Sunday, March 10, 2013

5000m Masters Track Race

After my 12km yesterday, I was feeling pretty stiff and sore.  My SI joint is back to grumbling again and my TFL is letting me know its not happy either.  I had no game plan for this rather other than it would be really nice to come in under 30mins.

As I drove to the track, (yawning my head off as it was 6:20am) it started to drizzle and the closer I got the heavier it got.  GREAT wet feet again.  Oh well its not like I will melt or get cold as it is very muggy and warm even with all this rain.  It was great to met up with everyone again.  There were only 6 of us today but i have not seen everyone for some time and they had all said they missed seeing my smile. 

It did actually stop raining for the race, but it still left the track slippery and wet. 

The race started and I headed out at a pace I felt happy with.  I decided then that if I could stick to this pace for the whole 5000m then I would be happy.  It was about 5.43 per km pace and it felt pretty good.  Around 1km my SI joint and TFL started burning and annoying me.  I ignored it and carried on at the pace I was doing, by 3.5km I did slow up a little as it was getting annoying and I was also getting tired.

I tend to go into a track trance and just find my rhythm and keep to it.  When you get to that point you phase everything else dont notice the people you pass or people on the side lines.  You just see the rubber on the track and you hear the lap scorer....3 laps to go, 2 laps to go and you hang on the sound of the BELL.  Thats the best lap.  Hurts the most but its only for 400m.  This is that lap you dig for that extra second or 3 if you have any left.

I was ecstatic to finish and see that I had achieved 28:41 thats my best 5km track time since I have been here.  Makes me feel very confident for Canberra.

5000m data

I looked up the QLD Masters Records for my age group.  This will be my goal this year :-

3000m - 15:58:3
5000m - 27:47:60
10000m - 56:23:7

best performance road
5km - 28:44
10km - 57:00 (held my ME!!! and I didnt know that until last night) How very cool!!!
20km - 2:01:13

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