Tuesday, March 06, 2012

12km fartlek - atawhai

Its a cold, dank overcast day and it matches my mood.

With some drama's happening with my children over seas, I was not in the mood to walk or do anything today. My head and my heart were just not into it...but still I knew it had to be done and I also didnt feel like going round and round the track to do so either.

The walk its self was ok, my recoveries were a tad slow but I was deep in thought during these and trying to sort out the troubles. By the end of my walk my head was clearer and I had figured that there was nothing for me to sort and the kids would just have to suffer the consequences of their actions. Time for some life lessons to them.

My nose was still dripping and I had a dry cough that started bugging me on the return 6km, but other than that....all went well. Body felt fine

total time 1.08.49 .... not my fastest but I am still ok with that.

12km fartlek - atawhai

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