Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10km out and back monaco

We went for a walk up the Maitai this morning..about an hour.  Its a wonderful day and as it is ANZAC day lots of people were out relaxing and enjoying a mid week day off work.   When we got home I decided I would head out and do a walk.

I had said to my coach that I would try 8km to day and then do 10km on Friday.  Well we are now going back over to Blenheim on Friday so I figured I could try and see how I feel today.

My hips were a little tender when we got back from the walk.  Its been  along time since I have ambled along for over an hour.  I decided I would do the Monaco course ... I could stop at the bottom of the hill for 8km or I could carry on and finish up for 10km.

I started out taking it nice and easy.  I was breathing good, not puffing or gasping.  Once I got down off the hill and onto the flat, I just ticked along and felt good.  I was surprised to reach 5km in 29:44 and so I turned and knew I would slow down now as its more up hill all the way back to home.

I just walked normally over the over pass and again going up Beatson Road.  I could feel my IT band and my hip pulling as I walked up hill so it was better to just rec walk.  It was still nice to finish up the 10km in 1:01:37

The good news was I had no pain today.  It was achy in places, but no pain.  yay  so now I will go dig out my stick and attack my legs with that.

10km out and back monaco 

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