Tuesday, April 03, 2012

5km jog

It took nearly 4 days for my muscles to not feel sore after my little 3km jog.  Wow....I never expected to feel so sore!!!!   My heels hurt, my quads REALLY hurt, my hips hurt, my back hurt and my calfs hurt.  GOSH thats way more hurts than you get with racewalking.

So today I set out to do 5km and this time I slowed it down a little.  Again it felt so good to just jog along and not think about your style.  Freedom!!  I took the route that goes along Waimea Road and then back up Vanguard Street.  So I had a small rolling hill first and then a long gentle sight rise back home.  I normally walk this in 30mins and today I jogged it in 27.39 and I feel great.   I made sure that I did a good 5 mins stretching this time and then I got my stick out and gave my legs a good rub down.  Will be interesting to see if that makes any difference in soreness tomorrow.

I get to try a walk this weekend.....I just hope like mad that my hamstrings will be ok and I can get back into it.  I have submitted an Expression of Interest for the Oceania Track and Field to be held in Cairns in June.  I doubt I will be selected but if I dont put my hand up ... how do I ever know.

5km jog 

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