Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Pan Pacific 3000m Masters Track Walk

I woke up today and just ached all over.  I thought a nice hot shower would freshen me up and it did kind of.

I made my way down to the track and found that I had to park almost a km away as it was a school day at the university and the car parks were over full.  So the walk back to the track was a nice warm up.  The weather was really showing off how good the Gold Coast can be.  It was a stunning hot sunny day.  About 26 degs and 60% humidity.

I managed to find a shady spot in the grandstand and caught up with all the other walkers.  I made sure that I wore my Queensland Club colours today as I was getting teased about racing for Aussie but still wearing black for NZ ... :)

Today they decided to do a split start.  So the guys lined up on the start line and the girls lined up on the second start line and we had to explain to most that they had to wait til they walked past the cones before cutting back in to lane 1.  It was so hot out on the track and they tried to get us started as fast as possible.

I let the guys go and followed along behind trying to find my own rhythm.  My hamstrings were sore and tight making it difficult to get into a smooth walk.  At the 1.5 km mark I noticed I was catching up on Michael from USA and so tried to push a little more speed out.  I found my lungs were fine and I was never gasping for air, I just had nothing in my legs.  At the 2km mark I passed Michael and just kept up my pace and slowly pulled away from him.

I just kept focused on the finish line and listening for the bell to signal my last lap.  It was getting hard to breathe as the air was so hot and it was frustrating to see them setting up the water station...on my last lap.  I was pleased for those in the older age groups as they would need water desperately.   I pushed hard as I rounded the final bend and crossed the finish line in 17:19:56

Me with the Gold and Donna with Silver.  I stepped down so we were the same height lol

3000m Pan Pac masters Track Walk

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