Sunday, August 27, 2006

Shoe Clinic Duathlon At Rabbit Island

Today I entered the Shoe Clinic Duathlon at Rabbit Island. It was a walk 2km, mountain bike 11 km and walk 2 km. I hadn?t trained for it but decided to enter it with sheer grit and determination that I can do it.

We arrived out there at 9am and were one of the first to enter. With what was meant to be an overcast drizzly day, it turned out to be a glorious sunny day nice and warm.

We got under way at 10.00 on the dot. Walkers and runners all started at the same time. I meandered off and shortly set my sights on a lady about 40 meters a head of me and made it my mission to pass her. About half way round the walk mission one was accomplished and I steamed my way off to get my bike.

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by nylesphotos

I leapt on to (ok grappled) my trusty stead and peddled off to start the 11km mountain bike section. This is nice I thought......sunny day, birds chirping........large deep puddles of mud..........splash........ didn?t fall off but looked like I had....I was covered. the course was mostly sand and with the rain the day before was rather boggy in places but that made it fun. About half way round the lady from mission one past me, so I uped the tempo and peddled off after her and nearly passed her again as we came round to the finsh of the biking leg.

I threw my bike down..(Literally) dragged my helmet off and pounded off after her. Once again she became mission one!! and I did get past her about half way round again and stayed in front right to the finish.

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by nylesphotos

I think I finished first in my class and will find out tomorrow night. But I did wind a spot prize. A really flash Tee-shirt from the Shoe Clinic and on the front in large bold letters is "BROOKS" how fitting I thought.

So now I am training for the next race in a month. This time it will be a road race around Founders Park.

I will put photos up once this silly blog site lets won?t load up the upload for photos bit.


Glennis said...

You did really well. Imagine you winnning a t-shirt with BROOKS on it, very appropriate. The photos are there, just small, but ok. Doesn't matter whether you won or not, its more important to have enjoyed the race, and you did that by the sound of it!

kiwigina said...

Hey Nyle!

Well done!

I have been thinking about doing something like this for a long time and now I'm back in NZ I'd better get going and put my money where my mouth is and try to live up to your example. I might even win a shirt with Revill on it!!!!

You go girl!! :-)