Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8km out an back

A test of the leg. Coach said to do 8km....normal pace.

I said that my leg was 80% this morning but when I got changed and walked up to the track to start my walk I would put it more like 90%...It felt ok and so I thought I would slowly pick up the pace as I went.

Shane came with me on his bike so that I had company. I felt great pushing up the walk way and did it in a fairly quick time too. Down the hill and I tried hard to ease back and NOT stretch out too much. The third km and I started feeling my leg tugging - but to the front of the hip, not the adductor. I decided to ease back and re check once on the flat again. I picked to go up the centre of the walk way today rather than out across the main highway. So one km to go on the flat and the pulling eased again so I thought i would pick up the pace. I forgot that this way was a very slight up hill.........so when i turned I got some good speed up for that km. It felt nice and easy, my breathing was steady and my heart rate remained normal.

Going back up beatson's road was a little slow as I deliberately took it gentle up here. I was really paranoid about hurting myself again so I power walked up the hill. Once I got to the top I decided to push hard for the last km. I was warmed up now and if there was ever a time to test it ... it was now. I am happy to say that I got the whole km out with out a twinge!

total time for the 8km was 46:01

So now to baby it for a couple more days and hope like made the weather settles for the NZ Road Champs cause at the moment no one can drive into wellington with roads closed due to snow or fly in as airports are closed due to SNOW..........this is almost unheard of in NZ. Plus last year the NZ Champs was cancelled due to an Earthquake....how uncanny would it be that another force of nature could force the cancellation of another one. "Positive thinking" I have been told.....so positive thinking I will be doing.

8km out an back

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Tammy said...

Nice speedy workout! So glad your leg is feeling better. Whew. Baby it some more and you'll do great in the 10K!

Sorry it's so cold. How cold was it for your walk? Wish I could send you some warm weather. It's sooooo nice here.