Saturday, August 13, 2011

15km Gentle

A final test of my leg. Debs from Sports Therapy had said I could try 15km so long as I took it easy but that if it hurt to either stop or ease back until it didn't hurt.

So I started out and went gently up along the track then as I went down Beatson Road I took it very easy. My leg was feeling ok, just tight. It was at the 4km mark that things started hurting. Each time I would try to pick up the pace and power on it would hurt my adductor high up on the leg. So I would ease back and it would feel tight and hot then settle again. A number of times I would consider stopping or just turning back and then the pain would subside. So I had little choice but to tick along at about 6min/km pace. On the way home things started to tighten up and slow me down. I tried to do short bursts of speed but by now I just had no power and no drive. As soon as I hit the 12km mark and had the start of the up hill bits to home, I had to just walk. Going up hill really pulled on the adductor and hurt! So the obvious thing was to just walk. So this alters my overal time and pace.

I have to quietly admit to being a little nervous about the race next week....but I am sure 7 days will see it heal, it will just mean that I may not get the speed work in before I go.

So time for todays walk was 1:33.20

15km Gentle

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