Tuesday, August 09, 2011

2 x 2km, 1 x 1km 7 2 x 500m track

Its right back into the hard work outs again.

I dont know what I find harder...the fartleks or the intervals on the track!!

Again it was another awesome day. No breeze, nice and sunny and no clouds. I think its even quite warm for winter standards....about 15deg! Sharon has joined me to day. She is just going to do 6km and I am going to do my 2 x 2km, 1 x 1km and 2 x 500m. This works out great as it gives me passing practice and teaches me to race my own race.

I decided to try and pace my self a little better today. After the 6km fartlek of last week I have learned that I need to be careful so that I have enough energy to finish just as strong as I start. My first km felt good, my body was still a little stiff and tight. The second km felt better but I was breathing hard and so the 3min recovery was much enjoyed. I repeated the 2km and again pushed a little harder and was a few seconds faster than the first 2km. Now was the 1km and 500m's....I felt I could push a bit harder with these and so picked up the pace for the 1km. With only 2 mins to recover between the next set, I walked slowly in circles to keep my legs moving. I was down to the last of my workout. i pushed off hard for the 500m and by 400m was breathing very hard but my time was my fastest. 2:23 for 500m (wow wasn't that long ago I was happy to do 400m in that time) my last 500m was not as easy and I really had to push hard using my arms and glutes. About 20m from the 500m mark I felt a sharp pain in my upper inner thigh. I crossed the line stopped my watch ...slowly walked in a circle and then stopped and bent over to catch my breath. My leg felt ok and I thougtht it must have been a spasm. I said to Sharon I am going to do a gentle lap to cool down but when I started out i could feel the muscle pulling from the groin down to the knee. So its home to get ice on it. Coach says its an adductor spasm, I am just thank full I have tomorrow off.....................and am heading to Wellington for the Good Morning Show.

My lap splits are:-
5:08 = 10:20 for 2km

5:09 = 10:17 for 2km

5:01 for 1 km

2:23 = 500m
2:23 = 500m

2 x 2km, 1 x 1km 7 2 x 500m track

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