Sunday, February 10, 2013

6km that become 3km

I was to do 6 or 8 km today.  But I woke up feeling tight and sore in my back again plus that old nerve pain has come back to my feet.  So I decided on 6km and would take it easy and listen to my body.  After having a very deep and meaningful discussion with my coach a week ago about it being ok to stop in a work out and being sensible - I figured it was time I actually adhered to that advise.

I walked the 500m to the walkway and did about 200m slow r/w in the hope that it would be enough to free up my back.  I stopped and did some leg swings and some gentle stretches before starting out. 

PAIN!!!  As soon as I started, the moment I dropped my hip and my knee to bring my right leg through, it hurt and again I couldn't stretch that right leg forward for a good stride.  I carried on as I hoped like all other walks it would easy up......but it didn't.  I got to 1km and while the pain was less I still couldn't get a good stride, another 500m and I stopped.  I had my physio's words of damaging the nerve in my head.  I dont know if thats what I could be doing by forcing myself to keep walking but even so....I dont want to be in pain any more!!!

I did some stretches and more leg swings.  The odd thing was I could swing my leg forward with no pain....but when I turned my hip with it then it hurt.  So the only thing I could think to do was back up against one of the fitness machines - using the arm of it - I pushed my SI Joint against it and gently rocked back and forth getting it deep into where I was feeling the pain and man did that hurt!!!!  But I figured if its a spasm then its all I can do to release it.  But I was defiantly calling it and heading for home ... either racewalking back or normal walking.

I headed back to home and noticed I had no pain and again I was smooth and it felt easy.  500m up the walkway and part of me was saying turn around and complete the 6km.....the other part of me was dont know if it will last.  I listened to the sensible me and carried on home.  I was pain free until 100m from the end of the walk way where it spasmed again.  So I did the right thing.

1st km was 6.22 (in pain and short stride)
2nd km was 6.18 (I turned half way through this)
3rd km was 6.06 (thats the dif from releasing the spasm comparing 1st km to 3rd km) now I am not sure what to do.  I have physio again on Friday ... will see what my Coach wants me to do. 

3km data here
oh and I see Garmin have put the weather in with the data now.  Not sure if mine is correct was 29 degs when I started out and for some reason it records me as being in Papua New Guinea lol

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