Thursday, February 28, 2013

4 x 1km track

While my body was feeling left foot was not.  As I was walking home after my wet 5km I noticed that each step I took the arch support would suck up onto my sock and rub the arch of my foot.  By the time I got home it was very sore.  Not a blister but sure felt like it was one in the making.

Today I put my racing shoes on and as I walked the bottom of my foot felt swollen and bruised.  I warmed up with Kay and Paul.  They were doing 10 x 500m so they walked back up the track, while I started in front of the grandstand as that will be where I will finish. 

My first km felt sluggish.  While there were no aches as such, my legs just felt tired.  I am not surprised really with all I have done this week.  The track was busy again tonight with many sprinters and hurdlers wandering back and forth on the track.  I finished my first km in 5:31 and I felt ok with that as I thought I would be much slower.  I noticed that I had not changed my GPS screens.  I like the screen that shows me my current lap...not the combined.  But in doing this I forgot that it also stops the watch. 

I waited for 2 mins and started out on my next lap.  I hit LAP and away I went.  As I came back around for the first 400 I checked my watch and saw 2:00 and I though holy hang it wasnt that fast and so I kept glancing at my watch and noticed it was not counting down.  I hit lap again and all that did was put the 2:00 in as a lap.  I hit stop as I crossed the km and then thought no thats not right so stopped my watch.  This totally threw me as I realised I had not recorded that km.  It took me another couple of mins to get my watch sorted. 

Next km I really felt tired.  My legs were dead and my left foot was starting to hurt.  I kept trying to push with my back feet and rotate the hips through.  I was very pleased to hit lap and see 5:29 ..... just one more to go. I hit lap again and headed out for my last km.  But as I came back around to the 400m mark I had to stop.  My foot was really hurting.  So I poked my finger into my shoe and adjusted my sock and then started back.  I did manage to finish my last km in  5:29 

I did ponder doing a 5th km....solely to give me more data but then I realised that my foot was really hurting .. If I did another km I may not be able to do 8km tomorrow.  I also know that my coach trusts me and knows that if I said I did 4 that I did do 4.  Plus on the Garmin data you can see my elapsed time and that is 30 mins.  So by taking away what my watch shows and the 2 mins mucking around I can happily work out what my missing km is.

1 km - 5:31
2 km - 5:30
3 km - 5:29
4 km - 5:29

4km data on the track

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5km at steady effort

This is my test the body week. 

I handled the track well and tonight I have 5km.  Coach wants me to push a little this week as he wants to see how I feel and how I recover.

Its been raining all day but its still warm.  It was 25 degs when I started so I didn't mind getting a bit wet.  I felt good straight away.   I had my music going and was just getting into to listening to that and was not thinking about pacing.  I was not breathing hard and felt good so I just kept going at the same effort.  I was surprised to see at 3km I had just touched 18 mins.... wow thats a steady pace and I felt really good. 

I headed back and did have to push a little to keep the effort up as the rain had gotten heavier and the walkway was getting flooded and slippery.

As my watch chirped to say 5km I hit stop and looked at my time.  I was so rapt to see that I had just done a sub 30 min for 5km.  YAY!!!!!!

29.55 for 5km.

5 km data

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3km Fartlek - Feeling GREAT

I had been struck down with one of my migraines and worse, I had run out of the special medicine that I need to take.  As they always last 3 days I new I was in for a rough couple of days.  I only lasted a half day at work on Monday and finally got to the Dr that night.  Even though I now had the medicine I had missed my window to keep it at bay.  Today was slightly better but by 3pm the pain was starting to kick in again.

I had a track session today but I felt that I would be ok.  I am so used to these that I can often phase them out for a short time if I concentrate on something else.  So doing a speed session will do that.

I started out with the other walkers as they too were doing their version of a 3km fartlek.  I got caught up for the first 200m and then I was able to stretch out and get going.  I felt GREAT.  My breathing was not too intense and my pace was as fast as I felt I could go.  It was cooler tonight and that made a huge difference.  I slowed for my recovery lap and I did try and hope to keep a steady pace and hit 3.00 for the 500m....I got close.  Then I was able to easily amp up for the fast 500m

On the last fast 500m Robyn called out to push with my back feet.  I thought I had been but after she told me that I was landing, rolling and then almost stopping ..... so I tried hard to push and instantly picked up the pace to finish with my fastest 500m.

1 km - 2.47 + 2.44
2 km  - 3.04 + 2.47
3 km - 3.06 + 2.40

Total time 17:10

3km Data

Saturday, February 23, 2013

5km walkway

As I want to race tomorrow in the Masters 5000m on the track my coach said I was to do an easy 5km along the walkway today.

I slept in today and thought I would do this one at lunch time as I was not worried about the time and even though it will be warm I should be right.  The track the other night was meant to be 70% effort but in truth it ended up about 80% with a 90% burst for the last km.  Today I was to stick to under 80%......FAMOUS last words really.

I started out and straight away my TFL went "hello!! remember me"  it was not hurting alot ... more an ache.  I kept going and kept it steady as I had a couple of road crossings to get over and people on the foot path.  Its about 580m until I hit the walkway so my first km is always a tad slow due to the above. 

I remember my coach telling me to really concentrate on rotating my hips so I can get a good stride and a good push off from my back foot.  So I forgot about pace and just concentrated on pushing off the back foot and then rotating the hip forward to use my glute med ( big muscle high on the butt)  sure enough my tfl stopped aching and I was able to tick along well.  It was much hotter today.  29 degs and 70% humidity the air was hot and thick so I did find it difficult to take good deep breaths.  I found that I was doing similar pacing as I had at the track but the effort felt much harder today due to the heat. 

I finished up in 30:43 and I am really pleased with that.  That is twice this week that I have been close to 30 min for 5km which is my standard training time for this distance.  This is promising and I now feel I can get a sub 30 in Canberra.

5 km walkway data

Thursday, February 21, 2013

5km Track Feels GOOD

Its been pouring all day.  I almost didnt think track was going to happen, but thankfully the weather held off and I made it.

Tonight was 5km at about 75% again in my new arch supports.  My feet were feeling a little achy from the supports.  They feel very high and I am sure that is normal.

It was really busy tonight at the track.  I did a couple of laps to warm up and then decided that my warm up pace was nice and I would just start my 5km at that.  About now the others had all arrived so as I completed my first lap a couple of the walkers were on the track so I slowed and chatted for a moment and then they jogged as I picked up the pace again.  We did this a couple of times so my first km was a good conservative pace.  After that they started out on their work outs and I carried on for mine.  My next km I had settled into a nice steady pace.  It felt easy and relaxed.  My 2nd and 3rd km were pretty much the same times so I decided to pick up the pace a little.  Keeping check on all my aches with each stride.  I felt the best I have in a long time.  My stride felt free and easy, no limp or shatter of pain with each step.

When the 4th km dropped and it still felt easy I thought.....why not make it a mini kick down to please the I picked up the last km.  I can see my heart rate rocket up but my breathing was not to bad.

1st km 6:23
2nd km 6:06
3rd km 6.06
4th km 6.02
5th km 5.51
total time for 5km was 30:30
I am ecstatic about that time.  It shows me that a sub 30 is possible for AMA :)
5km track data

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It has been TWO WEEKS since I have tried to race walk....actually it may even be longer.  But the day had come that I was to try a small walk.  Wouldnt you pick it.....its pouring with rain and high winds.  So I asked Coach...can I use the treadmill???

So armed with my new arch supports, I headed to the gym.  I was really nervous about this......I turned the treadmill on and hit it to 9.5km per hour.....took a deep breathe and hit go on my watch.   I think I held my breathe for about 10 steps and slowly let it out as I realised that it had not hurt.  NO stabbing pain in my back, hip or glute. felt so good. 

I slowly stretched out and started to relax.  After a km I started dropping my knee a little more for each stride and testing my hip and glute.  I felt great.  Infact its the best I have felt walking in a long time. 

I almost carried on for 5km but Coach had said 4km and I was wearing new inserts so didnt want to push my body to far.

Total time was 25:20 and I am very happy with that.

Just one last chiro session to go.  AMA is now looking promising.

treadmil data

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Eliptical and weight training

No walking is getting really hard.  For as much as I may complain, I do really love getting out and walking.  I find it helps to clear my head.

I have been to the chiropractor twice now and he has made huge changes.  I only need one more crack from him.  He also said that I need arch supports as my TFL and Piroformus pain is coming from my feet.  As I over pronate it is twisting my right knee inwards and hence rotating my hip.  I refuse to pay $500 for orthotics that they can only fit into one pair of shoes, so for a test I brought some arch supports from the Foot Master and today is the first day I have worn them.  The plus is they fit in my sneakers, my race flats and I even got them into my flat ballet type shoes I wear at work.  I get to try a walk on Monday....I so hope this goes well.  I did have appointments for physio but my boss has told me I am not able to go in work time and the physio I was seeing only works mornings.  Nothing I can do about it.

So am I feeling any better? Yes and No.  Yes as my back no longer hurts in the SI joint nor do I have the nerve pain in my feet.  NO as my TFL and Piroformus are aching and hurting so I still cant walk.  I have brought tennis balls today and will throw the wheat bag on to heat it up and then ball it.  Hopefully the spasm will release.

So today in my new arch supports, I did 30mins on the eliptical.  Set it to level 9 and managed to walk further in kms than the other day and the best news was neither of my calf's hurt like last time.  After the cardio Shane and I did a very short quick upper body work out and headed out for the day.

eliptical data

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eliptical - I hate this machine

I sought out a chiropractor on Monday and got snapped and cracked.  Just as Jim had predicted it was my SI Joint, piroformus and glute Med.  My SI Joint (the dimp in the back of your hips)  was locked tight and in it is my sciatic nerve.  Which is why I cant put my right leg forward with out pain. 

Its day two and I do feel a little better....not a lot  but a little.  My piroformus is probably hurting more now but my back no longer throbs during the day and the nerve pain in my foot has gone.  I am not to walk until he sees me again on Thursday.

So tonight I went to the gym and did 30mins on the elliptical.  I hate this machine.  After 15mins my calfs were burning!!! so I stopped and stretched them.  I thought maybe I could walk normal on the treadmill as I can walk with shane ok.  But after 1 min I knew I couldnt.  I put the treadmil on 8km which meant my stride was a little long....but I could feel my heart rate dropping fast and pulling in my hip.  So back to the Elliptical.  I did find that after stretching my calfs they didnt hurt for round two.

I am struggling to remain positive.  My back might feel a little better but now my proformas is pulling and hurting.  All my muscles are pulling against the grain at the moment and if I could I would throw them all in the naughty corner and give them a darn good scalding. 

I have the AMA 31 March.  I doubt I will be race ready in any shape or form.  In fact I doubt I could break 60 mins for 10km.

Eliptical training today

Sunday, February 10, 2013

6km that become 3km

I was to do 6 or 8 km today.  But I woke up feeling tight and sore in my back again plus that old nerve pain has come back to my feet.  So I decided on 6km and would take it easy and listen to my body.  After having a very deep and meaningful discussion with my coach a week ago about it being ok to stop in a work out and being sensible - I figured it was time I actually adhered to that advise.

I walked the 500m to the walkway and did about 200m slow r/w in the hope that it would be enough to free up my back.  I stopped and did some leg swings and some gentle stretches before starting out. 

PAIN!!!  As soon as I started, the moment I dropped my hip and my knee to bring my right leg through, it hurt and again I couldn't stretch that right leg forward for a good stride.  I carried on as I hoped like all other walks it would easy up......but it didn't.  I got to 1km and while the pain was less I still couldn't get a good stride, another 500m and I stopped.  I had my physio's words of damaging the nerve in my head.  I dont know if thats what I could be doing by forcing myself to keep walking but even so....I dont want to be in pain any more!!!

I did some stretches and more leg swings.  The odd thing was I could swing my leg forward with no pain....but when I turned my hip with it then it hurt.  So the only thing I could think to do was back up against one of the fitness machines - using the arm of it - I pushed my SI Joint against it and gently rocked back and forth getting it deep into where I was feeling the pain and man did that hurt!!!!  But I figured if its a spasm then its all I can do to release it.  But I was defiantly calling it and heading for home ... either racewalking back or normal walking.

I headed back to home and noticed I had no pain and again I was smooth and it felt easy.  500m up the walkway and part of me was saying turn around and complete the 6km.....the other part of me was dont know if it will last.  I listened to the sensible me and carried on home.  I was pain free until 100m from the end of the walk way where it spasmed again.  So I did the right thing.

1st km was 6.22 (in pain and short stride)
2nd km was 6.18 (I turned half way through this)
3rd km was 6.06 (thats the dif from releasing the spasm comparing 1st km to 3rd km) now I am not sure what to do.  I have physio again on Friday ... will see what my Coach wants me to do. 

3km data here
oh and I see Garmin have put the weather in with the data now.  Not sure if mine is correct was 29 degs when I started out and for some reason it records me as being in Papua New Guinea lol

Saturday, February 09, 2013

a slow start after physio

I went to a Sports Physio this week and found that my nerve is caught in my SI Joint and its also very tight and stiff.  I also needed to have my Psoas released as it had rotated my pelvis - which explains why I have had no power in my walking.  She has requested that I do no speed work for 2 or 3 weeks.  Guess this means the Sunday morning 3km series is now out too.

My coach had suggest I walk 6 - 8km this weekend and I had every intention of doing so today but we both ended up busy out for the day and before I knew it ... I was out of safe time to train.

So Shane suggested we walk together.  Only I would race walk for about 2.5 to 3 km which is the length of the walkway and back to him.  Plus it was a wee test for my hip/back as I will do the 6 - 8km on Sunday.

Its 520m from our place to the start of the walkway.  When we got to the walkway I started out racewalking.  Again for the first 50m it hurt....not as much as before but still it hurt as I tried to get a stride. I almost stopped but as I was contemplating it, the pain stopped so I continued.  I felt smooth and I was able to get my right leg forward I had my power back.  WOW what a difference a psoas makes.  I checked my watch as I went through one km and was shocked to see it was under 6min .... YES!!!! that felt more like it.  I turned and racewalked back to Shane and nearly carried on but I just dont want to push to hard just yet.  Will see how I feel in the morning after doing that.

In the data attached you can see two full kms both at 5.52 and 5.51 that is way faster than I have ever walked on that walk way.  I must say it was encouraging......I have been rather down about it all.

walk with Shane and some r/w

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

3 x 1500m then the wheels fall off

Am I recovered from my 15km?  I am always more sore on the 2nd day and today is that day.  I have been doing stretching at night using a foam roller and just basic stretches.  ANYTHING to try an free up my hip/glute.  Is it muscular?  Joint? or Back?  I have no idea and I just dont know who to go and see......sports physio? Osteopath? Podiatrist? Chiropractor?    Anyone of them will cost me and I really dont want to waste money and time unnecessarily.

I got to the track today and my hip had been ok through the day but had begun to ache from sitting in the driving position.  I warmed up for two laps and as per normal those two laps I was in agony.  I stopped and did some leg swings and circles and amazingly again as per normal...once I am pain.  So I thought yep I am going to get this one done today.

First 1500m was hard work....I had no stride length.  No power or drive.  I could leave my foot behind me but I just couldnt stretch that right leg forward to enable the longer front stride so I had to land my right leg short which made me twist.  8:50 for my first 1500.....ugh not good

2nd 1500 and I was struggling to push off.  My hips just wouldn't dip or rotate.  It was like my hips were just stuck in the one position.   At the completion of this one Robyn said she thought I look bouncy and that I was twisting my side.  8:52 ugh more....... and now my left hip was aching.

3rd 1500 ..... now I was having trouble bringing my right leg was not hurting as just wouldnt go forward and I was slowing down like and unwound watch.  I cant really blame the heat as it was raining on and off... humidity was up as alot of people were complaining about struggling to breathe and I was gasping abit which was odd for the effort that I was doing.  I had zero drive or energy.  At the finish of this 1500 and stopped and stamped my feet and I think there was even a squeal of frustration.  I marched off the track and rang my coach.  I was in tears and was angry!!!  it just shouldnt be this hard!!!  9:07

We established that my psioas is like an iron bar and Jim felt that between my hip and glutes that my psoas had finally spasmed and it needs releasing.  So now I must make up my mind on who I will go and see.  It was not worth completing any more of the workout and I called it a night.

I have come home feeling dejected and totally frazzled.   I hate not completing a workout...I am NOT a quitter and its how I am feeling.  I wonder if doing 2 lots of speed work is just too much for my hip along with long distance walking too as it is tough to fit each walk in with the correct gaps between them.  Something I need to discuss further with my coach.

data for what its worth

Sunday, February 03, 2013

15 km out and back

I was not looking forward to this walk.  The more I thought about it the more daunting it became.  15km is the longest walk I have done in almost a year.  I was worried how my hip/glute would hold up and how I would hold up. 

I woke up at 8am and checked the weather as I was going to do the 15km late in the afternoon but when I saw it was only 25degs and 50% humidity I knew that now would be the best time weather wise.  I drank a glass of Dfine 8 and really hoped that the energy boost would help. (I actually believe it did)

I topped up my water bottles and strapped on my water belt.  I figured it would be stupid to do this with out carrying water.   I started out from home.....walked down the 5 stories of stairs..ugh.  For the first 50m the pain in the back of my hip was terrible and I kind of hobble walked and really did wonder if I can complete this.  But after 100m it didnt hurt as much and did end up a dull ache for the rest of the walk. 

I discovered the I can walk from home along the walkway, the single lane road, onto another walkway, round Nobbys beach Nob and back onto a beach front walkway, right down to Burliegh Heads.  I stopped at 7.8km ..... It was under big pinetrees and was VERY humid and hot.  I would guess I had another 500m a head of me before I would run out of walk way.  I had a drink from the water fountain and turned back to head for home.  I decided to stop by one of the showers and douse myself as I was starting to over heat and struggle a little.  (I ended up stopping twice more on the way home to quickly do this) 

I was very pleased to hit stop on my watch but more surprised that my time was actually ok.  I really had no expectations time wise and had expected to walk about 7km pace for most of it.  I was really pleased to see 1:38:46 and even better was my heart rate was not through the roof (except for some odd spike on my garmin???)  so my avg heart of 149 is not bad all considering.  I guess that is the difference between a cooler day and lower humidity. 

I got home and dragged myself up the stairs.  Had a good stretching session and then went back down the stairs for a dip in the pool.  I really do feel the new supplement helped along with the better weather.  This walk felt better than my fartlek the day before.

15km out and back data

Saturday, February 02, 2013

8 km Fartlek

For some reason I felt totally shattered today.  We had spent some time out at Super Amart Sports shop and I brought some new shorts to try training in.  Plus I brought a new training top, a key holder for my wrist and a book on flexibility exercises.  Next door is a supplement shop and so I thought I would have a wander around and see what is on offer.  I ended up buying a product called D-fine 8 its a new product out that boosts energy and assists your metabolism to use your own fat stores as energy.  I thought it cant do any harm and its also all natural products.

By 4pm I was still yawning my head off and looking for any excuse not to do the fartlek.  I mixed up a glass of my new stuff - tasty! that helps.  I headed down to the walkway and tried to get myself enthused.  The temp had dropped to 27 and was 70% humid.  I hit start and set out for my first fast km.  It felt ok and the sand has been cleaned up a little.  There was only one spot of about 50m that was ankle deep, the rest just a dusting of sand still making it a little slippery.

Going off the walkway at 2km and up the single lane road I had a head wind to punch into it.  I was quite pleased to note that even though I felt tired at 4km I still felt that I had energy to get back.  I stopped at 4km to stretch as my hamstring was pulling alittle but it came right and did annoy me again. 

I did stop twice more briefly but that was to get water from the fountains.  I was over heating and knew I needed water badly.  So I stopped and drank and splashed.

I tried hard to pick up the pace for the last 500m and was very pleased to press stop.

The worst part of the whole workout today was when I got home.  The lifts are broken in our complex so we have to use the fire stairs.  Going up 5 floors of stairs after a fartlek was not my idea of fun.

Total time for the 8km fartlek is 49:24

Me just as I got home - new top and wrist key holder.  (top was totally drenched!!!)

8km fartlek data