Sunday, August 07, 2011

8km recovery walk

Today is track day - Every Sunday we met at the track to do either drills or some speed work ... or we just chat and go over technique. Raylene, Sharon S, Andrea, Maree, Sharon M and Nerile are the regulars and are all doing fantastic. Each week we all have separate goals and workouts and we work around each other to make it fun.

I had 8km recovery walk and was happy to do it on the track today. I set Raylene, Sharon and Maree off to do 5km. Andrea decided to do drills but walked around the track while doing them and chatted to us as she went. Nerile wanted to do a speed workout but had forgetten her training shoes and so amazingly she did it in her crocs!!! So I started them all out first and then set out for my easy walk.

It was sooo nice today, it was wonderful to walk along and join in for a few strides and chat and then walk on to the next person. It was another beautiful day but we could look out over the bay and see snow clouds and snow falling on the hills in the distance. Sure enough the breeze picked up a little and with it came a chilly it was nice and hot out of the breeze but a good wind chill was on it when you came around into it. Just as we had finished up and were all headed back to the cars it was just starting to spit.

Everyone had a great walk and a good catch up.

My 8km was done in 50:18 with avg heart rate of 134

Nice and easy!!

8km recovery walk

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