Tuesday, February 05, 2013

3 x 1500m then the wheels fall off

Am I recovered from my 15km?  I am always more sore on the 2nd day and today is that day.  I have been doing stretching at night using a foam roller and just basic stretches.  ANYTHING to try an free up my hip/glute.  Is it muscular?  Joint? or Back?  I have no idea and I just dont know who to go and see......sports physio? Osteopath? Podiatrist? Chiropractor?    Anyone of them will cost me and I really dont want to waste money and time unnecessarily.

I got to the track today and my hip had been ok through the day but had begun to ache from sitting in the driving position.  I warmed up for two laps and as per normal those two laps I was in agony.  I stopped and did some leg swings and circles and amazingly again as per normal...once I am warm....no pain.  So I thought yep I am going to get this one done today.

First 1500m was hard work....I had no stride length.  No power or drive.  I could leave my foot behind me but I just couldnt stretch that right leg forward to enable the longer front stride so I had to land my right leg short which made me twist.  8:50 for my first 1500.....ugh not good

2nd 1500 and I was struggling to push off.  My hips just wouldn't dip or rotate.  It was like my hips were just stuck in the one position.   At the completion of this one Robyn said she thought I look bouncy and that I was twisting my side.  8:52 ugh more....... and now my left hip was aching.

3rd 1500 ..... now I was having trouble bringing my right leg through.....it was not hurting as such...it just wouldnt go forward and I was slowing down like and unwound watch.  I cant really blame the heat as it was raining on and off... humidity was up as alot of people were complaining about struggling to breathe and I was gasping abit which was odd for the effort that I was doing.  I had zero drive or energy.  At the finish of this 1500 and stopped and stamped my feet and I think there was even a squeal of frustration.  I marched off the track and rang my coach.  I was in tears and was angry!!!  it just shouldnt be this hard!!!  9:07

We established that my psioas is like an iron bar and Jim felt that between my hip and glutes that my psoas had finally spasmed and it needs releasing.  So now I must make up my mind on who I will go and see.  It was not worth completing any more of the workout and I called it a night.

I have come home feeling dejected and totally frazzled.   I hate not completing a workout...I am NOT a quitter and its how I am feeling.  I wonder if doing 2 lots of speed work is just too much for my hip along with long distance walking too as it is tough to fit each walk in with the correct gaps between them.  Something I need to discuss further with my coach.

data for what its worth

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes stopping isn't quitting, it's listening to your body and being able to come back and fight another day!