Friday, August 05, 2011

12km recovery walk around the port

Coach wanted me to slow this one down and just walk. Not to look at my watch or worry about time. It was nice to do so and I enjoyed the freedom of just enjoying my walk.

My body was pretty tired from yesterday speed workout and my glutes were really hurting today. A good sign that I am actually starting to use them.

I decided to go around the block and take in the walk beside the sea around the Port. I normal avoid this walk as it is uneven and I usually end up hurting myself, but I wanted some nice scenery this time. I got into my groove and just let my body tick along and what ever pace it wanted to go. I was not pushing but instead cruising. My breathing was normal and I could have chatted for most of the walk. The hardest part of the walk was the last 3km to home as its just a gradual rise. Not enough to say you are going up hill, but enough for you to feel the extra work you have to do to maintain your pace and you can definitely notice the change in your breathing as I was getting a little puffed.

Total time today was 1:10:30 and I am very happy with that. It is far quicker than I felt or meant to do. Avg heart rate 148

12km recovery walk around the port

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