Thursday, March 21, 2013

8 km Fartlek

I had an 8km fartlek today.  Oh happy joy.  After being woken for over an hour last night with the fire alarm going off on the lower level of our apartment block...I was feeling very tired and jaded.  But was still going to put in a good effort for this.

I got to the track and realised I had forgotten my gps watch.  BUT the good news was ... for valintines day my hubby had brought me a pretty snazzy pink timex watch to wear when I work out as the nice metal watches all get eaten by sweat etc.  I have not used the timex before but I know it has a chrono feature so I figured what the worst I will just end up with a start and finish time.  At best I will get my lap splits.

Paul decided he would do the 8km fartlek with me (a decision I think he regretted once we got going)  lol  I was pushing pretty hard in this and got tired by 4km.  But coach said to just keep going and see what you end up with.  I knew my recovery's were slow but I was not too worried about it.  All in all I felt pretty good about this work out.  I even wore my new masters uniform so I could get used to it.  The shorts ride up and annoy me but the top turned out to sit ok and not bother me too much.

Total time 47:02

3.12 + 2.37
3.10 + 2.46
3.12 + 2.45
3.09 + 2.50
3.12 + 2.46
3.07 + 2.51
3.10 + 2.44

5.24 = 1km
11.14 = 2km
17.11 = 3 km
23.09 = 4km
29.10 = 5km
35.09 = 6km
41.07 = 7km
47.02 = 8 km

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