Saturday, December 16, 2006

NZ National Triathlon Race 3

Today we got up at 5am and got ready for me to enter my first National Triathlon. I had entered into the Tri My Sport section which is run first. It has a 350m swim, 15 km bike and 4 km run.

I must admit to being daunted by the sea swim. Even though I can swim well enough and can swim double that distance in a pool there is some thing scary about doing it in the sea.

At 7.30 our race started. We all put on our very attractive swimming caps and struggled into wetsuits and at the horn raced off for the start of the swim leg. By half way I was totalled exhausted. I had swollowed more than enough sea water - yes I have seen that email going round with the big sperm whale....... There was another lady who was not a very good swimmer too so we stayed together. I was 2nd last out of the water and run up the beach to get on my bike.........running while trying to wriggle out of a wet sticky wet suit is an art I have yet to master but at least I didnt fall on my face. haha

I managed to get my suit off and pull on my shorts and top. I didnt bother with socks and just rammed my feet into my shoes and was off. The TV crew were filming in the transition area and it felt rather odd to be half way through dressing to look up and find a camera 12 inchs from your face haha

The cycle leg is my favorite and I made up some time in that passing 6 people.

Here is me on the second leg of the run section. I was really worried about this as I am a walker not a runner. I really didnt think my knee would hold out for the whole 4 km but I surprised my self by running 90% of the race, a huge effort on my half.

My finishing time was 1 hour 16min. My final results were 15th in the Tri My Sport Womens section. In total there were 20 women and 14 guys so with 34 in the seriers its a good turn out. I am thrilled with my progress and now have a goal to train towards. I intend to do this again next year and better my time plus enter the chch race too.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Marlborough Womens Triathlon

Sunday 3 Dec 2006. Its the event I have been training for. I entered the very first event when I was 14 years old so I was keen to enter the 25th annual event.

We turned up at 7.30 am and it was a picture perfect blenheim day. Even the pool felt warm.......hmmmm silly me to even think that one .

498 women entered on the day - 159 were walkers. I had entered in the Walkers as I am still to heavy to run. The event was a 5.5km walk/run, 13 km bike ride and 100m swim.

All shapes and sizes enter this event. Its a fantastic starter for any fitness and it feels awesome just to finish.

The race started at 10am with runners on one side of the track and walkers on the other. After a count down we were off. To my surprize the runners were holding me up and with in 100m there were no walkers any where near me. I was out in front and off like a rocket.

The walk took me 38.47 mins

I jumped on my bike and headed off for the 13 km ride up redwood street, down wither road and up taylors pass road. I have a computer on my bike that tells me my speed etc. While coming down whither road I got up to 60km....lucky no police were around with radar or I could have got a ticket ...hehehe....
I finished the bike leg in 28.26 min

I raced my bike to the rack, tore my helmet off and then ran off to the pool.

Thinking to myself, yay only 2 lengths and its all over, a nice swim... easy as. What I forgot was that the surface of the pool may have been warm earlier in the day but after 200 women have stirred up the water it would be freezing. I jumped into the pool and wow, it was like being punched in the chest. I couldnt breathe or move. It was soooo cold it literally took my breath away. So instead of swimming freestyle, I flicked over and did back stroke just so I could breathe. At last it was over. I had finished the whole race in 1 hour 10 min. A fantastic effort.

Sadly there was a major muck up with the times as I was also entered into a business team, my time didnt come over to the individual walkers. I had a feeling that I had done really well but they didnt call my name for the top three places I was rather mystified. I rang the next day and there were all ready on to it.

It turns out that I won the walkers section. How cool is that. I win the trophy and they are bringing it over to me this week.

My next event is in two weeks at Rabbit Island. Tri my sport - 350 mt swim, 15km bike and 3.5 km run. There is no walk optioin in this one so I will try to run and walk most of it.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Lakes to Renwick 2006

Today I entered the 90 km road race from Lakes to Renwick.

I was meant to have entered with my girlfriend Jo, but she was unable to make it.

It was so daunting when I started out. There were 60 riders in my group and I suddenly felt very out of my depth.

Whoever said it was all down hill to renwick has never riden it!!!!!! There were some long gentle climbs that did catch you out but most of it was flat or slightly downhill.
At times I riding at 45km and had an average speed of 30 km but when the racing pack of riders past me, I had to check my speed as they left me in their wake. Man they were fast. They finished in 1 hour 40min...a record I am told.

At the 65km mark my back was hurting and my butt had lost all feeling and there were fleeting moments that I really wanted to pull up when I saw shane next and quit. But in those moments I also reminded myself why I was doing this and pushed on.

I think the worst part of the whole trip was the last 10km, that has to be the longest straight ever!!!!! The wind had changed direction and was more front on until you rounded that last corner and head down into Renwick. I looked up and it just went on forever. But at long last the Broadbridge stock yards came into view and the finish. I finished the whole thing in 2 hours 42 mins.

And here I am, I have just gone through the finish and am returning to shane at the car. See still smiling!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rabbit Island Half Marathon

Two weeks ago a friend of mine asked if I would like to walk the half marathon with her and two others. Each of us would walk 5km and I thought....what a cool thing to do. So I was happy to accept. Well two days before the event her two mates decided she was not going to be competitive enough and pulled out to walk the whole thing on their own, so not wanting to let my friend down I suggested we still enter as a team and do two stints of 5 km. So the team name of "Double Trouble" was thought up and entered.

Saturday 28th October - it turned out to be a wonderfull day, full sun for the event and no cold wind. Excellent!!! My friend Jo headed out for the first leg and completed that in 40 mins, then I did the second leg in 38 mins.

Here I am whizzing past 2 people (I am in the white top)

The mistake I made was.......... after I finished my first 5km I headed over to shane and sat down for about 10mins. Boy did my legs tell me off when I went to stand up.......silly me should have walked around a little to cool down.

By this stage it was really hotting up and I could feel my face starting to burn but before I could go get sunscreen, wee Jo was back and I was ready to do my last 5km leg. Jo was a little slower this time at 44mins.

I raced off and passed 6 people but by the 4km mark my legs told me that they were very unfit and that I was a wicked person for putting them through this. I was still able to walk but no where near as fast as I had been so my last leg was done in 40 mins. Total time of 2 hours 43 mins. But the best news of all was ...... combined we bet both her friends who thought Jo would walk too slow. Yay and we came in 9th out of 35 teams.

We had the best day and yes both of us were very very sore for a few days after. I hobbled around for 3 days but my legs feel great now and are ready for a huge bike ride next weekend.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Duathlon At Founders Park

This was the last winter duathlon. It was a 2k walk, 12k bike and a 2k walk.

I was really nervous about this one. The thought of riding along the main road with cars whizzing by at 100k didnt really appeal to me but now that its over I found that it wasnt so bad after all and are now keen to actually do a road race.

There were 60 entries for this one but only 10 were walkers. It was really neat wandering through founders park during the walk, got to have a free tour as such....

Shane put road tyres onto my mountain bike which helped heaps. Did make my bike look a little odd though and it did feel weird at first riding on such skinny little tyres.

There was a hell head wind for sections of the bike ride which really tested the old legs (which are telling me today that they worked really hard )

I had managed to pass two of the walkers ahead of me during the bike leg so I had made up time very well. Ahead of me were 2 walkers, both race walking so I had no chance of catching them. I have since found out that there will be 5 km races each wed night for learners........sign me up!!!

I finished this race in 1 hour 2 mins, I am pleased with that. I was thrid overall of walkers but not sure of my class.

I am loving these and am hunting out road races to do as well. Roll on summer.

Monday, September 04, 2006

6 hour Enduro at Korere

Shane and Mike getting ready to start the 6 hour. Shane on bike 193, its his first competion ride since buying the new bike.

Here is shane racing past the pits on lap 2. Sadly this is the last photo I got of him as after this he didnt fuel up his bike and he ran out of gas 3 km from the finish and had to push his bike for 1 and half hours to get to the top of the hill so he could c coast back down. So shane only rode for 2 hours of the 6 and we packed up and went home.

I did try to get one of the stewards to take some gas to him but one of the riders chose that moment to learn how to fly and broke two ribs. All spare stewards went to the aid of this rider and sadly shane was forgotten about until I threw a little tanty!!!! but it was too late by then as shane had just made it to the top of the hill. Next year we will be better prepared and will fuel up every 2 laps!!! Still a great day out the weather was perfect.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Shoe Clinic Duathlon At Rabbit Island

Today I entered the Shoe Clinic Duathlon at Rabbit Island. It was a walk 2km, mountain bike 11 km and walk 2 km. I hadn?t trained for it but decided to enter it with sheer grit and determination that I can do it.

We arrived out there at 9am and were one of the first to enter. With what was meant to be an overcast drizzly day, it turned out to be a glorious sunny day nice and warm.

We got under way at 10.00 on the dot. Walkers and runners all started at the same time. I meandered off and shortly set my sights on a lady about 40 meters a head of me and made it my mission to pass her. About half way round the walk mission one was accomplished and I steamed my way off to get my bike.

Image hosted by
by nylesphotos

I leapt on to (ok grappled) my trusty stead and peddled off to start the 11km mountain bike section. This is nice I thought......sunny day, birds chirping........large deep puddles of mud..........splash........ didn?t fall off but looked like I had....I was covered. the course was mostly sand and with the rain the day before was rather boggy in places but that made it fun. About half way round the lady from mission one past me, so I uped the tempo and peddled off after her and nearly passed her again as we came round to the finsh of the biking leg.

I threw my bike down..(Literally) dragged my helmet off and pounded off after her. Once again she became mission one!! and I did get past her about half way round again and stayed in front right to the finish.

Image hosted by
by nylesphotos

I think I finished first in my class and will find out tomorrow night. But I did wind a spot prize. A really flash Tee-shirt from the Shoe Clinic and on the front in large bold letters is "BROOKS" how fitting I thought.

So now I am training for the next race in a month. This time it will be a road race around Founders Park.

I will put photos up once this silly blog site lets won?t load up the upload for photos bit.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Funerals and Reunions

My Gang died quite suddenly. It brought home how precious life really is. I hadn?t seen my Gang for some time and suddenly I felt so badly for that.

Me and the kids traveled across to Blenheim for the funeral. There were their own drama?s in that journey. Shakara and Kayne traveled with me in my FTO........squashed in like sardines. Teagan took her own car and traveled with two friends. Unfortunately teagans car only made it up the gentle Annie before spluttering to a stop. So they had to turn back and get her mates car. This car only made it as far as Havelock before it locked up and stopped. So they hitched the rest of the way.

I was most honored by being a pall bearer from the church and then to the grave side and Kayne did me proud by wearing his ATC uniform and honoring Gangs service with that.

The one up side of all this is I got to met up with family I had not seen in 2o years (Kerry my cousin) and Aunts and Uncles from 6 years ago. Plus I got to see my Dad again, that was the most special of all.

I didn?t realize just how much I miss him being a part of my life until I went and spent 8 days with him and Jo-Anne. The kids were most excited to see him and uncle ray as they had not seen either for some time.

Its just so sad that it took such a moment in time to bring us all together but I am thankful for the time we all had

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dunn Mountain

On Sunday (16/07/06) I got very adventurous and grabbed my trusty bike to head off and tackle Dunn Mountain.

The day was picture perfect with just a small splattering of cloud. Sun was shining birds were singing................and I was gasping over my handle bars yet again.

The pic is me at the table which I thought was half way .................... was actually quarter.

The ride was fantastic. It is a gentle gradiant that you hardly notice. I rode for 2 hours and made it to the 4 x 4 track which is the half way mark as one of the guys told me as he whizzed past me. So I turned around and headed for home. It may not have been a steep track but wow, did I whiz down. Took me 20mins to get to the bottom.

So next weekend I have recurited 2 other mates to come up and go the whole way up. Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Back On My Bike

Yay, I have finally been able to get out on my bike.

On saturday with the sun shining and the birds singing. Shane and I packed up the trailer with motor bike and mountain bike and headed up the Hira. Shane opted for the fire breaks and death defying rutts. Me, I picked the safe old boring gravel road. I road up Sharlands Creek Road. It winds up to the top of Sharlands Ridge.........yep up hill all the way. Took me about 80 mins to reach the top ............... yes and about 10 stops gasping like a fish out of water............but I made it. The ride down was great.............20mins to the bottom..............yeee haaaaaa

On sunday, I dragged my bike out and threw myself back into those little unforgiving shorts and headed back up again to investigate a trail i passed on the way. I found that bike seats are very very firm....specially on the second day!!!!

The trail (above image) I had found started off really easy and had some creek crossings and lots of over hanging ferns with fan tails flitting along with me. Awesome, but eventually i had to give up and turn around as it quickly became to steep for me to ride up (or down).

but I still had a blast.

brachial neuritis or parsonage - turner syndrome

Parsonage-Turner syndrome is a condition characterized by inflammation of the network of nerves that control and supply (innervate) the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and arms (brachial plexus). Individuals with the condition first experience a sudden onset of severe pain across the shoulder and upper arm. The muscles of the affected shoulder show weakness, wasting (atrophy), and paralysis (atrophic paralysis) within a few hours or days of the onset of the disorder. Although individuals with the condition may experience paralysis of the affected areas that lasts for months or years in some cases, recovery is usually complete. The exact cause of Parsonage-Turner syndrome is not known.

The specialist has told me that it I have to let the nerve re grow at 1mm a day. Hence why it takes nearly a year to recover. The good news is ..... I can ride my bike again and basically go back to doing what ever I like. The numb fingers will eventually go away and will take some time to regain the strength in my arm.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Trip To Melbourne

8 days in Melboroune catching up with family. Some of who i have not seen in over 20 years.

Meeting new wives and children was amazing.

We had a great time exploring melbourne and learning how to take the train and not get lost.

The market was mindblowing and had I not have been in so much pain would have gone nuts and spent all my money in one hit. Then the Factory outlet I could go back there any day.

Loved the zoo, but the main animals I wanted to see were not out....all hiding in their borrows.

Wild Kangaroos made our day. These guys just hop around at my brothers home, most afternoons they are there.

Sadly due to a mountain bike injury I did 3 weeks prior to traveling, I spent my whole time in pain and unable to sleep very well at all. On returning home it has been found that i have trauma damage to my neck and have pinched my nerves. Great stuff!!!!

Flying home was great. Had our own dvd screens so the trip went really fast.

Then to top it all off I broke my tooth in half with a lollie on the plane...............................

Friday, May 19, 2006

Its Been awhile

Its been awhile since I have been here.....I have been so busy with work, family and trying to find some my time....that i just ran out of time.

I cant believe thats is half way through the year already...where has it gone. its nearly my birthday and I refuse to be that old this year. I still only feel 20!!!!!