Tuesday, August 30, 2011

12km out and back starting at monaco

Great day for a walk. I missed out doing my 10km yesterday due to way too many commitments in one day and I literally ran out of time.

Today was a 12km walk so I decided to head out from my work, giving Beatsons Road a miss. Wow what a difference that makes...No hill to go down or Hill to go back up..BLISS.

Ok I did strike the breeze that picked up on my return but that was still no where near as bad as a hill. I was trying to just stick to a nice and steady pace that was not pushing me too hard. I was shocked to see that I had gone through 5km in 28mins and then 10km in a very fast 56:36mins.....OMG....this was just way too fast.

I was feeling really good. I was not breathing hard and was enjoying the walk. It felt easy today and so while I was walking I was making sure that my knees were locking and that I was using my glutes plus keeping my back foot on the ground longer. I just seemed to have more power today and I know I was using my glutes cause by 4km they were burning and again at 8km they started fatiguing. The last two km I had to really concentrate hard on tucking and using my glutes, they were really hurting and it was hard to keep them on.

I had to add in a little bit extra on the way back as they were working on the walkway and I was short 200m. I had to fight against the breeze on the way home and by the time I did get back to the car it was a fairly good sea breeze.

Total time for the 12km today was 1:07:58 for an avg pace of 5:39

12km out and back starting at monaco

Sunday, August 28, 2011

3km Fartlek

I wish all my fartlek's were this distance! While it was still tough, it was over just as quick as it started.

I met up with my walking group this morning with most of them doing Drills and one doing some interval training.

I warmed up by doing 3 laps of the track and then I started right into it. My first km I was pushing hard and really trying to use my glutes. My legs were tired from the long walks this week and I was breathing hard as I rounded the last corner for the km mark. I hit lap and then slowed for my first 500m recovery. I checked my watch to see what my last lap was and was really surprised to see 4:58 wow!!!

It took pretty much all of the next lap to get my breathing back under control again and then it was off on the next 500m fast section. Its always great having another walker on the track when you do these as you have someone to push after and pass. I was breathing really hard on this section and trying to push and get a fast time again. I hit lap and slowed once again. It was such a great feeling to know I only had 1 more fast section. My legs were really tired now and I was just starting to struggle. I knew I would have to work hard for my last 500m so I made sure I was using good from when I started out on it. I tucked my butt and really worked my glutes hard. 100m to go and I could feel my hamstring starting to pull so I decided not to push any harder than I was.

After I had warmed down, I set up a turn on the track with some cones to practice going around. I was still struggling to go around smoothly and at the same pace. Each time I would slow, I just couldn't get the lean or the speed. Neroli had just finished on the track and came over to offer some advise. She showed me how she got around the cones and WOW she just flew round and with such speed. She told me how she did it - by pushing out (like skating) with your feet - so putting inside foot on the outer of the shoe and the out side foot onto the inner edge of the shoe. I tried it and was much faster and smoother. It will just take a bit of practice.

my splits are :-

1km = 4:58
2km = 2:51 + 2:25 = 5:16
3km = 2:54 + 2:21 = 5:15

total = 15:30

3km Fartlek

Saturday, August 27, 2011

15km out and back

I just cant get over the weather at the moment. It is just magical!!!! It was a lovely mild 11 degs at 9am this morning when I headed out for my 15km walk and its already 18 degs now that I am home. wow - might have to sit out side in my togs to fix my tan lines hahaha

I was a little apprehensive about this walk, only due to its been a wee while since I have walked 15km and my injury is only just coming right. But I figured if I take it easy then it will be ok.

Today would be one of the first walks that I could really feel my glutes fatiguing. By 10km they were both feeling pretty sore and by 13km the left side was really starting to tell me it was over worked. Which again shows me I am still not using my glute as I should be...but its coming. I also suspect that my trying to leave my foot behind me longer is working as that would work the butt more.

I felt good and strong through this walk. I didnt eat before this and it is something I must address soon....I have to figure out what works for me in the way of fuel while walking and CARRY WATER!!!! I should have brought the water belt in USA when I was there. doh!!

Todays time was 1:28:52 - avg pace = 5:55 avg hr = 148

15km out and back monaco

Finalist for NEXT Magazine Woman of the Year 2011

About 4 weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to enter NEXT Magazines Woman of the Year.  It was suggested that I enter the Sports section.  I had two days to get my entry together and get the supporting documentation together.

After I had submitted my entry I pretty much forgot about it.  I didn't think I would have a chance but it was really fun just getting the entry together.

Well, today I went out and got the mail and there was a very large white envelope folded up in the letter box addressed to me.  Hmmm this looks interesting and I actually thought it may have been a certificate for an event I had entered.

Well I opened the envelope and stood there like a stunned mullet.  I just couldn't believe what I was reading.  I had to take it down for Shane to check it.

It told me I was a finalist.  I was one of the 25 finalists and that myself and one other were invited to the award ceremony to be held in Auckland on Oct 6th.

Wow, what an honor!!!!! Now to arrange flights and accommodation for a very exciting night.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

12km out and back Monaco

I cant believe that it is meant to be Winter still. It is gorgeous out side!! Its sunny, hardly any cloud and about 15 degs out.

I was feeling a little stiff and sore today after yesterdays quick little 10km so I had thought to take it a bit slower today. I did start out taking it slower but as there was no wind today I didn't get held up like yesterday that before I knew it I had hit 5km in 29:02 and then 10km in 58:15 opps

But the good news was I felt great. No pain or pulling of my leg at all. What a relief that was to me. I was feeling tired on the way home but managed to keep to a fairly steady pace for the return trip.

I came up Beatson's Road and just walked the last 50m to the top. I do like the section of walk way at the final km. Its not so nice when its the first km of my walk as its up hill but as the last one of my walk its great....a nice down hill to home.

12km today was in 1:10:14 avg pace 5:51 avg h/r 149 which is better.

12km out and back Monaco

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10km out and back

what an awesome day!!! Except for the wind. Its 16 degs and sunny but some really strong gusts of wind (almost pushed me backwards)

I felt great today. My leg is feeling much better and I have been given the full clearance by Debs to start pushing it again. I had meant to just go out today and just cruise along but punching into a 5km head wind was tough and so I ended up pushing harder than I meant too. Plus I was practicing leaving my foot on the ground longer and pushing with my glutes and toes.....so perhaps that also helped with the extra speed too. 4th and 5th kms were the hardest as the wind was gusting in from the sea and many times nearly pushed me back ward or across the track. The only good thing about a head wind is you get a tail wind on the way home and it really pushed me along when I went home. I will have to make sure I take it easy tomorrow for my 12km.

10km out and back Monaco

10km out and back Monaco

Saturday, August 20, 2011

10km NZ Road Champs

For a brief moment earlier in the week, I did wonder if mother nature was going to strike this event down two years running. Last year it was the first earthquake in Christchurch and this year it may have been the snow from the polar blast that hit the whole of NZ. But as luck would have it, the snow stopped and slowly melted. The wind however stayed with full vengeance. Wellington is know for its wind, so it was just a matter of how bad was it going to be.

I flew in at 8am and was surprised by how smooth the flight was...no bumps...this was a good sign! Terri came to meet me and took me back to her office block right on the water front in the Data-com (Geni) building. Perfect spot as we were on the 5th floor and over looking the whole course ... in the nice and WARMTH!!! It was cold and there was a good brisk wind when we walked over at 9am to get our race packs. It was not a gusty wind but it was enough that it would be draining and annoying. So back up to the office for a hot coffee and a good chat. Rosie joined us for a little bit and then left to go join her team mates and as Rosie left another group of walkers arrived. So we had a full office and it was so great to catch up with everyone again.

The time finally came round and it was time to head down and warm up. I had walked around the office and found that the strapping I had on my leg was pulling and tugging at my skin, so I had to adjust that and cut some of it away. My skins shorts held every thing else in place. The course was like a big Z and as I discovered....corners are not my strong point!! (mental note to self....include corners and turns into training) The course its self was dead flat with ZERO camber, as it was the built up walkway around the water front I figured it had been made level ... lol The temp was about 5 degs, so I decided to wear my thermal gloves and long sleeve skins top. I did end up getting warm but I didnt over heat.

Gun goes off and away we all race. Rozie was off like the little pocket rocket she is, following her were the U19 girls that were only doing 5km so they were off too. Following all of them was Peter Bailey, Alana and then me. We were at a very quick pace and so I just raced my own race and let them work hard in front of me. About 1.5km I passed Alana and she hang back about 10m behind me. I held this spot for a couple of Km and caught up behind Peter Bailey. I was pleased to sit in behind him as I know he is a strong fast walker and would help pull me along. But each corner or turn he would pull away by a good 5m and I would have to work hard to catch back up. We went through the 5km in 27:25 which is what I was aiming to do. Alana had caught us up and was sitting just on my shoulder. I knew she would make a break for it at 7km....I had studied her race splits from other events and its what she always does. Peter was still walking strong and steady but at 6km he just dropped off leaving me out front on my own and so I made my break....but it was too soon and I didnt have the fitness to hold it. Even though I made a 10m gap on Alana, she picked it back up over the next km. Sure enough, at 3km she made her break and with a burst of speed shot out in front of me. I just didnt have it to follow. I was at my top limit and my leg was starting to hurt alot. I had managed to ignore my leg for most of my race but the last two km were pretty hard. Peter Bailey had long dropped off and it was just between me and Alana. I was trying to figure out how I could try to pick up some pace and catch her and every time I would make up some distance - a spectator would tell her to push hard as I had gained on her....and sure enough, she would pull away again.

Last km and I tried hard to push a little to gain. The wind was just starting to pick up and was brisk down the far end. Sadly just a head wind.....you didn't catch it to gain from it on the return. We rounded the last turn and Alana punched out of the turn and was off.....100m to the finish. I went round the turn (which slowed me down) and gave chase. I pushed hard as I could to gain on her and I did gain some distance on her but not enough. I crossed the line in 56:01:19......... .... wow a PB by a minute!!! Alana was just 6 secs ahead of me.

What a fantastic race Alana gave me!!!

So now, its full steam ahead for the South Island Masters Games..............and then NZ Long Distance Walks/NZ Trial Race.

So GOLD for me as I raced as a master in the W40-44 and an unofficial 3rd open female walker.

10km NZ Road Champs

Thursday, August 18, 2011

5km fartlek on the track

Last speed work out before I head to Wellington for the NZ Road Champs. I am underdone!!! due to injuring my leg I have lost valuable training and today it showed.

I really struggled with fitness today. Yes my coach had told me to take it easy and wind up into it, but I couldn't have gone any faster today if I had wanted to.

I warmed up by doing 3 laps. The whole park was filled with screaming 8 - 12 year old kids. Inter school soccer was on and as there is a soccer field in the middle of our track, I had the joy of giggling kids pointing and mimicking me. Once I got it sorted with the kids to keep lane one clear I started out on my walk.

My first km and I thought I had kept my pace in check. I didnt feel I had gone out too quick until I passed through the 800m and checked my time...opps...so I eased up alot and brought my first km in at 5:12

Ok so now it was the recovery 500m......I figured the rest of the workout was going to be tough as I was way too fast for the first one. Gentle was my coaches words......ease into it......I continued on with my slow 500m and then pushed it up for the fast 500m. By the 3km I new I couldn't push any faster, I was tired and had little energy in my legs. The good thing was NO PAIN. My leg was tight and I could feel it stretching, but it was not hurting. I thought that I might have been able to push a little harder on the last km but no. I was pretty much done.

When I was finished and was just walking around the track quietly I had a few parents come over and chat to me. They had recognized me and had found it really interesting to actually see me walk. It was nice to chat to them and explain about racewalking and straighten out some myths that they all believed in.

so here are my km splits

1km = 5:12
2km = 2:54 + 2:30 = 5:24
3km = 3:00 + 2:33 = 5:33
4km = 3:03 + 2:34 = 5:37
5km = 3:01 + 2:34 = 5:35

total time = 57:26

5km fartlek on the track

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8km out an back

A test of the leg. Coach said to do 8km....normal pace.

I said that my leg was 80% this morning but when I got changed and walked up to the track to start my walk I would put it more like 90%...It felt ok and so I thought I would slowly pick up the pace as I went.

Shane came with me on his bike so that I had company. I felt great pushing up the walk way and did it in a fairly quick time too. Down the hill and I tried hard to ease back and NOT stretch out too much. The third km and I started feeling my leg tugging - but to the front of the hip, not the adductor. I decided to ease back and re check once on the flat again. I picked to go up the centre of the walk way today rather than out across the main highway. So one km to go on the flat and the pulling eased again so I thought i would pick up the pace. I forgot that this way was a very slight up hill.........so when i turned I got some good speed up for that km. It felt nice and easy, my breathing was steady and my heart rate remained normal.

Going back up beatson's road was a little slow as I deliberately took it gentle up here. I was really paranoid about hurting myself again so I power walked up the hill. Once I got to the top I decided to push hard for the last km. I was warmed up now and if there was ever a time to test it ... it was now. I am happy to say that I got the whole km out with out a twinge!

total time for the 8km was 46:01

So now to baby it for a couple more days and hope like made the weather settles for the NZ Road Champs cause at the moment no one can drive into wellington with roads closed due to snow or fly in as airports are closed due to SNOW..........this is almost unheard of in NZ. Plus last year the NZ Champs was cancelled due to an Earthquake....how uncanny would it be that another force of nature could force the cancellation of another one. "Positive thinking" I have been told.....so positive thinking I will be doing.

8km out an back

Sunday, August 14, 2011

3km on the track

i am still out testing my leg. I think tomorrow will be a break.

First up we did a few laps to warm up and then some Mexican drills.

I kept it easy for the first km and could feel the leg pulling but it wasn't hurting. So for km two, I slowly increased the pace. Again this pulled slightly but still no pain so I decided to try to pick it up for the last km. I didnt pick up the pace too much but the leg held but only just. I know that there is no way I could walk 10km at race pace today but I am really hoping that in a few more days.....it will be fine.

1st = 6:09
2nd = 5:59
3rd = 5:34

3km on the track

Saturday, August 13, 2011

15km Gentle

A final test of my leg. Debs from Sports Therapy had said I could try 15km so long as I took it easy but that if it hurt to either stop or ease back until it didn't hurt.

So I started out and went gently up along the track then as I went down Beatson Road I took it very easy. My leg was feeling ok, just tight. It was at the 4km mark that things started hurting. Each time I would try to pick up the pace and power on it would hurt my adductor high up on the leg. So I would ease back and it would feel tight and hot then settle again. A number of times I would consider stopping or just turning back and then the pain would subside. So I had little choice but to tick along at about 6min/km pace. On the way home things started to tighten up and slow me down. I tried to do short bursts of speed but by now I just had no power and no drive. As soon as I hit the 12km mark and had the start of the up hill bits to home, I had to just walk. Going up hill really pulled on the adductor and hurt! So the obvious thing was to just walk. So this alters my overal time and pace.

I have to quietly admit to being a little nervous about the race next week....but I am sure 7 days will see it heal, it will just mean that I may not get the speed work in before I go.

So time for todays walk was 1:33.20

15km Gentle

Friday, August 12, 2011

5km Gentle walk to test leg

Today I was to test out my leg. 5km was my limit.

I picked a course that was close to home and headed out. My leg felt great and I just took my time. Each time I stretched out though I would feel it pull a little. So I would ease back.

At about the half way mark I bumped into a work mate and so stopped to chat. After a good 5min chat, I carried on home.

Back to physio later that day and I have been given the clear to try 15km tomorrow.

5km Gentle walk to test leg

Thursday, August 11, 2011

2km treadmill

After pulling my adductor yesterday, I was take it very easy today.

It ended up being one of those days that time just got away on me. So I was left with doing my gentle 2km to test out my leg on the treadmill or outside in the dark and cold.

I opted for the treadmill. The adductor held up ok until I started to lengthen my stride. As soon as I strode out it would give me a reminder it was sore. So I shortened my stride and managed to complete the 2km with out too much pain. The place that did hurt was the centre of my shin on the right leg. Perhaps cause I was having such a short stride I was having to really keep my toes up to land on a straight leg so putting more strain on my shin. As soon as my heel would touch the treadmill I would get a sharp pain center shin and then it would go as I moved over the foot. Eventually this stopped once I had warmed up.

tomorrow I am to try out a 5km on the road and then its back to physio to get the approval to start back into the speed work again.

2km treadmill

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good Morning Interview

Today I was flown up to be interviewed on a morning television program called Good Morning.  This is a news program that covers cooking, home decorating, kids and general interest items.  Every Wednesday they have a segment called Inspirational Kiwi's and it was on this spot that they put me.

I arrived at 8.30am and was taken down to make up and the lady straightened my hair and touched up a little of my make up.  It was wonderful to be pampered and even though I have not straightened my hair before...the result was nice and I was happy with it.  They had asked me to wear casual wear so I picked a really nice blue long sleeve top that I really like and my new Nike pants that I brought in the States.  Over all it pulled off ok....lol

Brendon was to interview me and he came and chatted in the make up room.  As it was for inspirational kiwi's,  I was to inspire others to go out and walk and improve them selves.  I was very nervous and as the camera came on me I felt my face go bright red and I had trouble talking for a moment.  Infact I totally forgot what I wanted to say and just babbled about the distances I raced at Sacramento.

The photos they used were aimed more at the general public.  So they picked one of me on the podium and two from my very first Triathlons.  The first photo is of me in the Marlborough Triathlon in Dec 2007 and the second photo is of me in my first event with Jo just behind me in the black shorts and white top.

I liked also how at the end Brendon gave me the scope to plug for a sponsor and I really hope that something comes of it.

I have also noted that I have not posted my videos from the medal ceremony's so please click below to see these.

20km Medal Ceremony

10km Medal Ceremony

5000m Medal Ceremony

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

2 x 2km, 1 x 1km 7 2 x 500m track

Its right back into the hard work outs again.

I dont know what I find harder...the fartleks or the intervals on the track!!

Again it was another awesome day. No breeze, nice and sunny and no clouds. I think its even quite warm for winter standards....about 15deg! Sharon has joined me to day. She is just going to do 6km and I am going to do my 2 x 2km, 1 x 1km and 2 x 500m. This works out great as it gives me passing practice and teaches me to race my own race.

I decided to try and pace my self a little better today. After the 6km fartlek of last week I have learned that I need to be careful so that I have enough energy to finish just as strong as I start. My first km felt good, my body was still a little stiff and tight. The second km felt better but I was breathing hard and so the 3min recovery was much enjoyed. I repeated the 2km and again pushed a little harder and was a few seconds faster than the first 2km. Now was the 1km and 500m's....I felt I could push a bit harder with these and so picked up the pace for the 1km. With only 2 mins to recover between the next set, I walked slowly in circles to keep my legs moving. I was down to the last of my workout. i pushed off hard for the 500m and by 400m was breathing very hard but my time was my fastest. 2:23 for 500m (wow wasn't that long ago I was happy to do 400m in that time) my last 500m was not as easy and I really had to push hard using my arms and glutes. About 20m from the 500m mark I felt a sharp pain in my upper inner thigh. I crossed the line stopped my watch ...slowly walked in a circle and then stopped and bent over to catch my breath. My leg felt ok and I thougtht it must have been a spasm. I said to Sharon I am going to do a gentle lap to cool down but when I started out i could feel the muscle pulling from the groin down to the knee. So its home to get ice on it. Coach says its an adductor spasm, I am just thank full I have tomorrow off.....................and am heading to Wellington for the Good Morning Show.

My lap splits are:-
5:08 = 10:20 for 2km

5:09 = 10:17 for 2km

5:01 for 1 km

2:23 = 500m
2:23 = 500m

2 x 2km, 1 x 1km 7 2 x 500m track

Monday, August 08, 2011

15km Monaco easy pace

I am tired and not feeling so flash today. I got little sleep last night and my body is sore and tired from the race on Saturday.

So Shane kindly decided to come with me on the mountain bike and keep my company. Even though we dont chat much while out it is wonderful having him along side.

I was pleased coach said to just be steady today.....but I see my pace was all over the show. I did stretch it out on the last km down the walk way to home - but it took alot out of me doing so. I had some pretty nasty GI cramps while out walking today so it was a harder 15km than the data shows.

Total time 1:29:44

15km Monaco easy pace

Sunday, August 07, 2011

8km recovery walk

Today is track day - Every Sunday we met at the track to do either drills or some speed work ... or we just chat and go over technique. Raylene, Sharon S, Andrea, Maree, Sharon M and Nerile are the regulars and are all doing fantastic. Each week we all have separate goals and workouts and we work around each other to make it fun.

I had 8km recovery walk and was happy to do it on the track today. I set Raylene, Sharon and Maree off to do 5km. Andrea decided to do drills but walked around the track while doing them and chatted to us as she went. Nerile wanted to do a speed workout but had forgetten her training shoes and so amazingly she did it in her crocs!!! So I started them all out first and then set out for my easy walk.

It was sooo nice today, it was wonderful to walk along and join in for a few strides and chat and then walk on to the next person. It was another beautiful day but we could look out over the bay and see snow clouds and snow falling on the hills in the distance. Sure enough the breeze picked up a little and with it came a chilly wind...so it was nice and hot out of the breeze but a good wind chill was on it when you came around into it. Just as we had finished up and were all headed back to the cars it was just starting to spit.

Everyone had a great walk and a good catch up.

My 8km was done in 50:18 with avg heart rate of 134

Nice and easy!!

8km recovery walk

Saturday, August 06, 2011

5km Club Champs

What a gorgeous day!! its 15 degs and wonderfully sunny. Perfect for a race!!!

Club Champs in Nelson is always a 5km walk or a 10km run. Usually the course has been out at Rabbit Island so I was really pleased to hear it has been changed to a course out from the Tahuna Beach Motor Camp. This is a really nice flat area....the only ugly part of the whole course was the 1km dog leg we had to do first. This was a small side road in the camp that has judder bars (speed bumps) every 30 metres along the road. So you have to pace your self and watch your feet so you land on them in the right spot.

I was really pleased to see that Wendy had turned up for this race. My coach had already said to me that he wanted me to go hard and race this one. We needed to see where I am at speed and fitness wise after a two week break. So knowing Wendy was racing meant that I would not slow down and would push for the whole race. To date I have not been able to beat Wendy in the shorter races and so I was very curious as to the out come.

We started off and the first 500m just felt so wrong...hopping up and over speed bumps and then turning and repeating it. Wendy was right on my heel and as we turned at the 1 km mark to head out on to the road section we were side by side. I checked my watch as it chirped 1 km....wow...this was fast and was really going to hurt if we kept this pace up. I figured that I needed to put racing Wendy out of my mind and just walk my own race. So I eased up a little and settled my breathing and got into my pace. I was able to pick up the pace again and we passed through the 3km in 15:35, holy cow that was so fast. By 3.5km Wendy started to drop back and could hear she was breathing hard so I guessed she had gone out a little quick. The thing that worried me was if I could keep this pace up myself for 2 more km.

Turning at the airport carpark we headed back the way we had come. So I was passing the other walkers and then the runners, it makes a good distraction as they call out to you. My glutes were really hurting now and the knot in my hamstring was making itself known. I had no idea how far behind me Wendy was and so I was trying hard to not ease up on my pace. I rounded the final corner and had about 400m to the finish line. I dug deep and picked up my pace and crossed the finish and hit stopped my watch.

I carried on walking for a bit to settle my breathing and my heartrate as I could feel my heart fair racing and banging away.

25:51...............Holy smokes...........this is a new PB!!!! I have never gone this fast EVER!!!! thanks to Wendy being out there and pushing me!

5km Club Champs

Friday, August 05, 2011

12km recovery walk around the port

Coach wanted me to slow this one down and just walk. Not to look at my watch or worry about time. It was nice to do so and I enjoyed the freedom of just enjoying my walk.

My body was pretty tired from yesterday speed workout and my glutes were really hurting today. A good sign that I am actually starting to use them.

I decided to go around the block and take in the walk beside the sea around the Port. I normal avoid this walk as it is uneven and I usually end up hurting myself, but I wanted some nice scenery this time. I got into my groove and just let my body tick along and what ever pace it wanted to go. I was not pushing but instead cruising. My breathing was normal and I could have chatted for most of the walk. The hardest part of the walk was the last 3km to home as its just a gradual rise. Not enough to say you are going up hill, but enough for you to feel the extra work you have to do to maintain your pace and you can definitely notice the change in your breathing as I was getting a little puffed.

Total time today was 1:10:30 and I am very happy with that. It is far quicker than I felt or meant to do. Avg heart rate 148

12km recovery walk around the port

Thursday, August 04, 2011

6km fartlek

This hurt ... LOTS!!!

I either went out way too fast or I just really don't have my fitness back. I cant believe that just two weeks off has set me back so much.

It was a beautiful day today too. With a good frost first thing in the morning but this melted away leaving a nice sunny day. Approx 12 degs but I found that my feet felt like ice blocks and it was hard to get moving at first.

I did a couple of laps and then decided to just get into it. The first km was hard....I was breathing really hard by the time I had finished and I welcomed the recovery lap. The next fast 500 didn't feel as easy as I remember them and I was finding as I progressed through this workout it was getting harder and harder to keep momentum up.

I really want to quit!! at 5km I almost did......I was struggling so much. I was gasping for air and my legs were done, but I figured by then it was only 1 more km to go.

my last km was sad. I was hurting....but its my first hard walk and I was not to expect anything too great.

so here are my kms

1 = 5:03
2 = 5:30 (2:58 + 2:32)
3 = 5:42 (3:06 + 2:36)
4 = 5:47 (3:08 + 2:39)
5 = 5:46 (3:06 + 2:40)
6 = 5:57 (3:15 + 2:42)
Total time for 6km = 33:52 avg h/r = 161

6km fartlek

Monday, August 01, 2011

10km out and back Monaco

hmmmm ok so how do I slow this train down!!!!!!!!

Today was my second day back out walking again. I was to do 10km and so after checking on my son I headed out along my normal 10km walk.

OH BEATSON'S ROAD...how I have missed you ....NOT!!!

Other than aching legs I felt great and it was really good to get back out on the road again. I had forgotten the feeling of sore muscles and funny enough I really welcomed the feeling. I noted that i was zipping through the km's pretty quickly but I was not puffing nor did I feel i was pushing too hard. Jim had explained to me that my heart rate would read a bit high for a wee while due to the break so I was not too phased this time. I turned at my 5km point ...hmmmm....28:15 oh gosh thats a bit quick. Well its pretty much up hill for most of the way home so I was confident that would slow things down a little

On the way home I was getting toots from cars and people on the walk way were calling out "congrats" and "well done".....it was so awesome to get such positive vibes while out on a workout. I hit the bottom of Beatson's Road and look up ..... its nearly a km..ugh....so head down bum tucked and up we go....half way up I swap to power walking and then just as I reach the top its normal walking......I pop out at the top and then its a nice little slight down hill for a km to home.....I check my watch and figured I had looked at it wrong...I am sure it said 52:??....na I must have read it wrong.....I really enjoy the last km along the walkway and I stretched out and let some speed come. I had a lady pass me on a bike and she called out that she had trouble catching me...lol....

I hear my watch chirp fot the 10km so hit the stop and check my watch................ oh dear...... I can hear my coach already .............. hmmmmm.....

57:58 for 10km with an avg heart rate of 153

10km out and back Monaco