Friday, March 16, 2012

12 km fartlek out and back atawhai

I went and saw bex this morning.  After taking a leap off the ladder earlier in the week, I landed heavy on my right leg and jarred my hip.  She strapped me up for the weekend with PINK Kensey tape.  I love this stuff.

I headed out for my 12km fartlek at 4.30pm, it was later in the day and pretty warm for an autumn day.  I had been drinking water during the day but I was pretty dry when I started out.  My first km was slow (for me) but I did start from cold and it does go up and down over rail way lines ... so that can add a few seconds I guess.  I was just not feeling it today and to feel that way in the first km is not a good omen for the rest of the walk.

I had a brief stop at 3km due to tummy discomfort but I managed to sort it and carry one.  I got to 5km in about 28.20 so I was relatively happy with that.  I turned at 6km and could feel my hip aching so I stopped briefly at 7km to stretch and that did make it feel better.  I carried on but was finding it hard to pick up for the fast 500's (they were avg about 2.44min)  I tried to pick up and push for the last couple but I was pretty done.  Not really sure what was going on here.  Just was not feeling it at all.

Total time 1.09.21

12 km fartlek

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Tammy said...

Good solid work - you did very well. Pushing through those that don't feel so good is good mental training and good physical training. Even if you are not fast, your body is reaping the results of your hard work :). Well done I say!