Monday, April 30, 2012

5km waimea and vanguard

I was meant to do a 3km fartlek but with pain still in my glutes I decided to be smart and leave it for a day.  Well go figure .. today was very very windy and not ideal for a fartlek.

I have still not decided what to enter this weekend.  With my hip injury just healed but still having residual glute pain.....I figured I would head out and do 5km and see how the body held up.

I started out nice and quick.  If felt easy tonight until I get to the wee sharp rise by the hospital.  I push up this as fast as I can and sure enough, I get to the top and feel that familiar snag in my glute again.    Pox I thought!  its down hill for the next 1.5km so I stretched out and made the most of the slope.  I turned and started heading up Vanguard Street .... straight in to a strong head wind..UGH!!  the next two km are a gradual up hill anyway and add a head wind to the makes it unpleasant at best.  I could feel my glute pulling as I pushed against the wind.  I picked up the pace for the last 400ms to home and was really pleased to stop my watch in 29:50 and even more pleasing is seeing my heart rate starting to drop now....with my avg heart rate 151

5km waimea and vanguard

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Tammy said...

nice work! glad you are feeling better :). I still think the 5K is the smart choice...