Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 km fartlek

Last hard work out before NZ Nationals.  I was really hoping to do great on this one.  After the confidence boost on Sunday at the track I figured just one more good walk will set me up just nicely.  I was worried though, with this one being a fartlek.  My reason for worry is each time I do a short distance fartlek I bring on my pouring nose and it remains pouring for 2 - 3 days..............hmmmm first race is Friday.  But my coach is aware of this and seeing as he still put it in, I will do as I am told.

I pulled up to the track and struggled to get out of my car.  It was super WINDY!!  Great, there goes my producing a super duper time.  I went around and unlocked the rails and then during my warm up lap ...stop and lock the gates open as they were blowing across the track.

I started out .... the wind dropped a little for my first couple of km..... I felt chunky, stodgy and slow today.  Perhaps I had pushed harder than I thought on Sunday.  The wind picked up and I was struggling to keep on the track in places.  I punched hard into the wind for my fast 500's but for the slow I just let my self recover.

I hit stop on the watch and saw it was 27.38 (well I thought I had hit stop.. My watch shows me locking up and walking back to my car....lol) That's a great time but I knew I could have done much better.  Oh well, its done now.  I walked around and locked up the barrier arms and sure enough..........started sneezing and sneezing and sneezing....next thing...........and down pours the nose.  So here I sit with a box of tissues feeling miserable and know that I am stuck like this for two more days!!! oh JOY!

5 km fartlek

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