Thursday, August 25, 2011

12km out and back Monaco

I cant believe that it is meant to be Winter still. It is gorgeous out side!! Its sunny, hardly any cloud and about 15 degs out.

I was feeling a little stiff and sore today after yesterdays quick little 10km so I had thought to take it a bit slower today. I did start out taking it slower but as there was no wind today I didn't get held up like yesterday that before I knew it I had hit 5km in 29:02 and then 10km in 58:15 opps

But the good news was I felt great. No pain or pulling of my leg at all. What a relief that was to me. I was feeling tired on the way home but managed to keep to a fairly steady pace for the return trip.

I came up Beatson's Road and just walked the last 50m to the top. I do like the section of walk way at the final km. Its not so nice when its the first km of my walk as its up hill but as the last one of my walk its great....a nice down hill to home.

12km today was in 1:10:14 avg pace 5:51 avg h/r 149 which is better.

12km out and back Monaco

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