Tuesday, August 30, 2011

12km out and back starting at monaco

Great day for a walk. I missed out doing my 10km yesterday due to way too many commitments in one day and I literally ran out of time.

Today was a 12km walk so I decided to head out from my work, giving Beatsons Road a miss. Wow what a difference that makes...No hill to go down or Hill to go back up..BLISS.

Ok I did strike the breeze that picked up on my return but that was still no where near as bad as a hill. I was trying to just stick to a nice and steady pace that was not pushing me too hard. I was shocked to see that I had gone through 5km in 28mins and then 10km in a very fast 56:36mins.....OMG....this was just way too fast.

I was feeling really good. I was not breathing hard and was enjoying the walk. It felt easy today and so while I was walking I was making sure that my knees were locking and that I was using my glutes plus keeping my back foot on the ground longer. I just seemed to have more power today and I know I was using my glutes cause by 4km they were burning and again at 8km they started fatiguing. The last two km I had to really concentrate hard on tucking and using my glutes, they were really hurting and it was hard to keep them on.

I had to add in a little bit extra on the way back as they were working on the walkway and I was short 200m. I had to fight against the breeze on the way home and by the time I did get back to the car it was a fairly good sea breeze.

Total time for the 12km today was 1:07:58 for an avg pace of 5:39

12km out and back starting at monaco

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Tammy said...

wow, you are so fast I will never ever catch you if we ever race again :( ... on the other hand, I'm really happy for you! yay for you!!!!