Tuesday, February 26, 2013

3km Fartlek - Feeling GREAT

I had been struck down with one of my migraines and worse, I had run out of the special medicine that I need to take.  As they always last 3 days I new I was in for a rough couple of days.  I only lasted a half day at work on Monday and finally got to the Dr that night.  Even though I now had the medicine I had missed my window to keep it at bay.  Today was slightly better but by 3pm the pain was starting to kick in again.

I had a track session today but I felt that I would be ok.  I am so used to these that I can often phase them out for a short time if I concentrate on something else.  So doing a speed session will do that.

I started out with the other walkers as they too were doing their version of a 3km fartlek.  I got caught up for the first 200m and then I was able to stretch out and get going.  I felt GREAT.  My breathing was not too intense and my pace was as fast as I felt I could go.  It was cooler tonight and that made a huge difference.  I slowed for my recovery lap and I did try and hope to keep a steady pace and hit 3.00 for the 500m....I got close.  Then I was able to easily amp up for the fast 500m

On the last fast 500m Robyn called out to push with my back feet.  I thought I had been but after she told me that I was landing, rolling and then almost stopping ..... so I tried hard to push and instantly picked up the pace to finish with my fastest 500m.

1 km - 2.47 + 2.44
2 km  - 3.04 + 2.47
3 km - 3.06 + 2.40

Total time 17:10

3km Data

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