Sunday, November 04, 2012

Pan Pac 5000m Masters 2012

 I had no expectations with this race.  I was nervous as hell and I really didn't know why.  I knew I would not be fast, I know I am unfit...but still.....that competitive side of me was weeping quietly to her self knowing full well what I am capable of.

I was so pleased to see Sue H from NZ and had a great chat.  Plus Roscoe and then also Jeannie, as I had not seen her since Sydney Games.

The first shambles was the start.  I guess you kinda expect it when there is 26 starters but to try and get us in one line.....well it wasn't happening.  With in moments of getting us in a spot ready to go...we were off.  I set in behind Michael from USA and was happy pacing behind him but after the 2nd km I realised he has slowed dramatically and so I passed him heading into the 3rd km.  I was do ok...body was holding together and I was cruising.

It was humid but bearable and I was feeling ok with my time.  I was not pushing myself and felt I would just come in under 30mins.  On the last lap I had enough left to push a little and was thrilled to finish in 29:44

Pan Pac 5000m Masters

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