Sunday, March 24, 2013

3000m Masters Race

I knew this was not going to be a good race.  I had spent most of Saturday curled up with my stomach doing what it does best.  Then that night my back was just hurting constantly.  I had gone out on friday night to the bottle store for the guys and when I put the box of beers into the car I felt my lower back go zing!!!  Normally I can lay on my back and be ok but last night it throbbed all night.

I got up and headed to the track.  It was very hot and muggy today.  The air felt thick and wet which made it hard to breath.  I warmed up and made my way to the start line.

The first km was comfortable and I sat about 2 m behind Paul and was happy enough to be there but just as I went through 1km my back went on me.  It felt like I had been kicked in the centre lower back.  I was able to walk but I was slowing fast.  I watched as Paul got further and further away from me and there was little I could do about it.  I had no power at all.  It was incredibly sticky out there and I was struggling to breath well.  (turns out it was 28 degrees and 83% humidity - clear skys but there is a storm coming)

I tried to rub my back as I walked but that didnt work very well.  The pain was easing but I just couldnt get anything working smoothly again.

I crossed the line in 17:07 - I was so disappointed as I know I can easily go sub 17min.  I need to contact the chiro again but I also think it is time to see the dr and get an xray of my back.  So needless to say, I was not able to jump today at the long jump event to raise money for Jai's wee girl.  I still donated some money but with my back the way it was .... not a good idea to jump.

3000 m data

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