Saturday, August 12, 2006

Funerals and Reunions

My Gang died quite suddenly. It brought home how precious life really is. I hadn?t seen my Gang for some time and suddenly I felt so badly for that.

Me and the kids traveled across to Blenheim for the funeral. There were their own drama?s in that journey. Shakara and Kayne traveled with me in my FTO........squashed in like sardines. Teagan took her own car and traveled with two friends. Unfortunately teagans car only made it up the gentle Annie before spluttering to a stop. So they had to turn back and get her mates car. This car only made it as far as Havelock before it locked up and stopped. So they hitched the rest of the way.

I was most honored by being a pall bearer from the church and then to the grave side and Kayne did me proud by wearing his ATC uniform and honoring Gangs service with that.

The one up side of all this is I got to met up with family I had not seen in 2o years (Kerry my cousin) and Aunts and Uncles from 6 years ago. Plus I got to see my Dad again, that was the most special of all.

I didn?t realize just how much I miss him being a part of my life until I went and spent 8 days with him and Jo-Anne. The kids were most excited to see him and uncle ray as they had not seen either for some time.

Its just so sad that it took such a moment in time to bring us all together but I am thankful for the time we all had