Thursday, August 18, 2011

5km fartlek on the track

Last speed work out before I head to Wellington for the NZ Road Champs. I am underdone!!! due to injuring my leg I have lost valuable training and today it showed.

I really struggled with fitness today. Yes my coach had told me to take it easy and wind up into it, but I couldn't have gone any faster today if I had wanted to.

I warmed up by doing 3 laps. The whole park was filled with screaming 8 - 12 year old kids. Inter school soccer was on and as there is a soccer field in the middle of our track, I had the joy of giggling kids pointing and mimicking me. Once I got it sorted with the kids to keep lane one clear I started out on my walk.

My first km and I thought I had kept my pace in check. I didnt feel I had gone out too quick until I passed through the 800m and checked my I eased up alot and brought my first km in at 5:12

Ok so now it was the recovery 500m......I figured the rest of the workout was going to be tough as I was way too fast for the first one. Gentle was my coaches words......ease into it......I continued on with my slow 500m and then pushed it up for the fast 500m. By the 3km I new I couldn't push any faster, I was tired and had little energy in my legs. The good thing was NO PAIN. My leg was tight and I could feel it stretching, but it was not hurting. I thought that I might have been able to push a little harder on the last km but no. I was pretty much done.

When I was finished and was just walking around the track quietly I had a few parents come over and chat to me. They had recognized me and had found it really interesting to actually see me walk. It was nice to chat to them and explain about racewalking and straighten out some myths that they all believed in.

so here are my km splits

1km = 5:12
2km = 2:54 + 2:30 = 5:24
3km = 3:00 + 2:33 = 5:33
4km = 3:03 + 2:34 = 5:37
5km = 3:01 + 2:34 = 5:35

total time = 57:26

5km fartlek on the track

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