Sunday, March 03, 2013

10km in gusty wind along the walkway

Its been raining sideways for most of the day.  I knew my coach was expecting me to walk today and so I hoped the rain would clear up long enough to sneak out.  Sure enough about 3pm the rain stopped but the wind didnt. 

I started out and face a side to head wind coming off the sea.  I hoped that as I hit the 2km mark the one way street would shelter me but instead it funneled the wind so that it hit me from all directions.  My right TFL started hurting as I was bracing myself against the wind and with going so slow my style was going all gammy.  I pondered about turning around but figured that I really needed to finish and it wasnt hurting that bad.

I turned at the 5km mark and even though the wind was still hitting me side on it was now more behind me.  I was trying to keep up a steady pace but my legs were pretty tired and I was finding I was really flat footed today. 

I am just pleased to have gotten the 10km out.  Now I have two odd speed sessions this week and then a 12km.  Its also my last week with having the track.  We all swap onto the grass track but at the moment I doubt we could use it due to all the rain ... it will be a ring of mud!

total time for today was 1:03 with an avg heart rate of 149

10km data

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