Wednesday, April 11, 2012

5km atawahi - first walk

I have had so much to arrange in the last week and time just slipped away from me.  It dawned on me that it has been a week since I last did any exercise.  The good side of this is that in the last 3 weeks I have finally been able to gain some much needed weight.  Although I dont feel so comfortable, it is needed.

My hamstring seems to have healed up nicely, my hip on the other hand has slowly gotten more and more sore.  I am thinking the running did it no favours.  I started out and felt pretty good.  Legs felt strong and no pain in hamstring.  Hip was giving me little twinges at the outter side of hip...but seemed to be holding ok.  At about the 1.5 - 2km mark I felt pain starting in my right hip flexor.  I knew it would just be a spasm due to over working.  So I tried harder to tuck my butt and to get my glutes working.  It seemed to work a little.....speed wise....but the pain didn't go away.  I turned at 2.5km and headed back in.  The more it hurt the more I tucked and the faster I went.  I guess in a way I just wanted to finish the walk as quick as I could.

Time was 28:59  and I am more than ok with that.  In fact it is way too fast.  So for my 10km on Friday ... I MUST slow down.  Plus buy some kensey tape!!!

5km atawahi - first walk 

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