Thursday, March 29, 2012

3km jog

I was to test the leg with a gentle jog.  NO more than 3km I was told.  My right hamstring had been feeling better today and was not hurting when I walked normally so I hoped it would be ok while I jogged.  I hate not doing any exercise and two weeks off sounds divine....I know I will be a twitching mess after a week.

So I set out tonight and went along the track behind us and down around Victory Square park then back to home again.  It took about 500m to settle and adjust to running.  It felt so weird and odd.  Once I settled I loved the freedom to do what I wanted and really enjoyed it.

I had a few niggles while heels were hurting for the first 2km and my knees did grumble a little at first.  Once I had finished and was stretching my hamstring was a little tender as was my IT band down the side of the right leg.  If only I could walk as fast and as easily.  I was 21 secs faster today on my jog than I was on the track.

total time 15:11 with an avg heart rate of 138

3km jog 

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malvs2walk said...

Hope you are well on your way to recovery!