Tuesday, March 26, 2013

6km along the walkway

I decided against going to the track today as we are heading out to a comedy show tonight and I didnt want to get home too late. 

I went back to the chiropractor yesterday and while I felt ok at first, later in the night my hip socket was aching and had been hurting on and off today.  I started out on my walk and noted straight up that my right hip ached.  I again had no drive and so took my first km easy while I warmed up.  I felt like I was going at about 90% today.  It did feel hard and I was trying to concentrate on my style.  I didnt sleep well last night and have spent most of today deep in thought.  Normally when I am out walking I can clear my head and sort out any issues that are on my mind but sadly today was not one of them.  I am really looking forward to the comedy show of Danny Bouy as I need an darn good laugh.

Todays walk was 6km in 37:07  (not sure what the huge spike in my heart rate was at the end of my walk?)

6 km walkway data

Now a wee note:  To my super slooth double agent friend or family member.  Thank you for stirring up more anger and stress.  I am sure my mother would love to thank you for her nasty messages she received today.  But I am very sure you don't have the balls to let yourself be known.  Again....this is MY blog and it is for me to express MY feelings and I will continue to do so.

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