Saturday, February 02, 2013

8 km Fartlek

For some reason I felt totally shattered today.  We had spent some time out at Super Amart Sports shop and I brought some new shorts to try training in.  Plus I brought a new training top, a key holder for my wrist and a book on flexibility exercises.  Next door is a supplement shop and so I thought I would have a wander around and see what is on offer.  I ended up buying a product called D-fine 8 its a new product out that boosts energy and assists your metabolism to use your own fat stores as energy.  I thought it cant do any harm and its also all natural products.

By 4pm I was still yawning my head off and looking for any excuse not to do the fartlek.  I mixed up a glass of my new stuff - tasty! that helps.  I headed down to the walkway and tried to get myself enthused.  The temp had dropped to 27 and was 70% humid.  I hit start and set out for my first fast km.  It felt ok and the sand has been cleaned up a little.  There was only one spot of about 50m that was ankle deep, the rest just a dusting of sand still making it a little slippery.

Going off the walkway at 2km and up the single lane road I had a head wind to punch into it.  I was quite pleased to note that even though I felt tired at 4km I still felt that I had energy to get back.  I stopped at 4km to stretch as my hamstring was pulling alittle but it came right and did annoy me again. 

I did stop twice more briefly but that was to get water from the fountains.  I was over heating and knew I needed water badly.  So I stopped and drank and splashed.

I tried hard to pick up the pace for the last 500m and was very pleased to press stop.

The worst part of the whole workout today was when I got home.  The lifts are broken in our complex so we have to use the fire stairs.  Going up 5 floors of stairs after a fartlek was not my idea of fun.

Total time for the 8km fartlek is 49:24

Me just as I got home - new top and wrist key holder.  (top was totally drenched!!!)

8km fartlek data

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