Monday, November 26, 2012

a tentitive slow 5km

I have had a whole week of NO walking except for a gentle stroll with Shane.  I have been using a foam roller each day on my hip (TFL Muscle) and sitting on ice each night and was disappointed that today it didnt feel that much better. 

So I decided that I would do a very gentle 5km.

I started out from home and headed towards the walkway.  A few road crossings slowed my first km but in truth, I couldn't have gone any faster if I had wanted to.  I was so shocked to see that I was struggling to average 6.30/km pace.

I have gained more weight and am now at my heaviest in 3 years...that alone depresses me.  So its only obvious that its going to slow me down.  Plus my coach has just figured out (remembered) that I have pretty bad feet due to operations as a teenager.....he discovered that having the 2nd toe longer than the big toe it causes a lot of issues...specially with hamstrings and glutes.....hmmm funny that.  So I just have to face that what style I have is what I have.  Trying to make my body mould to how a r/w is ... is not going to work for me and the more I try the more injuries I get.

So I struggled on to complete my 5km.  Yes my TFL hurt for the first km but then it settled...only I was so stiff and chunky that I felt really off.  Probably just a really bad day ... and we all do get them.

5km done in 32.22

Tentive 5km

Sunday, November 18, 2012

3000m track walk

After having a terrible week with my stomach doing its usually painful thing I was not really sure about racing today.  But I still like to support Masters as much as I can and so figured I can always just go at training pace.

My TFL (a muscle in the hip) has still been hurting.  Doesn't bother me too much when I walk but sure hurts when I am sitting or if I lay on it while sleeping.   I was hoping the lady that does massage would be at the track as I decided I will defiantly use her today.

It was raining at the track.  We have had a weekend of massive lightening strikes and thunder (22,000 lightening strikes alone in Brisbane last night)  We all lined up and they started us pretty quickly as everyone was getting wet.  It was nice out in the rain as it was cooling.  The first km I felt very stiff and my hip was annoying me this time, so I slowed down a little and got in to my rhythm.  The rain had stopped now but I still had soggy feet...ugh!  There were only 5 walkers and one runner out today.  I cant wait till I am ever fast enough to keep pace with Jo who was running.  So I finished the race in 17:05 and was very happy with that.

I manged to get first in with the lady doing sports massage.  I needed to know exactly what muscle was hurting so I can tell Jim.  She instantly found it and said in her 18 years she has never felt a TFL that was so tight...infact she said that to her it feels close to snapping and has suggested I rest for two weeks (with just normal walking) and then get another massage.  Plus do alot of specific exercises and roller ball over it.

3000m track walk

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Pan Pacific 3000m Masters Track Walk

I woke up today and just ached all over.  I thought a nice hot shower would freshen me up and it did kind of.

I made my way down to the track and found that I had to park almost a km away as it was a school day at the university and the car parks were over full.  So the walk back to the track was a nice warm up.  The weather was really showing off how good the Gold Coast can be.  It was a stunning hot sunny day.  About 26 degs and 60% humidity.

I managed to find a shady spot in the grandstand and caught up with all the other walkers.  I made sure that I wore my Queensland Club colours today as I was getting teased about racing for Aussie but still wearing black for NZ ... :)

Today they decided to do a split start.  So the guys lined up on the start line and the girls lined up on the second start line and we had to explain to most that they had to wait til they walked past the cones before cutting back in to lane 1.  It was so hot out on the track and they tried to get us started as fast as possible.

I let the guys go and followed along behind trying to find my own rhythm.  My hamstrings were sore and tight making it difficult to get into a smooth walk.  At the 1.5 km mark I noticed I was catching up on Michael from USA and so tried to push a little more speed out.  I found my lungs were fine and I was never gasping for air, I just had nothing in my legs.  At the 2km mark I passed Michael and just kept up my pace and slowly pulled away from him.

I just kept focused on the finish line and listening for the bell to signal my last lap.  It was getting hard to breathe as the air was so hot and it was frustrating to see them setting up the water station...on my last lap.  I was pleased for those in the older age groups as they would need water desperately.   I pushed hard as I rounded the final bend and crossed the finish line in 17:19:56

Me with the Gold and Donna with Silver.  I stepped down so we were the same height lol

3000m Pan Pac masters Track Walk

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Pan Pac 10km Masters

 This was the race that I really wanted to do well at.  I just hoped that my body would allow it.

Last night we went out for a couple of hours to the Opening Ceremony and it was a great band.  It was a shame to leave but as I had to be up so early and I still had some preparation to do we decided to leave at 9.30pm.  My sleep was short lived though and I ended up with a restless night.

We got to the course with plenty of time to warm up and look over the course.  It was  T course with the loop being 1km.  The turns were very tight as they couldn't close the road so we could only use one half of the road.  As I walked the course with sue we both commented on the camber of the road and the rise at one end.  You might have an advantage on the down but the tight turn was directly at the bottom and so it slowed you just as yu needed to find the push for the rise.  It was not going to be a fast course that was for sure.

We all lined up and after a brief chat we are off.  Michael from USA was off like a rabbit so I just let him go figuring I would catch him up later in the race.  At about 3km I did catch and pass him but I had 2 other guys hot on my heels and at 5 km they passed me but I didn't let them get too far ahead.  At 7km I picked them off again and set about putting some distance between us.  But very quickly my stomach let me know that I was not going to be pushing any harder than I was.  I slowed ... I slowed heart rate starts to climb on the Garmin and I am feeling distressed.  I take on more water and my carbo shots.  I can see Michael creeping back up on me and there is nothing I can do to hold him off.  By 9km my tummy settled and the carbo water started to work and I found a tiny push of speed but as i rounded the turn for home Michael had caught me and we sprinted for the finish line with him just pipping me.

I was a little down as I didnt get the record but I have to be logical and see that I have done minimal training and have been unwell.  So a 1:01:10 was not that bad.  The max heart rate of 207 is more of a worr

I was first female and first in my age group.  I was really surprised that they presented medals for the first 3 across the line so I was given two golds for this race.  What a bonus.

Pan Pac 10km Masters

Pan Pac 5000m Masters 2012

 I had no expectations with this race.  I was nervous as hell and I really didn't know why.  I knew I would not be fast, I know I am unfit...but still.....that competitive side of me was weeping quietly to her self knowing full well what I am capable of.

I was so pleased to see Sue H from NZ and had a great chat.  Plus Roscoe and then also Jeannie, as I had not seen her since Sydney Games.

The first shambles was the start.  I guess you kinda expect it when there is 26 starters but to try and get us in one line.....well it wasn't happening.  With in moments of getting us in a spot ready to go...we were off.  I set in behind Michael from USA and was happy pacing behind him but after the 2nd km I realised he has slowed dramatically and so I passed him heading into the 3rd km.  I was do ok...body was holding together and I was cruising.

It was humid but bearable and I was feeling ok with my time.  I was not pushing myself and felt I would just come in under 30mins.  On the last lap I had enough left to push a little and was thrilled to finish in 29:44

Pan Pac 5000m Masters