Thursday, March 29, 2012

3km jog

I was to test the leg with a gentle jog.  NO more than 3km I was told.  My right hamstring had been feeling better today and was not hurting when I walked normally so I hoped it would be ok while I jogged.  I hate not doing any exercise and two weeks off sounds divine....I know I will be a twitching mess after a week.

So I set out tonight and went along the track behind us and down around Victory Square park then back to home again.  It took about 500m to settle and adjust to running.  It felt so weird and odd.  Once I settled I loved the freedom to do what I wanted and really enjoyed it.

I had a few niggles while heels were hurting for the first 2km and my knees did grumble a little at first.  Once I had finished and was stretching my hamstring was a little tender as was my IT band down the side of the right leg.  If only I could walk as fast and as easily.  I was 21 secs faster today on my jog than I was on the track.

total time 15:11 with an avg heart rate of 138

3km jog 

Monday, March 26, 2012

20km Road Walk NZ Nationals

I was not feeling as confident about this race now.  Leading up I was sure I would do great, my training was going well and I was sure I would get an awesome time.  I was aiming for 1.52 - 1.53 and new I could do it.  But when I woke up at 3.30am to make some breakfast I had trouble standing.  My calfs and shins were hurting so badly and my right leg was burning.  NOT a good start.  I had my food and got changed into my shorts and crop top...then climbed back into bed for some more sleep.  Plus this is my way of activating my "system" and going when I wake up....only this didnt work!  So I was worried I would end up with GI issues later in the morning.  I woke at 5.30am when Brooke sent me a text to say she was up and on her way.  I got up and quietly put my shoes on and headed off into the rain to met up with Brooke.  We drove into the city and picked up Jim and then headed to the road course.

It was a light drizzle when we arrived.  We walked down to the start and found some shelter under the eves of the funeral parlour opposite the start line.  I wandered off and joined a few of the others in a warm up lap.  The course was very slippery, with 5 turns and lots of white lines around.  In the drizzle it made them very slippery under foot.  When I came back from my warm up my coach asked how I was feeling and so I told him about my legs.  I was trying very hard to not focus on anything negative but I had to say something.  He quickly gave both my shins and calfs a hard massage and commented on how tight they felt.  In my haste to get ready early in the morning,  I had grabbed the wrong underwear and just after one lap to warm up I was getting rubbed....GREAT!!!   I quickly had time to put body glide on and before I knew it I was off to the start line.

We lined up and the gun goes off.  I set off at a pace I felt happy with.  I wanted to settle into my race pace and I was ok with taking the first km slower than needed.  Rozie was in front as expected and Brooke had headed out quicker than I first thought she would.  But I was happy to let her be.  Leslie again settled in behind me along with Alana.  I went through my first km in 5:37 and that was a fine pace for me.  On the second lap I passed Brooke and started to make some distance between myself and the others.  I wanted to put a good 100m or more behind me and over the next two km I did manage that.  I passed through 5km in 28:15.....way too slow.  It should have been 27:10

My right leg was starting to burn and my coach was trying to give me tips on how to get my glutes firing as he could see clearly that I was not working my glutes in this walk.  He could see that I was in trouble and there was little he could do.  Each time I tried to fire my glute my piroformus would grab the sciatic nerve and send pain down my leg.  By 8km I was struggling to land my right leg.  It felt dead and heavy and it was here that I was getting warnings on the course.  I could see that Lesley had gained on me and I was slowing. I passed through 10km in 57:13 and I figured all was not lost, I just had to hang on till 15km and then pick it up then.  But it was here that Lesley had caught me and passed me.  At first I thought to let her go but I was not sure if she would hold that pace for another 10km but the aggressor in me took chase.  I came up behind her and decided to sit right on her heel and push her faster than she planned.  My leg was screaming but my fitness felt fine.  I was not breathing hard and felt that I could hold this.  But during the 11km somehow we both slowed.  We had both been so focused on what each of us was doing that we lost touch with our pace and before we knew it Brooke had gained 30m on us.  Leslie pushed on and I pushed to catch her up, just as I headed around the tight dog leg my foot slipped out on the white line and the twist was enough to send a shot of pain into my hamstring.  I took check for a moment and it felt like it had settled.  I picked up the pace and chased after Leslie.  She was 10m ahead of me and over the next 300m I caught her up again.  As we rounded the big right turn to head back to the start finish, I landed on my right leg and as I turned to land my left leg I felt a stabbing pain go deep into my right hamstring.  It was like a knife had gone in my leg and it pulled me up instantly.  4 steps later and I get my first red card from the judge beside the turn and 300m later my second red card goes in.  Leslie had pulled away and now Brooke had just passed me.

My coach saw me struggling to walk.  Trying hard to keep legal so that I could stay in the race.  He called out and asked me if I could continue and I said Yes, I want to finish the race.  Next judge gave me a yellow warning, and then the next did too.  I was in agony.....both in my heart and my leg.  I felt like I was screaming inside.  I rounded the next corner and started working on my mental attitude...telling my self I can do this and that I can still catch them.  I looked up and saw Jim my coach with his arm up...signalling me to stop.  I knew I had to but I didnt want to................I was in so much pain.  But I follow his advise and stop..........I felt like I couldnt breathe ..... I had every emotion hit me ... and I burst into tears......and sobbed my  heart out mid field.  Leslie and Brooke round the dog leg and head back towards us and see me standing with Jim holding me while I sobbed and held my leg.  I have no idea what went through their minds at the moment........but I know that it changed the whole race for them both.  12km and I was out.

I have never NOT finished a race and I didnt know how to handle it.   I felt like a failure, I felt I had let everyone down, I felt robbed..................I felt devastated!!!  I limped slowly back to the ambulance and got an ice pack and then sat away by myself for a bit.  The race became exciting when Brooke passed Lesley and eventually went on to get silver in 1.55.?? and Lesley took bronze in 1.55.56

yes I was very happy for them.........but I was more disappointed in my self.  Hindsight is a great thing.  I probably should not have raced the 3000m and in truth....I probably should not have gone to Auckland as I dont think I had properly recovered from Hobart and the dehydration issues and kidney problems.

So I flew home late that night and now its Monday.  My leg is still very sore and so too are my calfs again.  My body hurts all over and my pride feels very battered.  Time for me to take a break from intense training for a little bit.  As we are selling our house, I think it is time to put some energy into this.  I will keep walking but for the next month it will be just for fun and fitness.

3000m NZ Nationals

A weekend away in Auckland for two races.  These were to be my last races for NZ and I really hoped I would do great.  I had trained so hard for Hobart and felt robbed when the weather and officials wreaked the race.  I will never know what the out come could have been now.  But we hoped to maintain my form and fitness for 4 more weeks to head up for the 3000m and the 20km Walks.

I flew up on Thursday night with the Athletics Team and shared a room with two lovely young ladies.  My head and heart was just not into it at fact so badly that I got to the airport and realised I had left my GPS watch behind.  I have never raced with out it!!!  Friday was the 3000m.  I am not a sprinter and was not looking forward to this race.  I didnt think I would be up for a medal in this one and was really only doing it to make up numbers on the track.  My last judged 3000m was from two years ago.  Surely I had to be faster than then.  My only concern was my right leg had flared up again in the last week.  My hip and leg was annoying me and I had been to physio to try to sort it and strap it up.

My coach had flown over to watch.  He has 3 New Zealand walkers now and we were all entered.  We all lined up at 1.30pm, it was sunny and very humid.  The air was very thick and wet.  Everyone was ampid and ready.  The gun goes off and away we went.  Rosie was first off with Courtny in hot pursuit.  Next follows Kate and Alana.  I settle in behind Alana with the intention of just hanging back and trying to pick them off after 4 laps.  Lesley dropped back behind me and I felt comfortable in my spot.  As we went past our first km I glanced and the clock on the side of track and instantly knew I had made a HUGE mistake.  I had just passed Alana and was working my way on catching Kate.  I still had 4 more laps to go and I had just done my first km in under 5 mins!!!!  what was I thinking!  I have never walked a km in that time and now I had to hang on for 2 more km.  On the 6th lap I looked up on the big screen and saw Lesley bearing down on me fast.  She had picked up the pace and was taking off.  She passed me and then quickly went on to pass Kate.  I gained on Kate but could not keep the pace up and had to settle for 4th.  My finish time was 15:34  I had just given myself a one minute personal best...which over 3000m is huge!  As I finished the race I could feel my self feeling light headed so I found my way to the side of the track and sunk to my knees.  

Later that night my right leg was burning.  The nerve pain went down the side of my leg an into my foot.  I rolled on a tennis ball and tried self massage but it would not release.  

I spent Saturday with Kate, Courtney and Lesley at the Zoo.  It was a fun day, but I was struggling with my legs.  My calfs had gone tight and were hurting behind the knees and my right hamstring was so tight it would hurt going up and down stairs.  I was NOT looking forward to the 20km.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 km fartlek

Last hard work out before NZ Nationals.  I was really hoping to do great on this one.  After the confidence boost on Sunday at the track I figured just one more good walk will set me up just nicely.  I was worried though, with this one being a fartlek.  My reason for worry is each time I do a short distance fartlek I bring on my pouring nose and it remains pouring for 2 - 3 days..............hmmmm first race is Friday.  But my coach is aware of this and seeing as he still put it in, I will do as I am told.

I pulled up to the track and struggled to get out of my car.  It was super WINDY!!  Great, there goes my producing a super duper time.  I went around and unlocked the rails and then during my warm up lap ...stop and lock the gates open as they were blowing across the track.

I started out .... the wind dropped a little for my first couple of km..... I felt chunky, stodgy and slow today.  Perhaps I had pushed harder than I thought on Sunday.  The wind picked up and I was struggling to keep on the track in places.  I punched hard into the wind for my fast 500's but for the slow I just let my self recover.

I hit stop on the watch and saw it was 27.38 (well I thought I had hit stop.. My watch shows me locking up and walking back to my That's a great time but I knew I could have done much better.  Oh well, its done now.  I walked around and locked up the barrier arms and sure enough..........started sneezing and sneezing and thing...........and down pours the nose.  So here I sit with a box of tissues feeling miserable and know that I am stuck like this for two more days!!! oh JOY!

5 km fartlek

Sunday, March 18, 2012

10km on the track

I needed a good workout.  I had a shabby week and just felt off.  As I had a walking group at 10am I figured I would make use of the track and just do the 10km.   Plus it would give me a chance to suss out my pace and keep on track.

I decided to skip the warm up and just get on with it.  So my first km I just eased into it and then tried to stay consistent from there.  I was not pushing hard but I was working.  I would guess about 85-90% effort.

About 6km some other arrived on the track - discus and sprinters.  The coach watched me for a few laps and called out that he cant run that fast and asked what I was doing per km.  I called back 5.44mins per km .... and I was feeling GREAT.  No hip pain and no toe pains.

As I rounded my last lap I decided to sprint the last 200m and that was an effort.    But I am really pleased that I did this as it was a GREAT walk and one that I needed.

Total time for the 10km was 57.13

10km on the track

Friday, March 16, 2012

12 km fartlek out and back atawhai

I went and saw bex this morning.  After taking a leap off the ladder earlier in the week, I landed heavy on my right leg and jarred my hip.  She strapped me up for the weekend with PINK Kensey tape.  I love this stuff.

I headed out for my 12km fartlek at 4.30pm, it was later in the day and pretty warm for an autumn day.  I had been drinking water during the day but I was pretty dry when I started out.  My first km was slow (for me) but I did start from cold and it does go up and down over rail way lines ... so that can add a few seconds I guess.  I was just not feeling it today and to feel that way in the first km is not a good omen for the rest of the walk.

I had a brief stop at 3km due to tummy discomfort but I managed to sort it and carry one.  I got to 5km in about 28.20 so I was relatively happy with that.  I turned at 6km and could feel my hip aching so I stopped briefly at 7km to stretch and that did make it feel better.  I carried on but was finding it hard to pick up for the fast 500's (they were avg about 2.44min)  I tried to pick up and push for the last couple but I was pretty done.  Not really sure what was going on here.  Just was not feeling it at all.

Total time 1.09.21

12 km fartlek

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

4 x 2km & 2 x 800 & 200

I have had a rough week.  Was meant to do a 15km fartlek on Tuesday but when I went to get changed after work, I was feeling so sick and also discovered I had left my GPS watch at home.  GREAT!  Feeling the way I did...........I went home.  But 3 hours later I was sulking at not completing my walk so I attacked my oven in stead........  Have I ever said "I HATE CLEANING OVENS".........  after an hour of cursing and swearing...I have a clean oven.

Today I was feeling better.  Two guys at work are away with tummy maybe mine is psychosomatic but today I do feel better.  So I figured I would do the track session.   4 x 2km and then 4 x 800 + 200

My first 2km was not too bad.  Under 11mins but I just wasnt feeling it.  When I finished the second 2km I had to do a quick sprint to the loo.......I had been burping lots on the last 400m and plus all the fluid I had been drinking was working its way through.  I gathered myself and headed back out but was slowing now.  I would still get to the first 200m in 1min but then slowed quickly from there.  My times for the rest of the walk were ok with one set hitting 11mins flat.

Next up were the 1km's  800 + 200   ugh.... my last 2km I could feel my hip flexor pulling.  It was getting sorer and sorer.  I ended up stopping after 2 of the 1kms..................funny thing is once I told my coach..he he had changed my workout and I had I actually on had to complete 2km...which I had done.

data is below.  My heart rate was low showing my fitness is holding.  My attitude is not so much.  I am feeling a little over it all.

4 x 2km & 2 x 800 & 200 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

20km out and back Monaco

I was meant to do this walk at 8am, but I woke up feeling ill and had terrible tummy pains.  Shane has had a cold for the last week that seems to be getting worse and I just felt yuck.  Headache and body chills, so I went back to bed and ended up sleeping until 10am.

I spent the rest of the day painting the windows out side.  We are nearly ready for real estate to come through and then put the house on the market......much excitement there.

So once I had finished I figured I was feeling better and would set out and get the 20km done.  Didnt really want to go upsetting the coach this close to NZ Nationals.  I took it easy and picked a pace that I felt was comfortable.  I was not pushing hard to maintain it and was ok with going through 5km at 30 mins and then 10km at 60mins.  I stopped briefly at the 10km to take on a good drink and to munch a sugar block.   Then I track off for home.  I did slow a little on the way home, but I was starting to feel tired and I was having some issues with my core.  I felt really weak tonight and started to feel the effect from about 15km on.

Total time 2.02.33 for an avg pace of 6.08 and avg heart rate of 147...nice and low  :)

20km out and back Monaco

Thursday, March 08, 2012

3 x 2km & 2 x 800 + 200

I do not like these track sessions...but I know how beneficial they are.  My head is in a slightly better space at present and so I figured that I would try to nail this one.

First up I went out way too fast so my first 2km was too quick to what I had planned.  So I tried to settle it down a little on the next set.   It was a little slower but not my much.

Then wouldnt you know it.  The wind picked up....ALOT!  it was blowing across the track so you only got a small tail wind on one curve.  The rest was either head on or side on.....UGH.  This did slow me down.

Next up is the 2 lots of 800 + 200 but with the wind not abating I didnt think I could pick up the pace.   I was surprised by my overall Km time and then to go a little faster on the last one was a bonus.  Now to hope the coach is happy.  

5.19.9 + 5.18.7 = 10.38.6
5.22.6 + 5.23.7 = 10.46.3
5.29.3 + 5.30.6 = 10.59.9

4.12.7 + 1.00.2 = 5.12.9
4.11.6 + 0.57.0 = 5.08.6

3 x 2km & 2 x 800 +  200 

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

12km fartlek - atawhai

Its a cold, dank overcast day and it matches my mood.

With some drama's happening with my children over seas, I was not in the mood to walk or do anything today. My head and my heart were just not into it...but still I knew it had to be done and I also didnt feel like going round and round the track to do so either.

The walk its self was ok, my recoveries were a tad slow but I was deep in thought during these and trying to sort out the troubles. By the end of my walk my head was clearer and I had figured that there was nothing for me to sort and the kids would just have to suffer the consequences of their actions. Time for some life lessons to them.

My nose was still dripping and I had a dry cough that started bugging me on the return 6km, but other than that....all went well. Body felt fine

total time 1.08.49 .... not my fastest but I am still ok with that.

12km fartlek - atawhai

Sunday, March 04, 2012

3km fartlek

This morning we got up early and headed out to Tahuna Beach. My walking group was helping set up and man the run leg of the Kids Weetbix Triathlon. We did this last year to and had such a good time. Cheering on the kids and helping them finish something is obviously pushing many way past their own comfort just amazing.

After this I had to zip away to the track and complete my 3km fartlek. I was meant to do this yesterday but my Mum came over for the afternoon and it is so rare that we get time like this. So I bumped the walk back a day. I am really glad I did and I feel I totally aced this walk today!

I started out and felt great. Style felt like it was flowing well and nothing felt stiff or sore. I was really pleased to see I passed through my first km in 5:01:3 (man if only I could do THAT for 19 more km...) next was the recovery and I did slow down but still felt good. I did push quite hard on this walk and am paying for it now that I am home as I have started to sneeze and my nose is now starting to run..............grrrrr....this is why I HATE doing speed work.

Here are my km splits
2:47:1 + 2:30:0 = 5:17:1
2:49.8 + 2:28.7 = 5:18:5

Total time of 15:37

3km fartlek

Friday, March 02, 2012

10km out and back monaco

I have had a rough week. Getting back from Hobart with a full blown migraine was not the most pleasant way to travel. Annoyingly it was such a bad one that I took my 24 hour allocation of medicine in 12 hours. By midnight shane decided I should go to hospital where I ended up on a drip and had 2 litres pumped into and many other pain killers. Turns out my kidneys had stopped working and I was extremely dehydrated. By morning they let me go home and it was later that night that the kidneys kicked into gear. So just because I finished the race didnt mean I had missed out succumbing to the extreme conditions.

So my coach altered my training to suit and I was told to head out and do a gentle 10km today. I really didnt know what to expect from my body but I set out with the full intention of taking it easy...................hmmmmmm I felt good, in fact ..I felt GREAT! So I pushed a little bit and my body responded. I was most surprised to get to the 5km in 28:55 then I turned back and just kept up the pace. Didnt push my self up Beatson Road but I did stretch out for the last km along the track home. It was probably naughty and I will no doubt be reprimanded by my coach...but my body just responded so well and I felt great.

so 10km in 59.07

10km out and back monaco

Sunderland endures sweltering contest

Sunderland endures sweltering contest
Nelson Mail Monday 26/02/2012

Nelson’s Nyle Sunderland had to battle her Australian opposition and the sweltering Hobart  heat as Australia retained the Oceania Racewalking Trophy on Saturday.  Sunderland was part of the open New Zealand team competing against the Australian under-23s in the 20km event, the Australians eventually prevailing by 24 points to 22 to retain the trophy for another two years.  The hottest day in Hobart in 17 years had a significant bearing on performances,
with Saturday’s racing starting in 37 degrees Celsius.  Each team required points from both
male and female competitors, including three finishers per team who also had to be among the top five to gain points.  International rules stipulated that no drink station was available until the completion of a full lap, eliminating virtually half the field.  Competing over a 2km loop, athletes weren’t able to access water until 4km.  By 6km many top athletes, along with
two members of the New Zealand team, had dropped out due to the effects of heatstroke and dehydration.
The Kiwis still managed to pull out a gutsy performance, with Scott Nelson barely able to walk over the last 2km due to cramp in his groin, and Sunderland pulling out a strong recovery after nearly succumbing to the heat as she weaved back and forth across the track
at the 10km point.  The Oceania event also coincided with the 20km Olympic trail walk, with Jarad and Clare Tallent winning the men’s and women’s races respectively. Of the 40 walkers competing in the event, only 21 finished.  ‘‘I found this race to be a killer. I don’t
think I will ever again race in such extreme conditions,’’ said Sunderland, who eventually finished third in the Oceania Trophy event and eighth overall.  ‘‘I was very disappointed with my time. I was a good five minutes off [my] pace. I knew I was on form for another PB.
‘‘But when you look at how many didn’t finish this race, you start to be extremely pleased that you hang on to cross the finish.  ‘‘My coach informed me after the race that at the 10km point, he saw my distress and my weaving and was about to intervene and pull me from the race. It  was only the fact that during the 11km I had increased my kilometre time by 40secs that he knew I had somehow come right, which was due to the sea breeze coming up and the sun setting. ‘‘From that point on in the race, I started clawing back some time and positions.’’