Saturday, February 23, 2013

5km walkway

As I want to race tomorrow in the Masters 5000m on the track my coach said I was to do an easy 5km along the walkway today.

I slept in today and thought I would do this one at lunch time as I was not worried about the time and even though it will be warm I should be right.  The track the other night was meant to be 70% effort but in truth it ended up about 80% with a 90% burst for the last km.  Today I was to stick to under 80%......FAMOUS last words really.

I started out and straight away my TFL went "hello!! remember me"  it was not hurting alot ... more an ache.  I kept going and kept it steady as I had a couple of road crossings to get over and people on the foot path.  Its about 580m until I hit the walkway so my first km is always a tad slow due to the above. 

I remember my coach telling me to really concentrate on rotating my hips so I can get a good stride and a good push off from my back foot.  So I forgot about pace and just concentrated on pushing off the back foot and then rotating the hip forward to use my glute med ( big muscle high on the butt)  sure enough my tfl stopped aching and I was able to tick along well.  It was much hotter today.  29 degs and 70% humidity the air was hot and thick so I did find it difficult to take good deep breaths.  I found that I was doing similar pacing as I had at the track but the effort felt much harder today due to the heat. 

I finished up in 30:43 and I am really pleased with that.  That is twice this week that I have been close to 30 min for 5km which is my standard training time for this distance.  This is promising and I now feel I can get a sub 30 in Canberra.

5 km walkway data

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