Thursday, August 11, 2011

2km treadmill

After pulling my adductor yesterday, I was take it very easy today.

It ended up being one of those days that time just got away on me. So I was left with doing my gentle 2km to test out my leg on the treadmill or outside in the dark and cold.

I opted for the treadmill. The adductor held up ok until I started to lengthen my stride. As soon as I strode out it would give me a reminder it was sore. So I shortened my stride and managed to complete the 2km with out too much pain. The place that did hurt was the centre of my shin on the right leg. Perhaps cause I was having such a short stride I was having to really keep my toes up to land on a straight leg so putting more strain on my shin. As soon as my heel would touch the treadmill I would get a sharp pain center shin and then it would go as I moved over the foot. Eventually this stopped once I had warmed up.

tomorrow I am to try out a 5km on the road and then its back to physio to get the approval to start back into the speed work again.

2km treadmill

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