Thursday, March 28, 2013

2km at 85%

Well this is my last training session before I head off to Canberra.  I am racing in the AMA Nationals, doing the 5000m and 10km road walk.    AMA Website

I dont feel overly confident for this race series.  I am probably the most underdone I have ever been for a Nationals Race but such is life and at least I am able to walk pain free now.  I will use this as my build up for the Cairns Games and then on to Geelong for the Australian Masters Games in October.

I had another session with my chiropractor last night and he really got snapping on me.  My back definitely feels much smoother but my hip joint is still achy and a tad stiff.  He assures me I will feel great by Friday.  So I shall wait and see how we go.  I was meant to do 4 x 400m today but as no one was going to the track I saw little point in the long drive and $$ for the use of the track ... so I just went and did an easy 2km.  Felt a little stiff for the first km but turned and eased into it.

I am so looking forward to catching up with lots of friends from over Aussie and NZ.  Plus I get some time with my coach.

2km was done in 12:35 min

2km data

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