed going.

I am really pleased to have finished my 5km in 29:27

I have just noticed that my heart rate has not been recorded.  I was wearing my monitor so maybe the battery has gone flat.

5 km data

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