Sunday, November 18, 2012

3000m track walk

After having a terrible week with my stomach doing its usually painful thing I was not really sure about racing today.  But I still like to support Masters as much as I can and so figured I can always just go at training pace.

My TFL (a muscle in the hip) has still been hurting.  Doesn't bother me too much when I walk but sure hurts when I am sitting or if I lay on it while sleeping.   I was hoping the lady that does massage would be at the track as I decided I will defiantly use her today.

It was raining at the track.  We have had a weekend of massive lightening strikes and thunder (22,000 lightening strikes alone in Brisbane last night)  We all lined up and they started us pretty quickly as everyone was getting wet.  It was nice out in the rain as it was cooling.  The first km I felt very stiff and my hip was annoying me this time, so I slowed down a little and got in to my rhythm.  The rain had stopped now but I still had soggy feet...ugh!  There were only 5 walkers and one runner out today.  I cant wait till I am ever fast enough to keep pace with Jo who was running.  So I finished the race in 17:05 and was very happy with that.

I manged to get first in with the lady doing sports massage.  I needed to know exactly what muscle was hurting so I can tell Jim.  She instantly found it and said in her 18 years she has never felt a TFL that was so tight...infact she said that to her it feels close to snapping and has suggested I rest for two weeks (with just normal walking) and then get another massage.  Plus do alot of specific exercises and roller ball over it.

3000m track walk

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