Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10km out and back

what an awesome day!!! Except for the wind. Its 16 degs and sunny but some really strong gusts of wind (almost pushed me backwards)

I felt great today. My leg is feeling much better and I have been given the full clearance by Debs to start pushing it again. I had meant to just go out today and just cruise along but punching into a 5km head wind was tough and so I ended up pushing harder than I meant too. Plus I was practicing leaving my foot on the ground longer and pushing with my glutes and perhaps that also helped with the extra speed too. 4th and 5th kms were the hardest as the wind was gusting in from the sea and many times nearly pushed me back ward or across the track. The only good thing about a head wind is you get a tail wind on the way home and it really pushed me along when I went home. I will have to make sure I take it easy tomorrow for my 12km.

10km out and back Monaco

10km out and back Monaco

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